Au Contraire, Mr. Holder!

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The Tenth Amendment Center

Ah just where to begin? Eric Holder would have never been approved it the Republicans in charge at the time had  they any jueveos. To start, Mr. Holder was the point man for President Clinton’s last-minute pardons, which – such as the one for fugitive financier Marc Rich, but more outrageous was his singing of on the release of members of the FLN terrorist organization. FALN bragged about the bloodbath, calling the victims “reactionary corporate executives” and threatening: “You have unleashed a storm from which you comfortable Yankees can’t escape.” By 1996, the FBI had linked FALN to 146 bombings and a string of armed robberies — a reign of terror that resulted in nine deaths and hundreds of injured victims.

Now he is clearly bigger danger to the freedom of law abiding citizens, and the safety of America.  His recent attempt to place seven attorneys, the so-called “Al Qaeda Seven” is clear evidence of his far-left ideology.  But of course all of them defended Al Queda terrorists.


Fortunately, when the going get’s tough the not so tough get going and Obama, not able to handle the heat, is now considering  rescinding Holder’s order, making him this first attorney in history to drive a bus while simultaneously throwing himself under it at the same time.

Obama inexplicably said I don’t think it will be offensive at all when he’s convicted and when the death penalty is applied to him,” Obama told NBC’s Chuck Todd.

In closing we don’t want to forget about Holder’s dropping charges of voter intimidation by the New Black Panthers at poling places.   Think he would have been  white republican red-neck  bikers, I think not, Holder and Obama are both black-sepratist’s.

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