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Letter from the parents of Aaron Carson Vaughn of SEAL Team VI: Please resign, Mr. President (Must see video)

41730_100003215851815_231263758_n 2Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

Please watch the video below, if you can do so with out shedding a tear after hearing the love come from Karen Vaughn you are a lot tougher than I.

Perhaps you might have somebody check your pulse.

It is an unmitigated disaster that voters in America were so incredibly stupid that they voted for a poser, Hussein Obama.


Aaron and his wife, Kimberly Vaughn

Obama does not possess the where with all nor brains or guts to be commander-in-chief of the United States Military.

She speaks to the Concerned Veterans of America convention in late August.

For those readers who have been down and thinking there will be no end to the progressive movement, her presentation will change your minds.

On a lighter note, think of all the boos and jeers Hussein will receive for the rest of his life when he no longer darkens the door step at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

“After finally choosing to view the barbaric, on-camera beheading by ISIS of freelance war correspondent James Foley, I have been left with a level of rage known only to those of us who have sacrificed unspeakable offerings on the altar of world peace.

My offering was my only son — Aaron Carson Vaughn. Aaron was a member of SEAL Team VI. He was killed in action when a CH47D Chinook, carrying thirty Americans and eight Afghans was shot down in the Tangi River Valley of Afghanistan on Aug. 6, 2011.


Many times over the past three years, I have been asked what drove my son to choose his particular career. What made him want to be a Navy SEAL? My answer is simple.

Aaron Vaughn was a man who possessed the courage to acknowledge evil. And evil, once truly acknowledged, demands response. Perhaps this is why so few are willing to look it in the eye. It is much simpler — much safer — to look the other way.

That is, unless you are the leader of the Free World.

As Commander-in-Chief, your actions — or lack thereof — Mr. President, cost lives. As you bumble about in your golf cart, slapping on a happy face and fist-pounding your buddies, your cowardly lack of leadership has left a gaping hole — not only in America’s security — but the security of the entire globe. Your message has come across loud and clear, sir: You are not up to this job. You know it. We know it. The world knows it.

Entire article below.

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Video reportedly shows beheading of reporter Steven Sotloff by ISIS: Video doesn’t show beheading just White House Incompetence

41730_100003215851815_231263758_n 2Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

It’s a wonderful time for America to not have a commander-in-chief, isn’t it?


In another unbelievable moment of stupidity or planned ignorance, White House Press Secretary, Josh Earnest blows Spec/Ops cover as he blathers from the podium in the link below.

Josh Ernest video

Who’s side are these guy on anyway?


DEVELOPING: An Internet video purports to show the beheading of  extremist group.

The global terror intelligence firm SITE first reported the release of the 2-minute video, titled “A Second Message to America,” in which Sotloff, a 31-year-old freelance journalist, speaks to the camera before a cloaked Islamic State fighter decapitates him.

“I’m sure you know exactly who I am by now and why I am appearing,” Sotloff said. “Obama, your foreign policy of intervention in Iraq was supposed to be for preservation of American lives and interests, so why is it that I am paying the price of your interference with my life?”

See entire article below.

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Common Core Blockbuster: Mathematician Dr. Jim Milgram Warns Common Core Will Destroy America’s Standing in Technology

41730_100003215851815_231263758_n 2Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

The “Common Core” curriculum seeks to dumb education down to the lowest common denominator.

How nice, public school unionized teachers can say, “See, We Be Gud.”



This is apparently one hell of a lot more importance than 1+1 equal’s 3.


Since this is not a matter pertaining to the state it may be nullified by all states using the Tenth Amendment.

Tenth Amendment center here.

Lee school board common core decision gaining…
Fallout from common core decision.
During a Friday conference call sponsored by Texas-based Women on the Wall, Stanford mathematician and former member of the Common Core Validation Committee Dr. James Milgram, told listeners that if the controversial standards are not repealed, America’s place as a competitor in the technology industry will ultimately be severely undermined.
“In the future, if we want to work with the top level people, we’re going to have to go to China or Japan or Korea… and that’s the future we’re looking at,” Milgram said during the call that was part of a day-long Twitter campaign to target Indiana Gov. Mike Pence’s (R) decision merely to “rebrand” the Common Core standards in his state, even though he has a Republican supermajority in the legislature and an appointed state board of education.
See entire article below.

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Going full Biden: Veep of almost 6 years says ‘it’s time to take back America’

41730_100003215851815_231263758_n 2Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

Below you are about to see Joe Biden when someone slipped a tab of LSD into his margarita. 


One might ask, what’s he up to? 

Perhaps switching parties and trying to be the Republican presidential candidate?

In reality the fool along with the rest of his party and those who voted for Obama have been living under a rock since the late 60’s

By Doug Powers  •  September 2, 2014
H/T Michelle Malkin

**Written by Doug Powers

Too funny:


That’s what Joe Biden told an audience in Detroit today. My wife and I were invited to his speech the other day via a union robo-call and I’m kind of sorry we didn’t go because we’ve always wanted to take another romantic trip back to 2008.

Forward to about the 20:00 mark if the time code trigger on the Dumb-O-Tron™ doesn’t work for some reason:

The effectiveness of Biden’s “points” usually depend entirely on an ignorant audience (the Hope & Change guide-book recommends a crowd ranging somewhere between “willfully ignorant” and “rock stupid” for full effectiveness), and now Joe’s even got to convince them that Obama/Biden haven’t been in the White House for going on six years — the first two of them with the Dems having carte blanche over Congress and the WH.

At least now we know what will be a finalist for Biden’s 2016 campaign slogan: “No, I’m not that Joe Biden.”


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Americans Oppose Go-It-Alone Obama Over Immigration: Obama officially designated endangered species lame duck

41730_100003215851815_231263758_n 2Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

If Republicans would start acting like Republicans, “The party of opposition,” Obama will be effectively rendered not just a lame duck but a eunuch for all the world to see.


Even Democrats Are Uneasy Work with Congress, 73% of the public says; ObamaCare support falls.



President Obama’s push to unilaterally enact changes to the nation’s immigration policies is running into fierce opposition from the public, including a majority of his own party.

According to the latest IBD/ TIPP poll, 73% of the public say Obama should work with Congress on reforms. Just 22% say he should “sidestep Congress and act on his own using executive orders” — something the president has repeatedly pledged to do.

Among independents, 78% say Obama should work with Congress, with only 19% saying he should go it alone. Even among Democrats, only 39% say Obama should act unilaterally, while 54% say he should work with Congress.

Entire article below.

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Just How tough is it to become a U.S. Navy SEAL-A true story needed to be heard again: The “No Hell Week” from Hell

crew-2231Comment by Jim Campbell Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

Who are the men who make up America’s Elite Navy SEALs? 



Put on your crash helmets and fasten your seat belts you are about to find out.

“THE ONLY EASY DAY WAS YESTERDAY!” • The Journal of Frogmen.



By Jim O’Neill


Let me fill you in on the truth: the truth is that BUD/S 62 not only did have a “Hell Week,” but it was, in all probability, one of the hardest BUD/S classes ever.

Keep in mind the fact that I was just a lowly enlisted tadpole at the time, so it’s not like I was getting memos from Fleet Command or anything — but from scuttlebutt, and what the instructors told us, this is what went down:

No unit designation visible, but because of the 3rd class Petty

The powers that be (TPTB) in the US Navy have, for a long time, had a back-and-forth tug of war with the Teams (espe- cially BUD/S Training) over quality vs. quantity.

(Jim O’Neill back in the day)

The attitude of TPTB is, “We need more SEALs, and we need them now — we don’t care how you do it — lower your standards if you must — but do it, and do it now!”

Whereas the attitude of the Teams has always been, “We can’t lower our standards — if we lower our standards you’ll get more of something — but they won’t be SEALs!” This back-and-forth goes on to this day in all probability — if anything it is probably worse today.

At any rate, near as I can figure out, some high Navy muckety-muck in the Pentagon decided that BUD/S needed to drop “Hell Week” in order to increase their graduation rate. So the word (order, I should say) was passed down, and eventually reached the BUD/S instructors — who, as you might imagine, were none too happy about the whole scenario.

I’m sure that they could picture their buddies in the Teams screaming, “What kind of b.s. are you trying to push on us? Take this c—p back and send them to us when they’re real frogmen!”

There was a war going on for God’s sake – you think that the Team guys wanted less than the best watching their backs? You think the East Coast (who had just shut down their BUD/s training program) wasn’t going to pay special attention to what the West Coast was now sending them?

Talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place; on the one hand the instructors had their orders, and on the other hand, they knew that they had to keep up the standards — what to do, what to do?

What they told us they were going to do (this was the instruc- tor’s game plan) was to spare us going though “Hell Week,” but they would make up for that by making the first three weeks harder than usual.

“We have good news, and bad news, tadpoles. The
 good news is that you will not be having a ‘Hell Week.’” (“Awesome,” I thought to myself.) “The bad news is that in order to maintain standards, your first three weeks of training will be harder than they have been in the past.” (“F—k,” I thought to myself.)

And I would bet big money that both pre-training and our first three weeks of BUD/S were harder than they had been in the past. By the time we reached the fourth week of training, about one hundred tadpoles had “rung out.”

So now we were at the fourth week, and there was “not going to be any ‘Hell Week,’” remember? Sad to say, our instructors had tricked us (I’ll pause for a moment of shocked silence)………………

Yes, they did. I don’t know whether it was their game plan all along, or the fact that we were all out on San Clemente Island, and therefore “off radar,” as far as TPTB were concerned, but for whatever reason we did indeed have a “Hell Week.” A “Hell Week” just like every other BUD/S class.

Our instructors told us as much after they had loosened up after a few beers at our “end of phase” party. (At that time BUD/S had three “phases” and there was a party at the end of each one, where the instructors and tadpoles mixed together, drank beers, and shot the breeze.) “Congrats to you tadpoles for passing ‘Hell Week,’” they said. The words,

“Great, but you told us that…” started to form in my mind, but a strong sense of self-preservation quickly stifled any further progression along that line of thought.

I won’t go into an in-depth description of our “Hell Week,” but I will point out a couple of details and events that were meaningful (to me): After the first couple of days I was a zom- bie on automatic pilot for the remainder of the week.

Sleep was a rare and precious commodity, and any chance to grab some was jumped on. At the time, I estimated that I managed to get only three-and-a-half hours sleep during those five interminable days. I may have dozed off while standing, and otherwise added to my count, but each moment of sleep was so precious that I counted each minute of it like I was counting gold coins — so although my count may not be exact, I am sure that it was (is) pretty darn close.

One other anecdote from our “Hell Week”— this one can turn into a fairly long “hairy dog” story when told in a bar, but I’ll give you the “short and sweet” version: During our Not Hell Week, but “back in the day.”

Author pictured with most of his ST-2 platoon after rappelling from a Huey chopper at an air-show in VA (in 1973 or 74). Brad Hamilton is third in line; Jim is fifth, (Chief) Frank Mulcahy is between them. Dan Sharpe — another graduate of BUD/S 62, is off to the far right.

Myself and Brad at Athens airport II

Jim O’Neill and Brad Hamilton at Athens airport.


The BLAST • Summer 2014 • Vol. 46, No. 254


Long swim (six miles) we were told that as soon as we reached the beach at the end of the swim we could sleep until the last swim-team arrived. Talk about incentive!


My partner (who shall remain nameless — in any event, Ken told me that he had “passed on” several years back) and I started out going great guns. We were not leading the pack, but we were definitely among the frontrunners. “Beddy-bye here we come!” But alas, it was not to be.

About half-way through the swim, my “swim-buddy” started acting strange, and his behavior kept on getting stranger as we swam. I noticed that he was sucking on his swim-vest’s oral inflation tube a lot, and had turned ashen gray. He would at times swim in circles, and, at other times, gaze blankly and just tread water. We went from being near the “front of the pack” to being dead last.

But that was of little concern to me at the moment; I just wanted to know what the heck was wrong with my swim partner. Would we even make it to the beach? What the h—l’s going on here?


We did (thank God) eventually make it to the end of the swim, and my swim-buddy staggered onto the beach and was promptly whisked away in an ambulance (he returned after
a few hours, and finished the rest of “Hell Week” with us; no harm done, at least no permanent harm).

One of the instructors later explained to me what had hap- pened. Apparently, soon after our swim had begun, my partner had used his oral inflation tube to add a little air to his swim-vest (maybe he was a bit negatively buoyant — I don’t know). This was something we had been instructed not to do, and I hadn’t done it, and was unaware that he had done it. No big deal, in and of itself, at least in my book, “whatever gets you through the night,” as John Lennon once sang.

What neither of us knew was that my swim-buddy’s auto- matic inflation CO2 cylinder had obtained a pinhole puncture in it that was slowly leaking carbon dioxide gas into his vest. At first, as his vest kept inflating more and more, my partner just assumed that he had blown more air into it than he had meant to, and he attempted to remedy the situation by suck- ing out some of the “air” (now actually an air/CO2 combina- tion) using his oral inflation tube.

Eventually, he had sucked out all the “air,” and every time
he inhaled from his oral inflation tube he was getting straight hits of carbon dioxide. The only reason why he didn’t pass out was the fact he was breathing pure air in between his CO2 hits. You would think that he would have come to the conclu- sion that “Hey, I have definitely sucked out more air than I put into this thing,” but by the time that became obvious, he was so screwed up with CO2 poisoning that it did not compute.

I, of course, was totally clueless that any of this was going on, and I suppose that it is something of a minor miracle that we made it to the beach at all.

In conclusion, I do not know what the official record for BUD/S 62 says; it may indeed say that officially we had no “Hell Week,” but I’m here to tell you that we damn well did, and what’s more, I have been, and always will be, convinced that the weeks leading up to “Hell Week” were indeed more grueling than what most BUD/S classes went through. So we got it both coming and going, and then got saddled with a rep for skating through BUD/S.

Far from skating through BUD/S, BUD/S 62 was one of the hardest BUD/S classes (I’m tempted to say the hardest – but most everybody knows that their class was the hardest) to ever be trained in Coronado, up to that point. In the grand scheme of things, what I’ve been discussing here is no doubt a tempest in a teapot, if that, but still…I’d like to set things straight, just for the record.

Proof the tadpole graduated to become of of the very few that didn’t ring the bell.

BUDS 62 graduation invitation

Below,the author, Jim O’Neill at his wedding 3/29/14. Pictured, from left to right: Rick Green (former ST-2 platoon-mate), Jim Barnes (WW II Scouts & Raiders — served in the Pacific theater), myself, Art Kling (WW II US Navy — served at the landings at Okinawa and Iwo Jima), and Brad Hamilton (former ST-2 platoon-mate).



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Obama thinking out loud about “Beheading”

41730_100003215851815_231263758_n 2By Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.


As are the vast majority of the members of his party.

I must confess to being in awe toward those stupid enough to vote for this poser.


Those how voted for him twice might thing hard before they bother to go to the polls and continue to vote for more fools in 2014 in exchange for “free stuff,” promised them for their vote.

Just how “Effing stupid” can those who vote be?

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WWII Anniversary: The Lessons We Haven’t Learned

41730_100003215851815_231263758_n 2Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

Just as Hitler wrote his book, ” Mein Kamph ” and outlined his plan to take over Europe, the U.S. has known about the existential threat posed by Islam, the Muslim Brotherhood and now ISL.



Progressives are far more in line with the totalitarian fascist mind-set started in Italy, then they are with those of us who will fight to maintain our constitutionally driven Republic.

Ask yourselves, why do we continue to elect members to congress that don’t understand such a simple concept.  Their goals are to replace the United States Constitution with the will of Allah.

Think about that the next time you vote, and for your liberal friends if you have any, slap them upside the head or duct tape them to a tree during the upcoming elections.



Britain’s Neville Chamberlin prior to WW II Neville Obama prior to WWIII
by 1 Sep 2014
Breitbart London

“Now I believe for the first time there will not be war”. This was an English diarist in September 28, 1938, slightly less than a year before the Second World War broke out, writing on the eve of the Munich agreement.

Of course, we all know with hindsight that you would have had to be an imbecile to have imagined such a thing by that stage in the advance of Nazi Germany. Had Hitler not already made his hostile intentions perfectly clear in Mein Kampf, in his aggressive rearmament in breach of the Versailles treaty terms, his Austrian Anschluss, his increasing persecution of the Jews and his noises about the Sudetenland?

But actually this diary entry was from the extremely well-connected and well-informed Duff Cooper who at the time was serving in the Cabinet as First Lord of the Admiralty. He later changed his mind about treating with Hitler and resigned his position. The point though is this: if even a man like that could, however briefly, gull himself into the immensely fashionable narrative that another global conflict with the Germans was unthinkable is it any wonder that the outbreak of the Second World War 75 years ago today caught so many by surprise?

See entire article below.

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Sheriff Warns Feds: Attempt To Disarm Citizens Would Lead To “All-Out Civil War”

41730_100003215851815_231263758_n 2Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

One would think that the Police would have access to the number of guns legally purchased by United States gun enthusiasts.


If they were to pursue said Gestapo like tactic, they would indeed start a war and one they could not win.

It’s good to see Sheriff Owens is an Oath Keeper.


Sheriff Mac has always had this right!

Bearing Arms

It’s been said before and I’m sure it will be said again, but it is a point that must be driven home to the supporters of gun control until they realize that an attempt to disarm the United States can have but one possible result.

Wicomico County Sheriff Mike Lewis, a sheriff in the state of Maryland, recently reminded the citizens of his county that he will not violate the Constitution and warned the federal government that any attempt to disarm Americans will result in an all-out Civil War.

“I made a vow and a commitment,” Lewis said. “As long as I am sheriff of this county, I will not allow the federal government to come in here and strip my citizens of the right to bear arms.”

Sheriff Lewis is mindful of keeping firearms out of the hands of dangerous felons, but also explained, “[W]e do not need to strip law -abiding citizens of their Second Amendment right to bear arms. That I get upset over. I really do.”

Sheriff Lewis also added a stern warning to the federal government about what will happen if they try to disarm the law-abiding populace:

“I can tell you this,” Lewis said, “if they attempt to do that, it will be an all-out civil war. No question about it.”



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