Taxpayer Robbery Gate Worse Than Watergate

Town Hall

Paul Driessen

December 26, 2009

IMHO This bill will go absolutely nowhere.  It’s based on a fraudulent premise, if ever passed it will be tied up in the courts forever.  Haven’t we had enough of these double left-wing zealots yet?  Get an unregistered friend registered to vote and let’s clean house in November, 2010. Random thoughts while observing the passing parade, J.C.

The Boxer-White House effort makes the Watergate cover-up and obstruction of justice look like a juvenile offense. It’s paving the way for cap-tax-and-trade laws that would nationalize the entire US economy – by the same divisive, dictatorial elements that are nationalizing our banking and healthcare systems. They understand, even if the general populace still does not, that by controlling carbon they will control our lives. And if they need fraudulent science and Nixon-era tactics to achieve their goal, so be it.

Just imagine the Boxer, White House and media outcry and denunciations if these emails and fraudulent actions had involved oil companies and climate disaster “deniers.” But of course, if Boxer & Co. didn’t have double standards, they wouldn’t have any standards

“We’re honest. We have nothing to hide,” the accused scientists keep saying. That’s wonderful. We’re glad to hear that.

But then why don’t they just come clean. Stop hiding everything. Open all their emails. Cooperate with investigators. Honor FOIA requests. Share their data and computer codes. Stop attacking scientists who disagree with them. Put all climate studies, for and against manmade global warming disaster claims, in professional journals – subject to real peer review. Debate their critics.

In short, help clean up the mess they created. Or suffer the consequences.

This bogus science and cover-up operation is behind every US, EU and UN proposal to restrict and control our energy, economy, living standards and most fundamental liberties – in the name of preventing alleged global warming disasters.

We need to get to the bottom of this mess. We need a full and complete investigation, by an independent, incorruptible team of knowledgeable scientists, modelers, lawyers and statisticians. We need to start over on the global warming science and Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change – with honest scientists who do everything in the open.  Complete Story

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3 thoughts on “Taxpayer Robbery Gate Worse Than Watergate

  1. Anybody else, out there, who remembers all of the liberal “Chicken Little”, …Sky is Falling, liberal rhetoric from the past? Remember when pundits during the Carter Administration direly warned that the world oil and natural gas reserves would be depleated by 1995? Remember the hysterical “scientific concensus” that we were on the verge of another Ice Age? Usually the hew and cry has to do with greater government control, or as a pretext to more taxation.

    As any trial lawyer can attest, “expert’s” ready and willing to give “expert testimony”, in support of just about any point of view, are there for the hiring… much like the East Anglia crew, and those who predicted the Ice Age and Zero oil by the 90s. When any panicky political/scientific headliness hit the press…. look out! The data needs to be carefully examined, as well as the political agenda. Remember, meteorologists have a tough time predicting weather over 24 hours in advance. The GW/CC hacks didn’t take into account the small matter of Solar activity in their models. Huge new oil reservoirs have been discovered, but are untapped. There are enough known natural gas reserves to last 100 years.

    Always ask, who benefits from these manufactured crisis? Who stands to gain from restricting the use and control of the massive coal, natural gas, and petroleum resources of the United States and worldwide? It’s certainly NOT free, capitalistic, growing economies… certainly not taxpayers. Socialism/Progressivism stifles growth and innovation, creates shortages, and impoverishes the people it feigns to provide for and protect. Bogus crises serve neatly to advance that agenda.

  2. Good points, I think I will definitely subscribe! :). I’ll go and read some more!

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