Michelle Bachmann calls for investigation: Obama names brother of undecided Obamacare voter House Dem to Appeals Court

As I reported yesterday, Obama Now Selling Judgeships for Health Care Votes?

Whether this allegation is proven remains to be seen. This is not the first time this has happened with Obama offering high-ranking positions to insure certain favored congressmen will not have competition.  See Sestak: White House Offered Me Federal Job to Drop Out of Senate Primary and President Obama persuaded Rep. Steve Israel not to challenge Gillibrand.

The Problem with being a narcissistic sociopath is that having no conscience  tends to make one feel they are above the law, they can’t get caught, they are bullet proof. It just could be with Obama, that these particular personality flaws will be what ultimately brings his administration down.  How many members of the house and senate have acted in similar ways? Some are currently serving time at the Gray Bar Hotel.  Random thoughts while observing the probable self-destruction of the Obama ‘residency’, J.C.

Grayson’s comments are clearly classic, change the subject, while attempting to discredit a possible lie. I’ve never heard this guy utter a credible statement.  He is fun to watch as he rants and raves on the house floor, to empty seats.  Yep, these fools have their remarks read into the Congressional Record more often than not to a virtually empty house.

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5 thoughts on “Michelle Bachmann calls for investigation: Obama names brother of undecided Obamacare voter House Dem to Appeals Court

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  4. Is the competitive position of republicans to be aggressive a response to not being able to compete on intelligence with those in the center? If so it seems a sensible strategy. But is could just be that both things naturally linked?

    • Wow Peter that was flat out brilliant. Perhaps you have missed that the Democrat programs have been abject failures, name one that hasn’t been. As to intelligence. It requires none to be a democrat, just follow the lemming in front. Thanks for you comments. J.C.

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