Hilarious: Young Woman Elly Maye Lists The Top 10 Reasons Why She’s NOT A Democrat

crew-2231Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

It’s nice to have Elly batting from our side of the isle in the blood sport called politics.

She clearly understands liberal democrats, and can send them running with facts, not delusions.


By George, I think she’s got it — check out this hilarious video of a recovering liberal, now conservative, stating her Top Ten Reasons why she’s no longer a Democrat.

One thing is for certain, the younger generation in America is starting to realize that hopey changey thing ain’t working for them and their future. I guarantee you’ll bust a laugh with this one. Hat tip to @ellysa_maye and her exceptional use of social media to make her point.

via AllenWest

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Semper Latte: Obama salutes Marines, coffee cup in hand

crew-2231Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

This is not the type of photo-op Obama wants. He likes saluting flag draped caskets of dead U.S. Military personnel.

The U.S. Military hates this guy, can you blame them? 


Perhaps we should cut the POS, not,”POTUS,”some slack, he has a T time to make, and then there’s ESPN Hoops. 
It’s not like he just came back from vacation.
 The Washington Times
– The Washington Times – Tuesday, September 23, 2014

President Obama returned a formal military salute by saluting with a coffee cup he had in his hand as he stepped off his U.S. Marine Corps helicopter in New York on Sunday.

A video of the gesture that some are calling the “latte salute” was uploaded to the White House Instagram account.

“President Obama just landed in New York for #UNGA2014,” the caption reads.
(Why do we know this and the Kenyan doesn’t?)

The salute is “the most important of all military courtesies,” says a manual, titled “Customs and Courtesies,” for Marine Corps officer candidates, The Daily Caller reported.

“In general, do not salute when… carrying articles with both hands or being otherwise so occupied as to make saluting impractical,” the manual says.

Mr. Obama did not appear to be carrying anything else in his hands when he made the unusual salute.


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The Secret Knowledge: On the Dismantling of American Culture

crew-2231Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

Mr. Mamet doesn’t just eviscerate the left he does so with fact, those which the liberal mind abhors.

David Mamet made the decision to open up on the hypocrisy among the Hollywood frauds who make films there.


For the past thirty years, David Mamet has been a controversial and defining force in theater and film, championing the most cherished liberal values along the way. In some of the great movies and plays of our time, his characters have explored the ethics of the business world, embodied the struggles of the oppressed, and faced the flaws of the capitalist system.


But in recent years Mamet has had a change of heart. He realized that the so-called mainstream media outlets he relied on were irredeemably biased, peddling a hypocritical and deeply flawed worldview.

In 2008 he wrote a hugely controversial op-ed for the Village Voice, “Why I Am No Longer a ‘Brain-Dead Liberal,'” in which he methodically eviscerated liberal beliefs. Now he goes much deeper, employing his trademark intellectual force and vigor to take on all the key political and cultural issues of our times, from religion to political correctness to global warming.

Mamet pulls no punches in his art or in his politics. And as a former liberal who woke up, he will win over an entirely new audience of others who have grown irate over America’s current direction.


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Spoken like the true socialist he is Bill Clinton brings out his crystal ball and prognosticates on the future

crew-2231Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

Don’t they have a place for old worn out presidents an politicians to go?


Slick, by all accounts, a “Good Ole Boy,” apparently has no problem with capitalism and the hundreds of thousand he and his wife “Brunhilda,” bring in from their numerous speeches.

Whoa, let’s check that it’s in the multi-millions of dollars they have been hiding.

The New York Times among others have exposed the fraud associated with the Clinton Foundation. 

All the money they earn goes there with tax exempt status.

Could there be two hypocrites?  Of course, but they would make the A Team.

Bill Clinton: Profits won’t be priority No. 1 in the future.

For that to happen the Democrats will have to keep the Senate in 2014 and 2016, not likely and elect another failed Democrat with time-worn failed ideas which will not likely work in Bill’s future.

Clinton needs to have someone tell him to stick a sock in it.   The only people who pay to hear him are those who like Clinton are socialist themselves.


Corporations, someday, will care less about maximizing profits and more about employees and society, former President Bill Clinton told listeners on Tuesday.

Adam Jeffery | CNBC
Former President Bill Clinton speaks with Becky Quick at the CGI 2014 annual meeting in New York.

Speaking at the annual Clinton Global Initiative meeting, Clinton predicted that American corporations will see a repudiation of the bottom line-focused business philosophy that now dominates. This change will happen, he said, without significant government involvement.

“I think the government can have incentives that will encourage it, but I think by and large it will happen, if it does, because of proof that markets work better that way,” Clinton said, adding that companies will see overall greater success by taking care of their employees and doing good for more than only their shareholders.

This corporate change, Clinton said, will be one of the most important keys to building a better future.

“We’re going to share inequality, misery and conflict, or we’re going to share prosperity, responsibilities and a sense of community,” Clinton said.

Entire article below.

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When a soldier cries

crew-2231Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

This is such a beautiful poem brought to us by LorraB at Silent Soldier

Sleep deprived, adrenalin junkies always on full alert they fight on for their buddies no matter how they hurt.

Battle weary, they also cry as they see members of their squad just killed as they wonder, “why not me.”


September 23, 2014

When A Soldier Cries

A tattered picture, nearly faded to white
Faces of the ones for whom a soldier fights
In the empty silence of a world so far away
On the rocky ground, the only place to lay

A father dreams of home, family, and friends
In war, there is no guarantee he will see them again
Thunder roars with fury, lightning burns the darkened skies
The mighty angels shed a tear, when a soldier cries

She walks across the street, a young child stands alone
Memories haunt her dreams of the daughters she left at home
She tries to smile, show happiness through the tears
Although she wants to help, the child retreats in fear

At night she dreams of home, bedtime hugs and kisses
She prays to one day have again, everything she misses
She can still see their faces as they spoke their last goodbyes
Nothing can soothe a heart, when a soldier cries

In the pouring rain he stands guard, rifle in hand
Just two years out of high school, his parents don’t understand
He wanted something greater than just video games and fun
He dedicated his life to become more than just an ordinary son

A young man dreams of home and wishes upon a distant star
The letters are few and far between, only time can heal a wounded heart
In the gathering shadows, just beyond where the unseen lies
Those who have gone before, bow their heads when a soldier cries

The growl of crunching metal, searing heat and flames surround
Voices of the wounded, silent screams that have no sound
She left college early and signed up to answer the call
Now lying in the wreckage, she wonders if it’s time to give it all

The young woman dreams of home, but she doesn’t surrender to the fear
She knows if they’re alive, they will come back and find her here
Chaos and confusion, in a place where hope and fate collide
She fights for every breath, there’s no shame when a soldier cries

They stand in single file, one hand raised to touch their brow
Men and women, young and old, bound together by a sacred vow
Silently they watch as each car drives slowly past
A beautiful flag covers every casket, heroes returning home at last

Mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, bravery at its best
Defined by the unselfish act of sacrifice, courage passed the ultimate test
With a will stronger than iron, nerves of steel and no compromise
There’s nothing to give but respect and honor…when a soldier cries

When a Soldier Cries
Copyright 2013 Chris Martin

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ISIS Releases ‘Flames of War’ Feature Film to Intimidate West

crew-2231Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

We know know that ISIS is capable of making a high quality video.


Their efforts in this area will be greatly impaired along with breathing as U.S. and coalition forces, all 8 of them, seriously run non stop bombing raids, from the sea, the air and finally the land. 

These gutless cowards routinely hide behind women and children, knowing our rules of engagement, they drop their weapons and live to fight another day.

It’s time to shit can our “Rules of engagement and fight these cowards on their terms.  Fore each head the decapitate, we kill a minimum of 1000 of them. 

Eventually they might get a clue.  In the end it will not matter, it must be our goal to exterminate this vermin, every last one, women and children who are being trained as the video above will demonstrates.

Anything less we will be embroiled here forever. 

The Clarion Project

After releasing the trailer last week, the Islamic State released the full film — a gory, bravado flick showcasing their ruthless tactics in Syria.

By Ryan Mauro

Monday, September 22, 2014

True to its promise, the Islamic State terrorist group released a 55-minute video (see below) narrated by an operative in Syria with an American accent.  At the same time, Al-Qaeda has released a new video (see below) featuring an American recruit named Adam Gadahn calling on Muslims to pursue regime change in Pakistan.

The Islamic State video is far above the Al-Qaeda video in terms of production. The 55-minute film, titled Flames of War, is professionally edited and highlights the Islamic State’s seizure of the Syrian Army’s 17th Division base near Raqqah.

Footage is shown from the attack and then the film shows an Islamic State fighter near the base speaking in fluent English with an American accent. Captured Syrian soldiers are shown digging their own graves.

One claims that 800 of Assad’s troops were at the base and were defeated by only 20-30 Islamic State members. The captives are then shot point blank and shown gruesomely falling in the ditches.

Entire article below.

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NYT Issues Correction: Sorry, Bush Did Seek Allies in Iraq

crew-2231Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

And now you know why the NYT is frequently referred to as the fish wrapper or bird-cage liner of the elitist no nothings in America and across the globe.

They, like most media carry Obama’s water but tend to carry more than their “fair share,” when pumping out propaganda favorable to a failed leader.

Truth Revolt


On Tuesday, The New York Times corrected a front page story from September 11, 2014, in which the Times falsely claimed that George W. Bush had not sought international alliances during the war in Iraq. Here’s the correction:

An article on Sept. 11 about President Obama’s speech to the nation describing his plans for a military campaign against the Islamic State, also known as ISIS, gave an incorrect comparison between efforts by the president to seek allies’ support for his plans and President George W. Bush’s efforts on such backing for the Iraq war. The approach Mr. Obama is taking is similar to the one Mr. Bush took; it is not the case that, “Unlike Mr. Bush in the Iraq war, Mr. Obama has sought to surround the United States with partners.”

It only took the Times two weeks to correct this basic factual error. But the error has a point: to differentiate good, wise, holy and just Obama from evil super villain George W. Bush. The New York Times is simply fulfilling Obama’s central life function: not being George W. Bush.

In point of fact, Barack Obama had a total of nine allies in his battle against ISIS as of September 5. George W. Bush’s original “coalition of the willing” had 48 countries as members.

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First Airstrikes by U.S. and Allies Hit ISIS Targets in Syria

WASHINGTON — The United States and allies launched airstrikes against Sunni militants in Syria early Tuesday, unleashing a torrent of cruise missiles and precision-guided bombs from the air and sea on the militants’ de facto capital of Raqqa and along the porous Iraq border.


American fighter jets and armed Predator and Reaper drones, flying alongside warplanes from several Arab allies, struck a broad array of targets in territory controlled by the militants, known as the Islamic State.

                Apartment for rent!

American defense officials said the targets included weapons supplies, depots, barracks and buildings the militants use for command and control. Tomahawk cruise missiles were fired from United States Navy ships in the region.

The strikes are a major turning point in President Obama’s war against the Islamic State and open up a risky new stage of the American military campaign.

Until now, the administration had bombed Islamic State targets only in Iraq, and had suggested it would be weeks if not months before the start of a bombing campaign against Islamic State targets in Syria.


Bahrain, Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates took part in the strikes, American officials said, although the Arab governments were not expected to announce their participation until later Tuesday. The new coalition’s makeup is significant because the United States was able to recruit Sunni governments to take action against the Sunni militants of the Islamic State. The operation also unites the squabbling states of the Persian Gulf.

The strikes came less than two weeks after Mr. Obama announced in an address to the nation that he was authorizing an expansion of the military campaign against the Islamic State, also known as ISIS.

Entire article below.

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It’s a very simple think called attitude

crew-2231Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.
Think the young man in the video below be headed for the welfare line?
I don’t believe so, he believes there is nothing in the world that can stop him and each of us for that matter. 
Sports are such a useful metaphor for the big game, “The game of life.”
As a long time coach, it was learning these lessons that can send a young person on the path leading to a positive contributor in society.
Puma by design

Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson seen nodding in approval. Just kidding. 

Apollos Hester is a high school student. He plays football in Texas. For the East View High School Patriots in Georgetown. That’s not the story.

If You Haven’t Seen This Incredible Post-Game Interview With A High School Football Player, Yeah, You Need To

What this remarkable young man said in an interview following his team’s dramatic come-from-behind victory over rival Vandegrift High School on Friday is not only the story, but something profound that black America – and liberals in general – should heed.

P.S. They won’t….

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A W E S O M E !

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