2 thoughts on “Seating Mass. Senate winner could be delayed Seating: When Scott Brown Wins

  1. Barney Frank is an arrogant, condescending, prick that has been in his position far too long.
    The reason these assholes in the house stay there for so long is because of gerrymandering.
    This is why the census is so important this year.
    They (libs) are afraid that they are going to lose a lot of their base due to the radical movements of Obama and his socialistic policies.

    Moderate to Right is where this country is comfortable.

    This administration and the congress are neither.

  2. If you were wondering what the motives of the democrats are, then just simply look at their actions… ignoring the popular sentiment AGAINST socialized healthscare, threatening to delay a bonafide senate seat in MASS, a smear campagne hard packed with ourtight lies, and the list goes on. An honorable statesman like Scott Brown would respect the office of US Senator and not insult the people of the commonwealth by lying in their face like Ms. Coakley. Already she brags about supposedly saving us a billion while she is poised to waste a TRILLION on this healthcare disaster bill… In fact her actions in MASS have only served to punish innocent companies and not the real neglegent ones. She is a bag of gas and it completely blows my mind that people don’t see through her lies and deception. One only needs to watch these corrupt democrats in action… there is no need to get input from the TV commentators in order to see their infuriating and insulting condescending attitudes.
    Simply ask – Why do they say what they say? – When are they saying it? – Have I heard these cliches before ? It is so self serving I want to throw up. But wait… when there aren’t enough doctors to go around any more, I can’t get sick. I might be waiting for 18 hours in the ER to get some Tums.

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