Do we really have race problems in America?

crew-2231By Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

Of course we do, and they are ginned up by those who fuel them.


It seems reasonable to ask if the likes of the “Reverend, Jackson and Sharpton are Christian?

I submit that the are just a couple among many who represent Lucifer and provide nothing but messages of hatred to the our country.

Put the Reverend Wright and Obama in the same category.



Please listen to Bill Whittle’s take on this issue at the Firewall below.




They have been seriously in action since the ill-fated election that put Barack Obama into the Oval office.

All of them will burn in the fires of hell.

Most societies have inflicted themselves with issues involving hatred of their fellow-man.

Muslims for instance kill their brothers, be the Sunni or Shia because that’s the way it has always been, and will likely be so until the last of them are exterminated.

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“Chuck U. Schumer” sets off intra-party fury after saying Obamacare passage was a ‘mistake’

crew-2231Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

Reid, Senate Democratic Leaders Discuss Obama Executive Action On Immigration

Fusion Magazine

Sen. Chuck Schumer’s (D-New York) comments on Wednesday about Democrats’ misguided focus on health care in President Barack Obama’s first term prompted backlash from top Democrats and left-leaning groups, who accused him of being politically craven.

At a speech before the National Press Club in Washington on Tuesday, Schumer said Democrats made a mistake by entering into a fight over health care after they passed the 2009 economic stimulus.


His reasoning: Democrats were targeting the uninsured, a population that he said makes up only about 5 percent of registered voters. Only about one-third of the uninsured, he said, are registered or eligible to vote.

The “mandate” voters had provided Democrats with their 2008 victories, Schumer said, was put on the wrong problem.

“After passing the stimulus, Democrats should have continued to propose middle class-oriented programs and built on the partial success of the stimulus, but unfortunately Democrats blew the opportunity the American people gave them.

We took their mandate and put all of our focus on the wrong problem – health care reform,” Schumer said.

“The plight of uninsured Americans and the hardships caused by unfair insurance company practices certainly needed to be addressed,” he added. “But it wasn’t the change we were hired to make. Americans were crying out for an end to the recession, for better wages and more jobs — not for changes in their health care.”

“No shit Sherlock,” entire article below.

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The Box Under Bill & Hillary’s Bed…

crew-2231Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

Happy Thanksgiving to all those who frequent our site.   God bless America and thank you members of our armed forces for our freedom.


When Bill and Hillary first got married Bill said, “I am putting a box under the bed. You must promise never to look in it.”


In all their 30 years of marriage, Hillary never looked. On the afternoon of their 30th anniversary, curiosity got the best of her and she lifted the lid and peeked inside. In the box were 3 empty beer cans and $8,874.25 in cash.

She closed the box and put it back under the bed. Now that she knew what was in the box, she was doubly curious as to why there even was such a box with such contents. That evening, they were out for a special anniversary dinner.


 After dinner, Hillary could no longer contain her curiosity and she confessed, saying, “I am so sorry, Bill. For all these years, I kept my promise and never looked into the box under our bed. However, today the temptation was too much and I gave in. But now I need to know, why do you keep the 3 beer cans in the box?”


Bill sighed & thought for a while and said, “I guess after all these years you deserve to know the truth. Whenever I was unfaithful to you, I put an empty beer can in the box under the bed to remind myself not to do it again.”

Hillary was shocked, but said, “Hmmm, Jennifer, Paula and Monica. I am very disappointed and saddened by your behavior. However, since you are addicted to sex I guess it does happen and I guess 3 times is not that bad considering your problem.”

Bill thanked her for being so understanding. They hugged and made their peace. A little while later Hillary asked Bill, “So why do you have all that money in the box?”

Bill answered: “Well, whenever the box filled up with empty cans, I took them to the recycling center and redeemed them for cash.”

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Was this an isolated incident or perhaps the norm? Of course not it’s full blown Islam recruiting tactics

crew-2231By Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

I was in a Jewelry shop the other day that sold rare gold coins.


An obviously white American woman wearing a hijab,  I say this because I engaged her in a conversation  while she was trying to decide on her first purchase of silver coins.

I asked if I could have a cup of coffee or tea with her and get her input on Islam, because I suspect we had widely different views.

For those that know me, I wasn’t hitting on her I was only interested in hearing her. :-)

I asked her if she payed Jizya to her local mosque as required of all Muslims by the Qur’an?    She said, “Yes.”   I asked her if she knew what the money was used for ?  She replied, “It goes to the poor.”

I let her know she had been misled by CAIR and other recruiters is the Western world. Her monies were spent in part on overt and covert jihad. 


Then I asked her if she was aware of the goal of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. She remained quiet.  I advised here it was world wide domination and thus the overthrow of the U.S. Constitution.

Overt= those attempting to kill our troops on the battle field.

Cover=funding CAIR and other Islamic propaganda groups and there are many.

She went blank, I tend to have that effect on people who are among the walking clueless.

She declined, said she had another engagement and that ended that.

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Obama: Americans Have No Right To Favor Americans

crew-2231Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

Think I’m a racist?  Think again!

To be filed under:


Not to go completely non politically correct on the reader, but the only thing that can be said of merit about Obama is he put the Jiggga back in Jiggaboo and probably the “Spear,” back in Spear Chucker, while bringing new meaning to “Spook,” as in ghost.

That being said, the dude is A.W.O.L at far to many national security briefings , blowing off nearly 60% of them while choosing to watch ESPN and hoops instead.

The Daily Caller:


The only Americans who can legitimately object to immigration are native Indian-Americans, President Barack Obama told his Chicago audience Nov. 24, as he made an impassioned ideological plea for endless immigration, cultural diversity and a big government to manage the resulting multicultural society.

Prepare for an alert!



“There have been periods where the folks who were already here suddenly say, ‘Well, I don’t want those folks,’ even though the only people who have the right to say that are some Native Americans,” Obama said, rhetorically dismissing the right of 300 million actual Americans to decide who can live in their homeland.

Americans should not favor other Americans over foreigners, Obama demanded. “Sometimes we get attached to our particular tribe, our particular race, our particular religion, and then we start treating other folks differently… that, sometimes, has been a bottleneck to how we think about immigration,” he said in the face of many polls showing rising opposition to his immigration agenda.

Obama denied any moral or practical distinction between native-born Americans and future migrants.

Entire delusion below.

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Is she ready for prime time? This is not about Hillary who clearly isn’t

crew-2231Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

Could Carly Fiorina former CEO of Hewlett Packard become the CEO of the United States?  Any thing is certainly possible.


I helped Carly Fiorina on her ill-fated attempt to unseat the do nothing junior senator from California Barbara Boxer.

In CA politics reason and intelligent voters don’t rule the day.  Ignorant voters line up and blindly pull the lever for the Democrat candidate.

If the allegations that Fiorina still owes nearly $500,000 to consultants and staffers from her failed 2010 Senate bid in California are true this would indeed be troubling.

Carly Fiorina, former head of Hewlett-Packard, photographed in September in Washington. (Bill O’Leary/The Washington Post)
By Philip Rucker and Matea Gold November 26 ,2014

On a Republican presidential debate stage expected to be filled with more than a dozen current and former politicians, Carly Fiorina envisions herself standing out — as the only woman and the only CEO.

I would still prefer to see her run as a contender to whip Boxer this time around or whoever will run to replace Boxer from the left as she is way “Too long in the tooth.”

Sensing an opportunity in a crowded field that lacks a front-runner, the former Hewlett-Packard chief executive is actively exploring a 2016 presidential run.

Fiorina has been talking privately with potential donors, recruiting campaign staffers, courting grass-roots activists in early caucus and primary states and planning trips to Iowa and New Hampshire starting next week.

Fiorina, whose rise from secretary to Silicon Valley corporate chief during the dot-com boom brought her national attention, has refashioned herself as a hard-charging partisan hoping to strike a sharp contrast with the sea of suited men seeking the GOP nomination.

Entire article below.

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Ben Carson: Race Relations Were Better Before Obama Was Elected

crew-2231Comments by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

There can be little doubt that Obama is a racist, or that he has brought out dark feelings about blacks  among many in America.


Please see “Portrait of Racism in America,” my personal experience.

Can you name any incidence where he didn’t show his true colors? 

Ben Carson had a great opportunity when Hew Hewitt introduced him as an “African-American,” to say, I’m not a hyphenated American I’m an American.


Potential 2016 GOP candidate Ben Carson was a guest on Tuesday’s Hugh Hewitt Show to discuss in part Ferguson and race relations. According the African-American Carson, “things were better before this president was elected.” The problem, he explained, was the president’s “unusual emphasis on race.”

Carson is a retired neurosurgeon who is perhaps best known for his speech at the national prayer breakfast where he openly criticized President Obama’s progressive policies while Obama was right there beside him.

Carson’s central argument is that progressives like Obama try to make minorities play the victim game. In his interview with Hewitt, Carson continued his unflinching critique of the failures of both the president and the progressive ideology:

See entire transcript of the video below.

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First Pro-Truth Grand Jury Witness Murdered ? DeAndre Joshua, 20, found dead yards from scene of Michael Brown’s death

crew-2231Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

This would seem to have a chilling effect on anyone living in a ghetto among black racists desire to help the police and authorities when a heinous crime has been committed.


Don’t count on it, many of these young people understand the axiom that evil will triumph over good if good men choose to do nothing. 

DeAndre Joshua, had to have know what he was getting himself into yet he chose to stand up to evil.

Ace News Group:

DeAndre Joshua, 20, fits the social profile of an eye-witness who gave a police/FBI statement and testified before the Grand Jury in the Mike Brown shooting case.   He was an employed black male, with no history of drug use or illicit behavior. He was also a friend of Dorian Johnson who is currently under protection.

deandre-joshuaSeveral of the eye-witnesses, who gave honest testimony to the Grand Jury, were, according to their own statements, warned immediately after the shooting to keep their mouths shut.   All of the eye-witnesses were African American.  If you read the reports the overwhelming sense of fear about speaking the truth is overwhelming.  

Many, if not all, of the witness statements outlined in police reports, FBI reports, and later in Grand Jury testimony -who testified to the factual events as outlined by officer Wilson, and whose testimony fit the physical and forensic evidence- were threatened by the local Canfield Greens community.

(Via Daily Mail) A man has died during the Ferguson riots just yards from where Michael Brown was shot dead.  Residents on Canfield Drive said that DeAndre Joshua, 20, was shot whilst in his car though police at the scene refused to confirm any details.

DeAndre’s grandmother Renita Towns said that ‘somebody killed him’ during the carnage.


She said that he graduated Beaumont High School and that he was working in Wal-Mart.

Family member Brian Joshua, 45, added: ‘He was a good kid, he’s gone to high school, he’s got a job, he’s not into drugs or any of that stuff.

‘I only saw him yesterday morning. He was a smart guy, he spoke cleanly, he was positive’.

Police took away DeAndre’s white Pontiac Grand Prix and interviewed witnesses around 11am.

A woman in her 20s broke down in tears and said: ‘I knew him, he was my twin’.  (read more)

This is a typical example of the sentiment:

See entire article below.

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Who is the real Hillary Clinton? Finally she is exposed

crew-2231Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

Your faithful editor wrote this one, Ms. Lorra provided  perhaps the most inflammable video ever shown on You Tube. 

As I’ve followed them both, I watched and heard nothing I could disagree with, how about you?

Hillary Clinton’s Psychopathic Behavior Exposed.

H/T Lorra B.Silent Soldier


If looks could kill, “Slick’s” remains would be resting comfortably in a bone orchard in Little Rock.

Both Clinton’s are power mad recidivist perjurers who care not who they destroy in their quest for power.

Hillary Clinton Exposed Full Movie it has been banned from all movie theaters in the U.S.

It’s time for both of the Clinton’s be remembered only in the ash bin of history where they belong.

Ask Vince Foster.

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