A Serious Problem at Serious Windows, Green Job’s Serious Conflict of Interest

Just another example of our tax dollars being given to the highest contributor. This is an  absolute classic. Rachel “Madcow’s” take at the end was pure and simply clueless. If you would like to see a very quick primer on how government works, and I’m speaking with any administration, this video is for you.  It is time we elect responsible people to represent us who will pledge not to go for ear marks and have them held accountable.  Or here’s a novel idea, what if the “representatives” were to spend the money as though it was their own.  If they want to write bad checks then let them go to jail as any of us would if we continued to spend money with such reckless regard for the consequences to our deficit.  I believe the term used is check fraud?  Random thought on the passing parade, J.C.

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3 thoughts on “A Serious Problem at Serious Windows, Green Job’s Serious Conflict of Interest

  1. I find this clip very interesting and informative. However I work for a company that sells all of the brands metioned excluding Pella and I have some questions. It is mentioned that “other brands” make windows just as efficient as Serious. I would love to see supporting documentation for this. I have been in the window industry for 21 years and have in depth knowledge of most brands. To my knowledge none of the brands mentioned produce a window that compares with Serious. Serious makes windows with R5, R7, R9, and R11 performance. Marvin, and Andersen are at a R3 to R5. This is acheived with triple glazing that adds considerable weight to the product and a certain amount of draw backs. Serious uses suspended film technology that is unique and eliminates these issues. How is this even close to the same? The suspended film technology also offers flexibility with the solar height gain there by allowing us to utilize passive solar heating. This is not available by the others mentioned. In my opion this is just a bunch of political mud slinging that isn’t based in fact. I would be happy to see facts to support these statements.

  2. This is a non-story and is a great example of shabby reporting of John Stossel. Serious never got any direct money for the government – ever. SEVEN other windows companies got a tax credit IF they choose to purchase manufacturing equipment over the next 4 years – that is very different than “taxpayers money in their pocket”. Does Stossel think Americans are really that stupid they can’t do their own research and think for themselves? Read more here (and all over the Web – it’s easy to do – and you decide the truth for yourself – once you know the facts, just don’t count on Stossel to get ’em): http://blog.seriousmaterials.com/?p=1007.

  3. I find it interesting you don’t mention any of the suck ups in your company contributing to your campaign. Your President, introducing Obama at your company. I’ve gone to your website, I’ve read the rebuttal, it’s same ole same ole as far as I’m concerned. I’ve also worked for companies that tried to explain away nonsense on their sites. Cathy Zoy married to the VP of the company that want to have a “swat team” go out and put in windows. You may need to review the video again, no mention of money was made, just your company getting tax credits. John Stossel had credibility with me, you can’t accurately describe the video.

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