Former Virginia Governor, Doug Wilder: Obama needs a staff shakeup


Apparently Governor Wilder is unaware that Obama is quite happy with the direction his administration is taking him. A six year old that has run a lemonade stand has a better grasp on market economics than this bozo and his entire administration.  Governor Wilder apparently isn’t in on the big secret.  A dysfunctional moron could see by now that his plans are abject failures by economic standards.  For Obama they are all a success. When they aren’t we should probably all learn to blame Bush.  Random thoughts while observing clearly minor leaguer’s  trying to play major league ball, J.C.

February 12, 2010

During the 2008 campaign, I strongly endorsed Barack Obama for president. I did so early, when many Democratic leaders — including many prominent African-American politicians — believed the safe bet was to back then-front-runner Hillary Clinton.

I backed Obama not because of skin color but because he convincingly made the case that he stood for “change” that this country needs. Now, across many fronts — in public policy and politics alike — people have rightly been questioning whether the change has been for the better. Unfortunately, the answer so far is clear: not yet.

Perhaps what Obaaaama really needs?

I still believe Obama can stand for positive change. But first he must make some hard changes of his own.

The need is becoming more obvious by the day: He must overhaul his own team, replacing the admittedly brilliant advisers who helped elect him with others more capable of helping him govern. Getting elected and getting things done for the people are two different jobs.

I am an admirer of Tim Kaine, whom I backed in his current position as one of my successors as Virginia governor and even recommended for the vice presidency. But a spate of recent losses in races that Democrats should have won underscores what has been obvious to me for a long time: The chairmanship of the Democratic National Committee is the wrong job for him.

The changes must go much deeper. Obama’s West Wing is filled with people who are in their jobs because of their Chicago connections or because they signed on with Obama early during his presidential campaign.

One problem is that they do not have sufficient experience at governing at the executive branch level. The deeper problem is that they are not listening to the people.

Hearing is one thing; listening is another.

Some are even questioning whether Obama has forgotten how he got elected and the promises he made to the people who elected him.

Don’t take my word for any of this. Look at the clear message the American people have been sending at the polls these past few months.

In my native Virginia, voters went to the polls and turned the Democrats out of the Executive Mansion with more votes and by a higher percentage than had ever happened since we ended one-party government rule 50 years ago. I told the president that this could very well happen and did not support his candidate.

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3 responses to “Former Virginia Governor, Doug Wilder: Obama needs a staff shakeup

  1. I agree with you!!

    I found a Kenya (Obama’s?) birth certificate that’s right here!

  2. Good Caricature! Plenty of misery has been handed out and every American is getting their share. America’s economy is headed for a one way trip, straight down and there’s no stopping it, unless Obama does something.

  3. I go back and forth daily trying to determine if Obama and his administration are intentionally taking America over the cliff or if he and his Czars are just absolutely clueless. One thing certain, no country in the history of the world has ever taxed itself into prosperity. Thee times in recent history, Kennedy, Reagan and George W. Bush have proved when you lower taxes across the board more money is taken in by the government. It astounds me that they don’t get this, ergo my belief that they want to run the country into the ground and make us all dependent upon their social programs. I’ll take my freedom thank you. Thanks for your post, Jim

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