It’s Up to the States and the People!

Mar. 2, 2010

by Steve Palmer

The Tenth Amendment Center

The Patriot Act has since it’s original inception overstepped the bounds of rational thought.  It  remains to be seen, in it’s present form if it is constitutional.    Once put into law initially the current administration seems to like the idea of  additional control over the American People. Doubtless, few of us have read the Patriot Act. The act.

The USA PATRIOT Act (officially the Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act) was quickly developed as anti-terrorism legislation in response to the September 11, 2001 attacks. The large and complex law received little Congressional oversight and debate, and was signed into law by President Bush Oct. 26, 2001.

PATRIOT gives sweeping search and surveillance to domestic law enforcement and foreign intelligence agencies and eliminates checks and balances that previously gave courts the opportunity to ensure that those powers were not abused. PATRIOT and follow-up legislation now in development threaten the basic rights of millions of Americans.

Is this what anyone thought they were voting for in 2008?  On Saturday, our democrat President signed legislation to renew the Patriot act.  This legislation was first passed by the democrat controlled house and the democrat controlled Senate.  Let’s review what our democrat leaders *used* to say about the Patriot Act….

Senator Obama, 2007:

“This is legislation that puts our own Justice Department above the law. When National Security Letters are issued, they allow federal agents to conduct any search on any American, no matter how extensive or wide-ranging, without ever going before a judge to prove that the search is necessary.”

Speaker Pelosi, 2005:
“This is a massive invasion of the privacy of the American people, not just some idle threat. The Washington Post reported last month that the FBI hands out more than 30,000 national security letters per year, a reported hundred-fold increase over historic norms. How did this happen?”
Leader Reid, 2005:
“Now, what happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas, but not in this instance. It’s in some federal data bank. That’s what the Patriot Act is doing to the American people. And we have to make sure that big brother doesn’t take over this country.”

Based on what these leaders were saying, did you expect them to renew the Patriot Act when they were in control?  President Obama was right in 2007.  Liberty minded people who have actually read the bill have been saying the same thing since 2005 and before.  Unlike the political class in Washington, DC, their opinions didn’t change along with the party in power.

So have you figured it out yet?  Do you get it?  Washington is not going to check itself.  You feel oppressed by republican legislation from the previous administration?  Tough.  The democrats are not going to roll it back.  Not this year.  Not any year.  They’re too busy working to extend their own reach.

Once we lose one of our freedoms, we don’t get it back without a struggle.  Neither do our children or their children or theirs….  If we leave it up to Washington, A freedom lost is lost forever.  Our two party oligarchy keeps marching down the path towards tyranny.

Just to be clear, I am not arguing that it’s only the democrats who contradict themselves so transparently.  Let’s take a quick look at the federal debt limit.  Last month, the republicans objected to the federal debt and claimed to be the party of fiscal responsibility when all thirty nine republican senators voted against increasing the debt ceiling. Complete Story:

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