Andrew Breitbart at National Tea Party Convention to Media: “It’s Not Your Business Model That Sucks, It’s You That Sucks”

This is an honest and amazingly truthful take down of journalists and the media today.  The vast majority don’t tell the truth and as Andrew points out so well, they will take the truth, turn it into a lie, and run major stories about it. The string below establishes his remarks about the media actually lying and making up a non story.  They wonder if it is their business model that doesn’t work?  Can’t say it any better than Andrew.  The ratings of these stations are dropping like a hot rock, news papers are closing their doors. Is there any wonder that Fox News “Fair and Balanced” approach has more viewers than all cable news stations combined?  Sadly the vast majority of people believe the lies at MSNBC, CNN, CNBC, NBC and try to make intelligent decisions based upon their fiction.  You want the truth, go to a well sourced blog. Random thoughts while wondering how soon it will be until these people are out of business completely, J.C.

The actual story and picture of the racist gun toting tea party member.

Gee, look what happens when gun toting racists are actually black?

by Jim Hoft

Andrew Breitbart raised the roof at the National Tea Part Convention this morning in Nashville, Tennessee. Speaking to the dozens of reporters assembled in the back of the room, Andrew said this:
“It’s not your business model that sucks, it’s you that sucks.”

Andrew finished his speech with this warning to the media:

“If you don’t start reporting the truth I will organize a protest in New York City on Sixth Avenue and you won’t be able to escape to the Hamptons for the weekend.”

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3 responses to “Andrew Breitbart at National Tea Party Convention to Media: “It’s Not Your Business Model That Sucks, It’s You That Sucks”

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  2. Check out Andrew’s “Big journalism” website.
    It’s definitely worth a read.

  3. This is a very fine post. You educate with the best of them. That is what journalism should be beyond truth-telling or as close to it!

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