Oh Oh, Feds Warn: Snow Costs Taxpayers $100 Million A Day…

Shovel Ready: Nation’s Capital Finds Winter Weather Boon and Boondoggle

But Do Snowstorms Stimulate or Stifle the Recession-Weary U.S. Economy?

Excuse me for stating the obvious, why is the government removing snow? I’m absolutely certain, with pensions, vast unionized employee overpayment, this could be one of thousands of  positions that could be cut immediately and put out to bid. How can it possibly be a boon to Washington if tax payers are paying for it?  The sensible thing would be to not remove any snow, completely shut down the working of Congress.  The result, less freedom lost, less future taxes stolen. Serious thoughts about making changes while observing the passing parade, J.C.

This Was Never Supposed To Happen DC Was to be Underwater by Now!

What? Washington D.C. Was Supposed to be Underwater by Now!

In a town accustomed to starting new government programs to create jobs and spark economic activity, some Washington, D.C., area businesses are hailing the wintry mess of the past four days as a “shovel-ready” economic stimulus project in the making.

East Coast braces for a second blizzard as it recovers from the first.

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But experts say this month’s storms, with their “historic'” proportions, are ultimately a net negative for taxpayers, who foot the bill for snow cleanup and the lost productivity of more than 230,000 idle federal employees. Official Washington was shut down for a third straight snow day — unprecedented in recent times.

Office of Personnel Management chief John Berry, who decides when to close the federal government, has said each snow day costs taxpayers an estimated $100 million in work government employees don’t do.  Complete Story:

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5 thoughts on “Oh Oh, Feds Warn: Snow Costs Taxpayers $100 Million A Day…

  1. Seems that if they’re closed, our cost of paying time off would be less than the expense they’d legislate to be dumped on our heads in various forms of things they don’t call taxes.

  2. The ONLY shovel ready jobs this administration are capable of producing have nothing to do with snow; farm animals come to mind!

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