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crew-2231By Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

2008 Democratic National Convention: Day 2

The “Pig in the pantsuit.” brings more lies in the 30 second video below than she brought new Republicans to take over the House of Representatives with her failed Marxist health care proposal.

Apparently she forgot that she also brought New Gingrich and the Republicans bring in budget surpluses that Democrats like to claim was theirs.


Trickle Down?   A booming economy for thirty years.  Obamanomics, shared misery for all.

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Panetta’s Memoir Blasts Obama On His Leadership, Blames Him For State Of Iraq And Syria

crew-2231Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

Leon Panetta is not the first of high level appointees to lower the boom on Obama.

When history judges Obama it will be as a fraud, and an occupant of the Oval office who did more harm to America and Americans than good.

Let that be cast in stone.

News Week

“Worthy Fights” by Leon Panetta Penguin Press

Though memoirs are nothing new to Washington, their contents can be particularly cutting when faulting a current president—and Obama’s been hit with a series of not-so-happy former cabinet members’ tell-all-ish books lately.

Former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates got the ball rolling by harshly questioning the president’s leadership in Duty: Memoirs of a Secretary at War.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton followed with Hard Choices, where she distanced herself from Obama’s foreign policy. And now, former Secretary of Defense and past CIA Director Leon Panetta has penned the latest critique.

In Worthy Fights, released on Tuesday, Panetta describes a president that failed to properly lead on numerous occasions and that “avoids the battle, complains, and misses opportunities.” But beyond the Obama criticism, Panetta sheds light on decisions made within the administration, particularly regarding the Middle East.  

Panetta served as Obama’s CIA director from 2009 until 2011, and questioned Obama’s leadership from the start—he, along with others, wondered why Obama was hiring someone with such little intelligence experience for the role.

Entire article below.

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It’s time for a complete private sector investigaton of Hillary Clinton

crew-2231Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.


Since, Congressional inquiry has produced nothing on this recidivist perjurer, it’s time for a complete private sector investigation of Hillary to knock her out of the 2016 presidential campaign once and for all.

It’s time to force congress to appoint a Watergate special prosecutor like the Democrats did with Richard Nixon.


Hillary is a Marxist, and a leader in abolishing the Second Amendment. 

Hillary Clinton Testifies At Senate Confirmation Hearing

Like O’Bola, her word means absolutely NOTHING!


Please find below a message from Citizens United.
A U.S diplomat has officially admitted that Administration officials purged the State Department of files implicating Hillary Clinton in the Benghazi scandal.

Hillary Clinton is one of the most corrupt and vile politicians in American history. And now we have finally caught her red-handed!

Please sign Citizens United’s National Petition to Investigate Hillary Clinton right now. This is our best chance to hold Hillary accountable for her many, many transgressions against the people of the United States, and we must act quickly!

My name is David Bossie, and I am the President of Citizens United, one of the nation’s most powerful grassroots groups.

I’ve been battling Hillary Clinton and her cronies for decades. I served as an investigator on Capitol Hill during her husband’s reign of terror.

I went to the Supreme Court in 2008 and fought for the right to air a film on national television exposing her rampant corruption.

Entire article below.

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Hillary Clinton, Saul Alinsky correspondence revealed

crew-2231Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

Calling Saul Alinsky a “Left-wing organizer is about as appropriate as calling a ford Pinto a Rolls Royce.

Marxist communist sympathizer would certainly be appropriate.


She wrote her college thesis on Alinski’s “Community organizing.” leftist code for social justice.”

Many of us have done things in college that wouldn’t pass muster today, but then we grew up.                                           (Testifying at the Watergate hearings)

Hillary has been a true blue Marxist since the days of her attempt to take over America’s health care system, and in doing so lost the House of Representatives for the first time in 40 years to Newt Gingrich and the Republicans.



Excerpted from EO-History: The now-retired general counsel and chief of staff of the House Judiciary Committee, who supervised Hillary when she worked on the Watergate investigation, says Hillary’s history of lies and unethical behavior goes back farther – and goes much deeper – than anyone realizes.

Class leader Hillary Rodham of Wellesley College t

September 22, 2014

                                 Lee Balterman / The LIFE Picture Collection / Getty Images


Previously unpublished correspondence between Hillary Clinton and the late left-wing organizer Saul Alinsky reveal new details about her relationship with the controversial Chicago activist and shed light on her early ideological development.

Clinton met with Alinsky several times in 1968 while writing a Wellesley college thesis about his theory of community organizing.

Clinton’s relationship with Alinsky, and her support for his philosophy, continued for several years after she entered Yale law school in 1969, two letters obtained by the Washington Free Beacon show.

The letters obtained by the Free Beacon are part of the archives for the Industrial Areas Foundation, a training center for community organizers founded by Alinsky, which are housed at the University of Texas at Austin.

The letters also suggest that Alinsky, who died in 1972, had a deeper influence on Clinton’s early political views than previously known.

A 23-year-old Hillary Clinton was living in Berkeley, California, in the summer of 1971. She was interning at the left-wing law firm Treuhaft, Walker and Burnstein, known for its radical politics and a client roster that included Black Panthers and other militants.

Entire article below.

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Has Hillary ever been right?

41730_100003215851815_231263758_n 2Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

Hillary Clinton has talents for lying and perjury, other than that she is a pig in a pants suit that must be put out to pasture.

In psychiatric terms, Hillary Clinton would be diagnosed with mythomania or psuedological fanstastica which means she lies and then makes more lies to cover the lies which she then believes.

The answer to the title can be answered with a single word, an emphatic NO!


This article is on the money.  It’s time for the United States to play a supportive roll with air power and and let the countries involved form a coalition for defeating ISIS and other Islamic terrorists who will eventually evolve on the ground.
By Patrick J. Buchanan

Sen. Rand Paul raises an interesting question:

When has Hillary Clinton ever been right on foreign policy?

The valkyrie of the Democratic Party says she urged President Obama to do more to aid Syrian rebels years ago. And last summer, she supported air strikes on Bashar Assad’s regime.


Had we followed her advice and crippled Assad’s army, ISIS might be in Damascus today, butchering Christians and Alawites and aiding the Islamic State in Iraq in overrunning Baghdad.

But if the folly of attacking Assad’s army and weakening its resistance to ISIS terrorists is apparent to everyone this summer, why were Clinton, Obama and Secretary of State Kerry oblivious to this reality just a year ago?


Consider the rest of Hillary’s record. Her most crucial decision as senator came in 2002 when she voted to invade Iraq. She now concedes it was the greatest mistake of her Senate career.

She voted against the surge in 2006, but confided to Defense Secretary Bob Gates that she did so to maintain her political viability for 2008.

See entire article below.

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Hillary Clinton’s Outrageous Speaking Demands

41730_100003215851815_231263758_n 2Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist Oath Keeper and Patriot.


Look deeply into the eyes of death! We have an idiot like that currently occupying the White House illegally.

Bill says she’s worth it and that he never had sex with “That woman, Ms. BluClintski???


H/T God Father Politics

Haven’t you always been told that the Democratic Party is the party of the working class and the Republican Party is the party of the rich? When you look at what many of the Democratic politicians do, you really have to question if they are the party of the working class.



Look at the Obamas for example. Since moving into the White House, they have milked American taxpayers for hundreds of millions of dollars for their many vacations. We’re even paying for the room and board of Michelle’s mother who lives in the White House with them.


Photo above right: Practicing the “BluClintski” only to find she was to fat to fit under Slick’s desk in the “Oral Office…………………………………………



Another example is Hillary Clinton, a likely candidate for the Democratic 2016 presidential nomination. Remember a couple months back when Hillary announced that she really wasn’t that well off financially? If that’s true, then what is she doing with all of the money she makes publicly speaking.

As you read what Hillary’s speaking demands are, remember that the median household income in the US is around $44,000 per year.

Hillary’s demands include:  See entire list below.

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Hillary declares war against Obama

41730_100003215851815_231263758_n 2 By Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot

It’s highly unlikely she will receive the nomination by the Democrats. 

If she does we’ll show her “What difference it made.”



In doing so she has started a battle she will not win.

Hillary Clinton is a lying skank. 

What’s worse Hillary Clinton or Crony Capitalism?

crew-2231By Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.


As Dick Morris explains in the video below they are one in the same.

As both Clinton’s are still trying to sell us on the concept that they were dead broke when leaving the White House.

A look at their investment portfolio and real estate holdings tell a far different story.



Hillary Clinton is unfit to be POTUS and the country would be a better place if she spent the rest of her life in prison.

                                                                                Then they purchased this $2.85 million mansion  in Chappaqua, NY

There is only one thing certain we know about this mysterious couple.



Particularly in Hillary’s case, if her lips are moving she’s lying.

Remember being shot at on the tarmac in Bosnia?

Or Chelsea jogging near the World Trade Center on 9-11 when she was at a friend’s apartment and Hillary knew it.

Though the list is long, let’s close it with the biggest lie of all, her perjured testimony on Benghazi.  This sums up Hillary Clinton.

Like Obama she is inflicted with mythomania or psuedological fanstastica.


Those are psychiatric terms used in people who chronically lie and then take it  many steps further, keep embellishing their lies.

The defining characteristics of compulsive lying disorder are:

  • The stories told are not entirely improbable and often have some element of truth. They are not a manifestation of delusion or some broader type of psychosis: upon confrontation, the teller can admit them to be untrue, even if unwillingly.
  • The fabricative tendency is long-lasting; it is not provoked by the immediate situation or social pressure as much as it is an innate trait of the personality.
  • A definitely internal, not an external, motive for the behavior can be discerned clinically: e.g., long-lasting extortion or habitual spousal battery might cause a person to lie repeatedly, without the lying being a pathological symptom.
  • The stories told tend toward presenting the liar favorably. For example, the person might be presented as being fantastically brave, knowing or being related to many famous people.

Dike, Charles C. (June 1, 2008). Pathological Lying: Symptom or Disease? 25 (7).

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Will this be America’s Last Independence Day?

Not with “Sparky” with his hands on the controls, no sir!
Why all the gloom and doom?  Republicans will gain control of the Senate in either 2014 or 2016, Obama will be gone, and most of his progressives in the house and senate with him. 

AF Vet’s America















Any questions?


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