What Happened to the Land of the Free?

March 4, 2010

The coming elections in 2010 and 2012 will represent a serious ‘tipping point’.  Will American voters, reaffirm that we want a “government of the people, for the people, and by the people” or a government that will continually strip us of our freedoms forcing us and future generations to live in  tyranny by the elite?
The American voter is center-right in their political ideology.  Will they rise up in large enough numbers to crush the ignorance and flawed principles of the left?  Right-minded voters will face, voter fraud, dead voters, voters that cast their ballot multiple times, illegal alien voters, lost ballots, and tampering with electronic voting machines.  In the end good trumps evil.  It’s time to relegate progressive/socialist ideas to the junk yard of American History.  Random thoughts while observing the passing parade, J.C.

by Harry Browne – [Adapted from his book, Why Government Doesn’t Work]

America once was unique in all the history of the world.

It wasn’t its natural resources, the character of its people, or its beauty that made it special. Other countries could boast of similar things.

The essence of America was an abundance of something rarely found in other countries: freedom from government.

For centuries the peoples of the world had been ruled by kings, queens, tsars, shahs, ministers, satraps, chiefs, rajahs, emirs, warlords, parliaments, senates, legislatures, assemblies, gangs, and freebooters. They made extravagant demands upon their subjects.

An individual couldn’t refuse their demands. The rulers could take from him whatever they wanted; command him to work, fight, or kneel; and forbid him to do anything that displeased them. The government was all-powerful.

America’s Founding Fathers established something unprecedented – the first government strictly limited by a written Constitution to a short list of activities. The federal government was authorized to do only what was specified in the Constitution. Anything else was to be done by state or local governments, by the people themselves acting outside government, or not at all.

The Constitution didn’t limit what citizens could do. Its only purpose was to spell out – enumerate – what was permissible for the federal government to do. And anything not authorized was forbidden to the federal government. Complete Story:

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4 thoughts on “What Happened to the Land of the Free?

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