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Is the Black Community Happy with Obama?


Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

Obama will go down in history as a psychopath, a pathological liar, a socialist/Marxist and not one of us.  (Great interview below)


He has done everything possible to bring our country down economically whiled destroying our standing in the world with our enemies and allies.

By puma

skyrocketing poverty under obama politifake

Tim Constantine talks with Dr. Carol Swain, Law Professor at Vanderbilt University Law School, about frustrations in the black community under President Obama.


In addition to Barack Obama on every level setting possible the nation back decades, I predicted that an Obama presidency would set Black America nearly to the point of no return.

What else Obama has done to Black America?  My daughter-in-law and many like her have sworn to NEVER vote again.  One of Obama’s few successes.

Wake up Black America.

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You have got to love Obama


Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

If you missed Rush’s take on this one he hit Obama on the head, partially.

NFL Limbaugh Football

He did mention and played sound bites from the adoring media suggesting that Obama is now in a serious position to become the leader of the socialist movement, world-wide. 


This entire event was staged so that we the people would become lost in the fog and forget about holding his bony ass accountable for Benghazi along with Queen Hillary “The Not So Great.”

Rush may have over played his hand on shaking hands with Castro, the significance of said event was nothing more than shaking hands with the next person in line.

When he wasn’t shaking hands with Raul Castro, he was using the death of Nelson Mandela, the communist to show the world he is now ready to take up the socialist banner world-wide.

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Obama Caught Snapping Selfie at Mandela Memorial

The Blaze

Madeleine Morgenstern

Barack Obama, British Prime Minister David Cameron and an unidentified woman were spotted snapping a “selfie” together at Tuesday’s memorial service for former South African President Nelson Mandela in Johannesburg.

Obama, U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron and an unidentified woman pose together for a “selfie” at the memorial service for former South African President Nelson Mandela.

It’s unclear whose phone they were using — we know Obama doesn’t have an iPhone.

Though the woman Obama and Cameron were posing with wasn’t identified by the AFP, USA Today said she looks like Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt.

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No talk of affordable health care in Obamacare PR push


Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper

Perhaps this is the only honest thing they have done in promoting the pig that will not fly.


It’s time to refer to it as what it is, ” Obama’s Health Care Denial and Rationing Act with Death Panels,” and cut the nonsense. 

One striking thing about the new White House Obamacare promotion campaign is that so far it hasn’t had much to say about the central focus of Obamacare, which is helping Americans buy affordable health insurance.

Look at the cases President Obama has highlighted. There are young people who say they have benefited from being allowed to stay on their parents’ health policies until age 26. There are people suffering from serious illnesses who say they are thankful there will no longer be lifetime caps on insurance benefits. There are stories of people with pre-existing conditions who will be able to purchase coverage.

Entire article below.

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Getting their talking points straight

crew-2231Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

Let this magazine cover below serve as a reminder not of Obama Care.


A decent editor would have put an “S” behind “Promise.”

Let the entire administration due to go down in flames as the worst administration in United States History.


The Washington Free Beacon

Obamacare Then, Affordable Care Act Now

 Hum, I wonder why? 




The term “Obamacare” has largely disappeared from the mouths of Democrats as the president’s health care reform law has gone from a rallying cry to a political grenade.

President Obama once said he embraced the phrase on the 2012 campaign trail, telling supporters, “I do care.” As recently as Nov. 8, Obama predicted to a laughing crowd in New Orleans that his political opponents would stop using the term once the law became popular.

“I know health care is controversial, so there’s only going to be so much support we get on that on a bipartisan basis — until it’s working really well, and then they’re going to stop calling it Obamacare,” he said. “They’re going to call it something else.”

However, it has seemed to change names with the Democrats instead as the law’s popularity has slumped to new lows in the wake of Obama’s broken promises, rising premiums, insurance cancellations and a disastrous rollout. Obama’s approval rating has also plummeted as a result.

During an apologetic press conference Nov. 14, Obama referred to his law as the Affordable Care Act 12 times but did not say “Obamacare” once. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who has referred to the law as Obamacare in the past, told Meet the Press host David Gregory that she “always” referred to it as the Affordable Care Act during an interview Sunday, and other Democrats are backing off the term as well.

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International Negotiations With Iran Are a ‘Facade’ — Secret Deal Allegedly Already Struck Directly With Valerie Jarrett

crew-223Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

As stated previously with Obama as Israel’s friend she needs no further enemies.


Is there any wonder that Israel, and Saudi Arabia have formed an alliance for an attack on Iran?

The Blaze

Sharona Schwartz
The report on Israel’s Channel 10 quoted unnamed senior Israeli officials who said that the talks, which have reportedly been underway for a year, have been held in various Persian Gulf states.
 Iranian born, Valerie Jarrett keeps Obama on a short leash

Exactly one year ago, the Israeli newspaper Ynet reported that Jarrett was beginning to communicate behind the scenes with representatives of Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.
 Ayatollah Ali Khamene
Israeli government officials are reportedly angry that the Obama administration has reportedly not been keeping Israel abreast of the latest developments regarding talks with Iran over curbing the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program.
“The administration did not keep Israel fully informed on those talks, Channel 10 news reported, but Jerusalem nonetheless has a pretty clear picture of what has been going on in the secret channel,” the Times of Israel reported.
But according to the Israeli outlet Haaretz, White House National Security Council spokeswoman Bernadette Meehan said that the report about the deal was “absolutely, 100 percent false.”
The Times of Israel provided more information on the Hebrew report:
In the course of the talks, the report said, the Americans offered the Iranians a series of “confidence-building measures,” which underlined American readiness to conclude a deal and undercut sanctions pressure.
It was the deal discussed in these secret talks, the report said, that the Americans then brought to Geneva earlier this month, where it was largely adopted by the P5+1 nations — the US, Britain, France, Russia, China, plus Germany.[…]
According to Channel 10, the secret channel marginalized [Secretary of State John] Kerry, and was overseen by the president. The idea had been for Kerry merely to fly to Geneva, as he did last Friday, to sign a deal in which he had been a bit player.
The last round of talks in Geneva broke up without agreement after France reportedly objected to its terms, with French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius calling it “a sucker’s deal.” A new round of talks resumes Wednesday.
Entire article below.

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‘Saturday Night Live’ Mocks Obama Scandals by Offering ‘Second Term Strength’ Anti-Depressants

crew-223Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

crack_pipeThat means you Barry


Perhaps Obama is covered under the “Only dopes do dope clause?)

The Blaze

Late night comedy show “Saturday Night Live” featured a parody commercial on last night’s episode aimed at highlighting the several scandals plaguing President Barack Obama’s second term in office.

The skit was a parody advertisement for an anti-depressant dubbed “Paxil: Second Term Strength” which the ad said was “the only anti-depressant strong enough for an embattled second term.”

Screen-Shot-2013-11-17-at-8.02.31-AM-620x352(Image source: SNL)

The ad then turned to Obama consuming the medicine while the commercial parody read off a “range of symptoms” the anti-depressant treats.

“[B]enghazi, the NSA scandal, the IRS scandal, the AP scandal, the Petraeus scandal, that time Jay Z and Beyonce went to Cuba,” the ad’s narrator said. “And of course, Obamacare website problems.”

Russia and Egypt Are Reportedly Negotiating Their Largest Arms Deal Since the Cold War


Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

Leave it to his ineptness, the bungling fool Obama to bring our enemies into the largest arms deal since the “Cold War.”


Obama, not qualified to shine shoes at the White House.

The Blaze

Sharona Schwartz

Just one month after the Obama administration announced it was partially suspending military aid to Egypt, Russia appears to be trying to fill that gap, discussing a large arms deal with the Middle Eastern country, according to multiple reports.

Bloomberg reported that for Russia, the arms agreements being discussed would be “its biggest weapons deals with Egypt since the Cold War as it seeks to capitalize on U.S. President Barack Obama’s decision to cut defense aid to the military-backed government.”

Russian Defense Ministry advisory board member Ruslan Pukhov told Bloomberg that the deal could be for weapons totaling as much as $2 billion, which would include MIG-29 fighter jets, air-defense systems and anti-tank missiles. A report in the Palestinian newspaper Donia Al-Watan suggested that the deal could total twice that amount.

Russia and Egypt Are Reportedly Negotiating Their Largest Arms Deal Since the Cold War

Russian MIG-29 fighter jets could be part of a major arms deal between Russia and Egypt. (AP/Misha Japaridze)

Both Russia’s defense and foreign ministers are traveling to Cairo this week for talks about the enhanced relationship, according to Russia’s RIA Novosty, which called the event “a landmark two-day visit.”

“The issue of purchasing new Russian weapons should be carefully examined,” Egyptian Foreign Minister Nabil Fahmy told Russian state-owned RT television Tuesday.

“A Russian warship has docked in Egypt’s port of Alexandria in a move that officials said was aimed at bolstering Cairo’s relations with Moscow ahead of one of the highest level visits by Russian officials to the country in decades,” Al Jazeera reported.

The missile cruiser Varyag was greeted by a 21-gun salute as it pulled into the Alexandria port in Egypt, according to Al Jazeera.

Egyptian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Badr Abdelatty told Bloomberg that the visit of the senior Russian ministers is aimed at sending “a strong political message that stresses the desire … to bolster relations and cooperate with Egypt in all fields.”

He said this does not mean “substituting one party with another but rather diversifying the alternatives and choices.”

In the wake of the coup that deposed Morsi and elevated the Egyptian military to power this summer, the Obama administration decided to suspend the delivery of tanks, helicopters and fighter jets to Egypt.

According to RIA Novosty, Egypt has not purchased weapons from Russia since the early 1970s, under the Soviet Union.

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