The Great Martha Maccallum Take Down: Obama Care Decreases the Deficit?

Jim Campbell

March 4, 2010

In spite of Representative Paul Ryan showing Obama during the health care summit, his proposed bill from Obama’s website was nothing but smoke an mirrors. Before the summit, Representative Ryan had the Congressional Budget Office score the Senate Bill which has the highest probability of passing.  When presented with the actual bill, they found that the bill would cost the American tax payer an additional $2.3 trillion dollars over the next 10 years.

Ryan adeptly showed Obama that he was double counting the $500 billion to be taken from medicare, as well as the $362 million (called the “doc tax”) that has been allocated for keeping payments to physicians ‘palatable” was taken from the bill and resides in a new bill, requiring payment still by the taxpayer.

Medicare and Social Security represent an unfunded liability of $107 trillion dollars.  As a student of the government’s roll in health care, simplistically, on July 31,1965 LBJ  signed Medicare law. This law resulted in fee cuts to physicians, hospitals, labs, and providers of medical services. The system has always been rampant with fraud, theft, and abuse.

These groups merely shifted their costs to patients with insurance.  The insurance companies finally caught on to this game.  They began in the private sector signing up as many physicians as possible and cut costs in some cases in half.  This is better for the patient, as the negotiated price is what the co-pay is figured on. They physician’s gladly accept payment from the insurance company because the receive it in a timely fashion.

Since the MA Trial Health Project has failed to meet expectations to say the least, let’s have the government experiment dabbling in the private sector at a much smaller level.  My suggestion would be that they develop a business plan and open up several lemonade stands. Their lemonade will be sold by SEIU union employees. A medium size cup will cost between $50-60 dollars, got to make a profit you know. Random thoughts while wondering if big government can do anything more efficiently  and less expensively then the private sector, J.C.

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