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White House Was Angered by Obama’s Peace Prize, Which Still Haunts the Nobel Committee

crew-2231Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.


Why would the White House be angered? Obama was the recipient of an unearned Nobel Peace Prize. They are finally getting the message he was played for the putz he is.

He didn’t earn it so what’s the problem?

Some committee members accused of being fawning, ‘Starstruck,” the same as U.S. “hair-brained voters.”

Utenrisk Departementet Norway

Utenrisk Departementet NorwayIn 2009 then White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel reportedly laid into the Norwegian ambassador to the United States, Wegger Christian Strømmen, after it was announced that President Obama was awarded that year’s Nobel Peace Prize.

Strømmen’s colleague, Morten Wetland, says that the White House was angry about the award, which immediately proved controversial. Obama’s prize has taken center stage in the debate about re-appointments to the Norwegian Nobel Committee this year.

“Many people thought awarding Obama the Peace Prize was pretty embarrassing,” Wetland tells Dagens Næringsliv, a Norwegian business newspaper. Wetland was the Norwegian ambassador to the United Nations at the time of the award.

“An American president would like to set his own agenda. In this case he was forced into a role that he did not seek. Besides, it was only one year into his first presidential term. It can seem as if someone did this to get Barack Obama to visit their country.”

The former official says that was the most embarrassing day he had on the job as an ambassador to the U.N. “My coworker in Washington got a tongue-lashing from Obama’s chief of staff,” Wetland says.

“Getting yelled at is a big part of an ambassador’s job. They [Obama's people] probably went after the first person they could get their hands on, and Emanuel is known for being profane and direct. The word ‘fawning’ was used.”  

As Reason reported at the time, the awarding of the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize was all about Nobel Committee Chairman Thorbjørn Jagland seeking press for his organization by stroking the new American president.

His “grand thinking,” as commentators put it, was that such an award would be impossible to ignore. In public statements, Jagland made it sound as if the prize was the international community’s endorsement of the president’s electoral victory.

Wetland’s op-ed about Emanuel’s conversation with Ambassador Strømmen was spurred by upcoming decisions about the membership of the Nobel Peace Prize Committee.

Several of the members of the Nobel Committee are up for re-appointment this fall. There are bound to be changes, as the majority in the Storting, the Norwegian Parliament with the power to select members, changed during the elections last fall.

Many are arguing that Jagland should not be re-appointed, and the prize that was given to Obama is among the foremost arguments.

Wetland is among the people arguing that the next round of appointments should include candidates from outside Norway, such as former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan or Carl Bildt, the Swedish Minister for Foreign Affairs and former prime minister with several international diplomatic appointments under his belt. The Committee has never had foreign members before.

Wetland says that most people considered the award as very strange at the time. “We must ensure prevention of the impression that we here in Norway can get ‘starstruck’ and appreciate fancy state visits. Even if this has not been the case so far, there is cause to be aware of the issue.”



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White House curbs major counterterrorism drill designed to test response to car bombs and chemical weapons strike

crew-223Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalism, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

What could possibly go wrong?


Since we lack “Leadership,” that recognizes the existential threat of Islam to the U.S. and the entire world, its time they be replaced.

Please vote and vote wisely in the upcoming elections of 2014-16.

Jihad Watch

InspireConcern about Islamic jihad terrorism is, as we all know, a manifestation of “hatred,” “bigotry” and “Islamophobia.”

But here, this is what could go wrong: “Disclosure of the curtailed exercise comes as al Qaeda recently issued new threats to conduct car bomb attacks in Washington.

Pakistan imposed ban on Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan

Details of the car bombing campaign were contained in the latest issue of the English-language magazine ‘Inspire,’ published by the Yemen-based Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.” “Feds Curtail Major Counter-terror Exercise in Washington,” by Bill Gertz for the Washington Free Beacon.

The White House sharply curbed a major counter-terrorism drill scheduled for Tuesday in Washington that was designed to test the federal government response to threats of car bombs attacks and a chemical weapons strike on the Metro subway system.

The exercise, code-named Eagle Horizon 2014, was cut back instead to small-scale communications checks within federal agencies.

The transfer of government functions through groups of emergency personnel located at remote secure locations as part of so-called “continuity of government” operations was scrapped, according to Obama administration security officials.

Disclosure of the curtailed exercise comes as al Qaeda recently issued new threats to conduct car bomb attacks in Washington. Details of the car bombing campaign were contained in the latest issue of the English-language magazine “Inspire,” published by the Yemen-based Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.

Entire article below.

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Pentagon Plans To Reduce the Size of the Army

Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

Would Ronald Reagan have done this?  When the U.S. still the worlds super power negotiates with the likes of Iran they must do so with the threat of military force on the table. 



Jimmy promised the works at Rockwell International that he would continue to fund the B1 Bomber, of course to get votes. 

He lied and cancelled the project immediately upon inauguration. 

The number of planes that were put into service though not as stealthy as the B-2 Bomber was a work horse during the gulf wars.


Only members of the private sector will get the day off with pay.  Three other useless government holidays will be cancelled.

We start with scrapping Labor Day which is a day of pay for overpaid union workers. Then Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr., King was good on Civil Rights but he plagiarized his doctoral thesis, and Columbus day as it’s doubtful Columbus discovered America.  

So now that we are temporarily stuck with Obama, who is destroying our country and our military at the same time.

History will record that Obama edged out Carter significantly as the worst occupant of the White House in U.S. History.

Reason Magazine.

Credit: David B. Gleason/wikimediaCredit: David B. Gleason/wikimediaThe New York Times is reporting that the Pentagon plans to reduce the Army to its smallest size since before the Second World War.

According to the Times, the new Pentagon spending proposals, which have been endorsed by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, will ensure that the U.S. is capable of defending itself while being too small to engage in long-term foreign occupations like those in Iraq and Afghanistan.

From the Times:

The proposal, described by several Pentagon officials on the condition of anonymity in advance of its release on Monday, takes into account the fiscal reality of government austerity and the political reality of a president who pledged to end two costly and exhausting land wars. A result, the officials argue, will be a military capable of defeating any adversary, but too small for protracted foreign occupations.

An unnamed official told the Times that the reduced Army will “be agile. It will be capable. It will be modern. It will be trained.” This sounds similar to the sort of military force that the French recently deployed in Mali and the Central African Republic. First class, but not equipped for nation building. 

The proposals will reportedly shrink the Army to between 440,000 and 450,000 troops in the coming years. The Army’s highest number of troops post-9/11 was 570,000.

The U.S. is not the only country planning to cut the size of its army. The British government is planning on reducing the size of the British Army to 82,000 by 2020. In 2010, the British Army had 102,260 troops. The decision was criticized by former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, who said that the reductions would hamper the U.K.’s ability to be a “full partner” with the U.S.

Entire article below.

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I’m Hillary Clinton and I approve this message!

Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.


Hillary Clinton will rue the day that she gave the testimony below.

After her tantrum when she suggest that the must and will find out what happened  prevent if from ever happening again.

Great spoof of  3AM phone call ad below.

How’s that working out for ya?  We will never know the answers until the progressive/socialist/Marxists and communists in the current administration are driven underground for the next 40-50 years.

Ironically when she was still thinking she would become the next “Chosen One,” she ran advertisements asking who do you want to answer the phone at 3 AM?

Could it be more clear that it shall not be and will not be Hillary Clinton?


We have had it with the current spineless weasel sleeping in the White House.

It’s time for a change, vote for a fiscally conservative Republican.Vote for former pediatric neurosurgeon, Dr. Ben Carson, SR.

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The NSA’s Secret Role in the U.S. Assassination Program: Obama “I’m good at killing people”

crew-2231Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

If this article is indeed true, and there is no reason to suggest it isn’t, it bodes well for no one and further displays Obama’s narcissistic psychopathic personalty.

It’s time for this guy to be removed from office. 

By and 10 Feb 2014
Featured photo - The NSA’s Secret Role in the U.S. Assassination Program
Credit: Kirsty Wigglesworth/Associated Press.

The National Security Agency is using complex analysis of electronic surveillance, rather than human intelligence, as the primary method to locate targets for lethal drone strikes – an unreliable tactic that results in the deaths of innocent or unidentified people.

Perhaps the only honest thing this guy from “Young Turks” has ever said.  The guy is in love with Obama and his junta. 

According to a former drone operator for the military’s Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) who also worked with the NSA, the agency often identifies targets based on controversial metadata analysis and cell-phone tracking technologies.


040206-N-9222M-001Image: Dept. of the Navy: US. Navy launching drones from sea.

Rather than confirming a target’s identity with operatives or informants on the ground, the CIA or the U.S. military then orders a strike based on the activity and location of the mobile phone a person is believed to be using.

Earth to cub reporter above, did you just wake up? Osama bin Laden was not killed by a drone, nor was he killed by Seal Team Six.  Enough credible sources are available to put that one to sleep.

The drone operator, who agreed to discuss the top-secret programs on the condition of anonymity, was a member of JSOC’s High Value Targeting task force, which is charged with identifying, capturing or killing terrorist suspects in Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan and elsewhere.

His account is bolstered by top-secret NSA documents previously provided by whistleblower Edward Snowden.

It is also supported by a former drone sensor operator with the U.S. Air Force, Brandon Bryant, who has become an outspoken critic of the lethal operations in which he was directly involved in Iraq, Afghanistan and Yemen.

Entire article below.

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‘A Pattern of Lawlessness’: Ted Cruz Outlines Why Even Democrats Should Be Concerned About Obama Administration’s Actions

crew-223Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

Would our country be in better shape with a Constitutional scholar like Ted Cruz or a Constitutional mauler like the “Chosen one?”


You be the judge.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz: Democrats Should Be Worried About Pattern of Lawlessness by Obama Administration

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz (R) said there is a “pattern of lawlessness” underway by the Obama administration that is truly “breathtaking,” and it should not only concern Republicans.

Cruz warned: “For all of those on the left who are willing to excuse the president’s lawlessness and disregarding federal law, there will come another president… of the other party.”

The Texas senator referenced the string of unilateral changes made to Obamacare alone, and added: “If a president can pick and choose which laws to follow, he’s no longer a president.”

Cruz serves as the senior Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights and Human Rights, and recently released the third in a series of reports on instances where the administration has “advocated consistently for over-broad federal power.”

This report, in particular, focuses on ten separate cases relating to federal encroachment upon the state of Texas.

And even Beck was unaware of the extent of Cruz’ history of standing by the Constitution and principles over party.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz: Democrats Should Be Worried About Pattern of Lawlessness by Obama Administration

He was shocked when Cruz remarked: “I have been very vocal and… represented the state of Texas before the U.S. Supreme Court against president George W. Bush when he exceeded his authority in trying to order the state courts to obey the world court.”

Entire article below.

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Why Obama’s Meeting With Harry Reid Could Be Tense

Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.


For the life of me I can’t imagine a single moment of Obama’s term until he is thrown out of office that won’t be tense.


If Jon Kerry weren’t such a blithering idiot, his comments on, “I respect the work of Harry Reid,” sound like the kiss of death.

Barack Obama is meeting with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) Monday afternoon, just after two of the president’s top cabinet secretaries publicly brushed off the Senate leader’s concern about trade authority.

Why Obamas Meeting With Harry Reid Could Be Tense

Harry Reid needs his ass handed to him in his hat.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and President Barack Obama are set to meet Monday. (AP/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

The meeting was scheduled to be in the Oval Office at 2:30 p.m., one of several meetings Obama plans to have with congressional Democrats this week.

On Saturday, Secretary of State John Kerry and Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, both former U.S. senators who previously served with Reid, spoke at the Munich Security Conference where they were dismissive of Reid’s opposition to renewing fast-track trade authority, CNN reported.

“I respect Harry Reid, worked with him for a long time,” Kerry said. “I think all of us have learned to interpret a comment on one day in the United States Senate as not necessarily what might be the situation in a matter of months.”

Speaking to a pro-fast-track audience of allies, Hagel agreed.

“Let’s be smart and let’s be wise and let’s be collaborative and use all of the opportunities and mechanisms that we have to enhance each other – culturally, trade, commerce, exchanges,” Hagel said.

Obama, like most previous presidents, is seeking fast-track trade authority to allow him to work out the details of a trade treaty, then submit to the Senate for an up-or-down vote. This would prohibit various amendments too from being tacked onto a trade agreement by Congress.

As majority leader, Reid decides which legislation comes up for a vote in the Senate, which ratifies treaties. Reid said Wednesday he is “against fast track. I think everyone would be well advised not to push this right now.”

During the White House press briefing Monday, press secretary Jay Carney said the president expects to have a productive conversation with Reid. He stressed that pending trade deals with Europe and Asia would expand the economy and better paying jobs.

“Trade is an important issue on the president’s agenda,” Carney told reporters. “The agreements the president is pursuing protect American workers and protect the environment.”

Ahead of the meeting, Carney added that the president and Reid “talk all the time,” but did not know for certain they would discuss trade at Monday’s meeting.



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