ObamaCare Decision Deadline Looms

Posted by Dan Perrin (Profile)

Red State

February 4, 2010

Like the author, I would like to see these arrogant fools try to do this behind closed doors, in the dark.  It very well could mean the end of the vast majority of the Democratic Party. All those voting yea, will be voted nay on November 2, 2010.  Random thought while watching Kamikaze pilots strap on their gear, J.C.

Drunk with delusion, will the Jonestown Kool-Aid Brigade go for it on ObamaCare? We’ll find out at the end of the week — but we have been hearing that for weeks. No decision, is in fact, a decision.

The endless attempt to revive the dead, by practitioners who believe that one more adrenaline shot, one more “CLEAR!” with the paddles will re-awake ObamaCare to rise and lead the Dems to the zen-like calm of YES WE CAN and HOPE and happy-days-once-again were at one time heroic, and now are unseemly and a little nutty.

But even those with a God-complex can’t raise the dead, or is a zen-like calm really just dead?

Meanwhile in the real-world, the White House pivoted from health care to financial reform and today the New York Times reports this morning that Senator Dodd said — (and the ironies about health care will hit you over the head):

the administration was “getting precariously close” to excessive ambition for the legislation. “I don’t want to be in a position where we end up doing nothing because we tried to do too much,” he said.

Senator Dodd is the Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee and the Chairman of the HELP Committee that passed ObamaCare in the heady days of euphoria and Dem-cram-down-break-dancing.

Now, not so much. Seems there was another Luntz memo and, apparently, an ad. Oh. That.

Some Dems are laughing (literally) about ObamaCare’s fate. Here is what the Associated Press just reported:

“The legislation remains stuck in limbo, and there were fresh signs Wednesday of greater skepticism among some rank-and-file Democrats.

California Reps. Dennis Cardoza and Jim Costa, both moderates who voted for the House-passed health bill, burst out laughing when asked about the issue’s fate.”

My fervent hope is that the delusionals (David Axelrod and the Speaker and the Trillion Dollar President) win the fight that is raging between the Dems in the White House, the Senate and the House about “going for it” on reconciliation.

Senator DeMint has made it clear — and Senator Hatch too — the gloves come off this time in the Senate. It will be a movable feast (to use Dodd’s phrase from the NYT story above) of non-germane amendments and every tough health care vote that is conceivable.

Walking the plank for the Dems will become daily, Senate-seat killing affair.

This time, the tough and creative and merciless will be running the repeated flank-attack-by-amendment and Senate floor ambushes. The most effective weapons will not be declared off-limits. Now, weapons are hot and the GOP Delta forces are praying the Dems walk again through their pre-set mortar firing solutions and, under fire, fall back to the only place where there is any cover, only to find M-18 claymores waiting. (As in, yeah, we thought that’s where you’d run to.)

The Dems will be treated to months of pain and suffering, as they try to burrow down deep for safety, they will slowly lose their cool and will find themselves in an even worse political posture by GOP arc-light strikes.

It will remind the public that the Dems are not listening and really don’t care what the public thinks, while they cheer the Republicans on. The stunning NPR finding of a plus five generic ballot advantage for Republicans — plus ten for those most likely to vote — will spike upwards.

And while health care takes its agonizing place on the front page again — the neural pathways of emotion and intellect formed in the minds of Independent voters when they hear the word ObamaCare, will be re-ignited and re-established with an angry vengeance.

Again, living in their own world, the Dems really think that when the GOP base and the independent voters who HATE ObamaCare so much, hear charges of “the Party of NO” and “obstructionism,” that these charges will help their cause? Strange. The GOP will be doing, with vigor, what the public wants — stopping ObamaCare.

And with the Massachusetts wind at their back, they intend to trim the sails and hike out.

So, please Dems, come walk down the primrose path with the two Jonathans at the New Republic — adamant that the Dems must pass health care via reconciliation.

So are the leaders at Families USA — the same crowd that led the Dems into the August thru January ObamaCare killing zone. They all cry for the Dems to go over the top of the trench and face dug in GOP machine guns and artillery fire once more. (They are party cheerleaders that politically destroy those they are cheering.)

So while the Premier of Newfoundland leaves Canada to get the best care ever, here, the Speaker — in order to have any shot at all at getting to 218 — is insisting that her House members not walk the plank first.

She insists the Senate fix their own bill that is not yet law in a process (reconciliation) designed to make changes to laws — not unpassed bills. This is obviously the source of much snickering on the Senate side. Us? Go first? No, please Nancy, you first over the top of the trench.

If recent history is any guide, she will. And we will be waiting, war-paint on, patiently.

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4 thoughts on “ObamaCare Decision Deadline Looms

  1. To kill this bill would be the best thing that could happen, until the next thing comes along. If this bill was to be past and the government could tell us we had to buy health insurance or either pay a fine or go to jail, then it would open the door to countless other bills they could get past and eventually the people would have no rights or freedom.

  2. You are probably right 1dragon, but I love the smell of self implosion in the morning. Half of the dems won’t vote for this anyway, so he would probably have to try a little here, a little there, or executive mandate. To insure this doesn’t happen, Republicans should not go for any legislation put forth by these criminals. J.C.

  3. Obamacare is his Achilles Heal.
    Defeat that and you have him in the palm of your hand.
    He is determined to watch us squirm under his policies, now we can watch him squirm under ours.
    Obama is not familiar with this degree of opposition.
    He is learning a lesson on a world stage.
    On the one hand I hope he crashes and burns, on the other hand I hope he crashes and burns.
    Wait,…I just said that, again.
    The last laugh is always the best.
    Let’s make sure he hears it.

  4. You “would like to see these arrogant fools try to do this behind closed doors, in the dark”?
    You should get your wish.
    “Behind closed doors, in the dark” is the definition of Obama’s Transparency.

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