Ben Carson takes major step toward presidential campaign

crew-2231Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.


What’s not to like about a Ben Carson run for the White House in 2016.

A conservative black man who has been active of late writing editorials and reaching out to the black community.

What will the mainstream black democrat voter do? 

Vote for him, or another democrat with rehashed failed policies from the past or perhaps just sit home, like hapless, unenthusiastic republicans , 4 million of them stayed home not voting for Romney.

Watch so-called “Main stream republicans,” attempt to sabotage his effort to put in one of their own.

Then ask when was the last time a Republican won a presidential election who wasn’t a true conservative?


Ben Carson, the former neurosurgeon turned conservative sensation, is taking a major step toward a 2016 presidential bid by forming a political action committee and selecting the man who would run his campaign, The Washington Times has learned.

Emerging from two-days of meetings with supporters in Palm Beach, Fla., Dr. Carson told the Times on Friday morning he has selected Houston businessman Terry Giles to be his 2016 campaign chairman should he run and approved the formation of a PAC called One Nation.

“Now is the time to start all of the appropriate exploration and investigation, and put down the structure that is necessary,” Dr. Carson said in a phone interview.

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Delaying Fuel Cost Piece of Greenhouse Gases Law Pits Blue Collar vs. Progressive Elites

crew-2231Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

This is exactly how Obama wants it. 


There will be two classes of people, the poor and the elite with the middle class a concept lost in our memories if we don’t legally stop Obama and his progressive cabal.

Remember what starts in CA moves across the nation, unless good people rise up and use the Tenth Amendment to block federal intrusion.


Obama’s obstinacy in allowing drilling permits on private and public lands as well and completing the Keystone pipeline is a sure sign that he has surrounded himself with like minded followers who desire the U.S. economy to never recover.

Of course Drudge announce yesterday that the second quarter GDP grew 4%.

Why get excited over on quarter when it caused by consumers eventually having to purchase some goods and services, while retailers began stocking their shelves in anticipation of increased demand.

Will this last?  Only the shadow knows.  My best guess is no!

Editor of Fox & Hounds and President of the Small Business Action Committee

One of the most high-profile bills in the legislative session that resumes next week just got pushed into the center of the spotlight. AB 69, the measure to delay applying cap-and-trade regulations to transportation fuels, drew the attention of hedge fund billionaire Tom Steyer who pledged “to spend what it takes” to see that the greenhouse gases reduction law is implemented according to schedule.

If AB 69 does not move forward, beginning in January, the cap-and-trade provisions of AB 32, the California Global Warming Solutions Act, will cover motor vehicle fuels. Estimates range from a 15-cent to 70-cent increase in the cost of a gallon of gas if vehicle fuels are included.

Steyer’s move puts him at odds with some California Democrats who are concerned that their constituents and the economy will suffer with increased fuel costs.

AB 69 is authored by Henry Perea (D-Fresno), one of 16 Democrats who signed a letter to the Air Resources Board in June urging delay in the expansion of the cap-and-trade program. Perea’s bill would put off the implementation of the cap-and-trade rules on fuel for three years until January 2018 to allow time for businesses and individuals to prepare for the new rules.

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Former President Bill Clinton Admits he could have killed Osama bin Laden in Afghanista but chose not to: It’s the date of the recording that is so surreal

crew-2231Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

Let us not forget that officials in the Sudan tried to turn over bin Laden over to Clinton and he would have no part of it in 1996



Do we need further proof that the liberal mind is incapable of making appropriate decisions during time of war?


“I could have killed him but I didn’t, because I would have had to take out the village of Kandahar and  hundreds of innocents would have been killed?



Dude, in war innocents always die!

What an idiotic thing to say or even suggest?



How many of our men and women died, were maimed or returned both maimed and with PTSD so this idiot would feel like he was no better than bin Laden.

Here’s a news tip, your aren’t and your wife won’t be running for president.

Listen to the audio here via Sky News:


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22 Jihad Training Camps in the US – FBI Refuses to Take Action

crew-2231Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist Oath Keeper and Patriot.



Old news now verified, and begs a very serious question.

What will it take to impeach Obama, Right Now

Obama makes surprise visit to al Qaeda training camp practices the grenade shuffle moon walk.

According to the investigator below, this has been going on for thirty years.

Why has the Obama administration not charged our military with wiping them off our soil?  That was a rhetorical question of course.


The Counter Jihad Report

There are over 22 confirmed terrorist Jihad camps in the United States belonging to Jamaat ul-Fuqra, a Pakastan Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda related branch.

Now a combined media effort, we find police officers working to double as the compound militia. To top it off, the FBI states that their hands are tied in monitoring their activities despite a training video that is years old, possible murders, and proof of illegal activities.

The fact is these training camps are not a new item that have popped up on the Homeland Security radar. These training camps are being operated by an extremely militant group of international terrorists, an organization called Jamaat ul-Fuqra.

In order to live in these camps, you must pledge to support a Pakastani Cleric on the International Wanted list. As early as 2012, the media confirmed 19 Jihad camps on United States soil.

The group of Muslims of America (MOA)  are documented to have a connection to terrorism with training inside the United States.

There was a 2002 unsolved murder at one of these compounds in Texas. When the Clarion Project obtained the 2007 FBI document detailing the Texas Enclave of MOA, what they found was deeply disturbing.

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‘Lone Survivor’ NAVY SEAL Marcus Luttrell Rips Jesse Ventura for Suing Chris Kyle’s Widow

crew-2231Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

In retrospect when” Operation Redwing,” had been breached it should have been immediately halted and a call for extraction made.


‘Lone Survivor’ NAVY SEAL Marcus Luttrell Rips Jesse Ventura for Suing Chris Kyle’s Widow 



The Four Man SEAL Teamof “Operation Redwing”: Michael P. Murphy, Matthew Axelson, Danny Dietz, and Marcus Luttrell

Former Navy Seal Jesse Ventura and Governor of Minnesota is a blow hard.







Chris Kyle’s wife, Taya, reads a tribute to her husband at the funeral service held Monday for Midlothian resident and national hero Chris Kyle.

What is a Defamatory Statement

Ventura should have never prevailed in this case.

A defamatory statement is a false statement of fact that exposes a person to hatred, ridicule, or contempt, causes him to be shunned, or injures him in his business or trade. Statements that are merely offensive are not defamatory (e.g., a statement that Bill smells badly would not be sufficient (and would likely be an opinion anyway)). Courts generally examine the full context of a statement’s publication when making this determination.

In rare cases, a plaintiff can be “libel-proof”, meaning he or she has a reputation so tarnished that it couldn’t be brought any lower, even by the publication of false statements of fact. In most jurisdictions, as a matter of law, a dead person has no legally-protected reputation and cannot be defamed.


The Blaze

Former U.S. Navy SEAL and “Lone Survivor” author Marcus Luttrell responded harshly to Jesse Ventura’s $1.8 million legal victory against “American Sniper” Chris Kyle’s estate in a Facebook post on Tuesday.

In a meme featuring the former Minnesota governor, Luttrell made it clear where he stands on the issue.



The post had more than 66,500 likes and over 43,000 shares as of Wednesday evening.

He later uploaded two more memes bashing Ventura. He also wrote, “I don’t want to formally say anything because I don’t want to get sued but this about sums it up…”


It’s safe to say Luttrell, who was close to Chris Kyle and remains close with his family, would like to say a lot more than what is written in these memes.



In this 2012 photo, former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, author of the book “American Sniper,” poses in Midlothian, Texas. Kyle was fatally shot along with another


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Just when I thought I was wrong about the federal government not being able to do anything right: Obama Administration Spent Thousands On Strippers, Boxing Tickets In Failed Sting On Border Patrol Agent



U.S. Border Patrol agent in Roma,

Texas AP Photo/Austin American-Statesman, Jay Janner

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration abandoned a corruption case against an Arizona border patrol agent after his attorney accused federal agents of entrapping his client, and spending federal dollars on strippers, plane tickets, and tickets to a Manny Pacquiao fight as part of their investigation.

A federal judge dismissed money-laundering and corruption charges against Customs and Border Protection agent Lauro Tobias Tuesday in response to dismissal motions from both the Department of Justice and Tobias’ attorney, which were filed within hours of each other July 25.

Is there any part of the Obama administration that does not believe itself to be above the law and U.S. Constitution?

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Liberal Treason Explained: “The Kindergarden of Eden”

crew-2231Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

Oh how absolutely correct the addled mind of the liberal is.  They believe this stuff.

Why not?  The refuse to be engaged in a fact based society.


I  worked in the “Real world” for a company that passed this book out when it was going through its political correctness stage.

Pass the airsickness bags please.

It emphasized, sharing, being kind, eating cooking and taking naps and a bunch of other suggestions that were the clap trap of the day.

Canada Free Press

By Jim ONeill  in 2012

Modern Liberal, True Believer’s very purpose being the total destruction of everything that God and science–most obviously Western Civilization–has ever created

“If they weren’t so dangerous and destructive, one could smile and pat the Modern Liberal on the head and tell him how cute he is and go on about the business of being an adult.

But he is dangerous and destructive, with the True Believer’s very purpose being the total destruction of everything that God and science—most obviously Western Civilization—has ever created. …

The Modern Liberal will invariably and, in fact, inevitably side with evil over good, wrong over right and the behaviors that lead to failure over those that lead to success.”—Evan Sayet “The Kindergarden of Eden

“There is one thing a professor can be absolutely certain of: almost every student entering the university believes, or says he believes, that truth is relative….

The students, of course, cannot defend their opinion. It is something with which they have been indoctrinated.”—Allan Bloom “The Closing of the American Mind

“Herbert Marcuse, the guru of the New Left of the 1960s, waged war on language by renaming intolerance as tolerance, violence as nonviolence, and dictatorship as democracy.

Marcuse’s Newspeak led to the Left rationalizing censorship, acts of violence by radicals, and support of totalitarians like Castro or the Palestinian terrorists—all while claiming to advocate tolerance, non-violence, and democracy.”—Daniel Flynn “Intellectual Morons

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Did you know this about bats?

crew-2231Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

This bit of useful information was provided The Department of Agriculture

The newsletter from, “The Texas Gardener Seeds” said:
Put up a bat house to encourage the presence of these shy animals.

Bats consume 3,000 or more mosquitoes and other insects nightly,

and bats are less likely to be rabid than dogs are.

Need another reason?

Bats are responsible for up to 95 percent of the seed dispersal essential to the regeneration of forests.

Our planet is populated with many bizarre and astonishing creatures.

Here are four from the Bat Family…


-6Sucker-footed Ba

-7Red-Winged Fruit Bat

 dems  Left-Winged Ding Bats

congressional-black-caucus Congressional Black Caucus Ding Bats


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Comedian Rips Liberals in Awesome Stand-Up Routine

crew-2231Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

Perhaps beyond awesome? See for yourselves below.

Evan Sayet, is a gifted comedian coming from the “Right because we are.”

Among some of his quips: How does a liberal enter the top of his profession? He only enters professions where people don’t do any thing.

On actors and actresses, they work hard? No, they are only pretending to be people that are working, and on and on, it’s just great.


The EagleIsRising

Saul Alinksy knew that RIDICULE was one of the essential “rules for radicals.”  Our side doesn’t do it enough — and often, when we do it at all, we don’t do it well.    – Comedian and Conservative Evan Sayet

Our colleague, the brilliant, wise and funny Evan Sayet recently got the chance to do what he does best — make people think and make people laugh. We think you have to see his brilliant commentary….

“I argue that the modern liberal is the stupidest human being to have ever lived. How much stupider can you be than not only always wrong, but as wrong as wrong can be. 180 degrees from Right!”

“If the liberal is as stupid as I believe them to be, how does he keep rising to the tops of their profession. Then it dawned on me. Liberals reach the tops of their professiosn because they enter only those professions where you don’t ever actually DO ANYTHING.”

“When you don’t do anything, what can go wrong?!”

Dude is brilliant.

Before any of you teachers get mad, please remember I too am a former teacher. Teaching is a supremely important profession and it’s by no means easy… but we don’t actually do anything as teachers. We theoretically mold minds and shape people… which is what makes this routine even more terrifying/hilarious. Liberals can’t be judged by what they do in academia… but when they succeed, they are destroying our future.

We should be thankful for men like Evan Sayet who speak the truth in such an understandable way!


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