January 25, 2010


Steve Greenhunt

Lets see if we have this straight. Government employees, generate no wealth, create no jobs, as in Steve Jobs or Bill Gates.  When we hit difficult economic times, and unemployment reaches what now appears around twenty percent. The employment unelected “workers” in government jobs, protected by unions, add nothing to our tax base.  Suggestion: In hard times, when the people in the real world are losing their jobs because of government policy run a muck the government must shed an equal percentage of jobs in the public sector.  In closing, an example. Why in the capital do we have elevator operators to push the buttons, this is unseen in the real world?  Random thoughts, while observing destruction of our economy by our “ruling elite”, J.C.

Government employees have turned themselves into a coddled class that lives better than its private-sector counterpart, and with more impunity.  In effect, the public’s servants have become our masters, says Steven Greenhut, a columnists with the Orange County Register.

There was a time when government work offered lower salaries than comparable jobs in the private sector but more security and somewhat better benefits. These days, government workers fare better than private-sector workers in almost every area — pay, benefits, time off, and job security:

Obama...Takes us to your leaders!

  • According to a 2007 analysis of data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics by the Asbury Park Press, the average federal worker made $59,864 in 2005, compared with the average salary of $40,505 in the private sector.
  • Across comparable jobs, the federal government paid higher salaries than the private sector three times out of four, the paper found.

The Obama administration has extended the hiring binge started by President Bush:

  • The executive branch employment (excluding the Postal Service and the Defense Department) slated to grow by 2 percent in 2010 — and more than 15 percent if you count temporary Census workers.
  • The average federal salary (including benefits) is set to grow from $72,800 in 2008 to $75,419 in 2010, CBS reported.

But the real action isn’t in what government employees are being paid today; it’s in what they’re being promised for tomorrow, says Greenhut:

  • Public pensions have swollen to unrecognizable proportions during the last decade.
  • In June 2005, BusinessWeek reported that more than 14 million public servants and 6 million retirees are owed $2.37 trillion by more than 2,000 different states, cities and agencies, numbers that have risen since then.
  • State and local pension payouts, the magazine found, had increased 50 percent in just five years.

People who are supposed to serve the public have become privileged elite that exploit political power for financial gain and special perks.  It is a two-tier system in which the rulers are making steady gains at the expense of the ruled.  The predictable results: Higher taxes, eroded public services, unsustainable levels of debt, and massive roadblocks to reforming even the poorest performing agencies and school systems.  If this system is left to grow unchecked, we will end up with a pale imitation of the free society envisioned by the Founders, says Greenhut.

Source:  Steven Greenhut, “Class War: How Public Servants Became our Masters,” Reason, February 2010.

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  1. 1. All “public servants” salaries should mirror the average salary and pensions and health care that the middle class working person is making due to economic realities that exist in the MARKETPLACE !

    2. Don’t like that? Don’t like the pay cuts that come with the economic ebb and flow, or layoffs that come when industries, regulated to the extent of insanity, have to freeze pay for the employees that are crucial, or simply close the doors. Too bad.

    3. Very simply.
    The government should adopt the principles that small business companies use to survive.
    The government needs to get it’s freaking paws out of the business place, and leave us the hell alone.

    Great post J.C.

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