Cass Sunstein – The Red General

Obama’s Key leftist

By Barry Napier

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Canada Free Press

A communist by any other name is a communist, Sunstein wants to overthrow our government.

This complete egomaniac has the temerity to suggest, if you read the fine print of his book, Why the Founding Document Doesn’t Mean What it Meant Before. Is that because our Constitution is faith based and the natural rights endowed upon us by our creator are sacrosanct to our way of life.  You and your little lemming friends should start looking for new housing and employment. Surely with your brilliance you will nab a job at a prestigious left-wing university like Moscow on the Hudson. From their you can force your students to listen to and learn your lies.  They won’t go over well with anybody who has worked in the real world.

Hell. it wouldn’t be to bad if he could overthrown the current administration. He might win an Oscar or a Nobel prize. LOL Random thoughts while observing the passing parade. Jim

To misquote a great opening line: “It is the worst of times and the worst of times”. Today, we see almost no “best of times” as rampant socialism scurries to get control of the world. Obama’s choice of another czar only heightens this terrible predicament that is a death-knell for those of us who love freedom, but a promise of communistic pleasures for those who want power.

Obama is trying to water the garden with an ocean-wide tsunami. Only totalitarians do that, because they know the people don’t want their ‘changes’. Force must be used. That’s why Obama chose Cass Sunstein as one of his most key czars.

Cass Sunstein… is an ‘animal rights’ attorney who acts on behalf of animals. “Are you an animal with a ‘beef’ against humans? You have the right to sue…” That’s his ad in

Interesting how he placed his ad on a website dedicated to exposing prevarication in public life! The site says that when people lie “they are usually getting ready to reach into our hip pocket.” That’s what makes Mr Sunstein’s more recent comments quite illuminating! The appointment of this particular czar should be a wake-up call to everyone, not just conservatives.

Obama: Getting Ready to Regulate You

Sunstein, already making money on weird animal rights cases, is now after the general public, to silence them. He is the new ‘Regulatory Czar’. And Obama czars are a danger to every citizen’s income, life, thoughts and freedoms. (For a YouTube presentation go to and look for ‘Time to stand against Cass Sunstein’, before he regulates it off the internet).

Edward Cline (Capitalism magazine, 6th October 2009;) calls Sunstein a “fascist/socialist fellow traveller in the Obama administration endorsing the gagging of anyone who criticizes (it) and its agenda…”

Cline also discusses this form of fascism in ‘Thought Crime: The Logical End of Politically Correct Speech.’ He is right, because when the people allow PC to rule, it must increase in hatred towards those who speak freely, and end in crushing all free thought, which is attacked by law and financial penalty. Complete Story

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Against All Odds…’ a leader emerged and led against against Tyranny (video)

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