Thoughts On Freedom

Rich Terrel Rich is a VERY talented political satirist and artist. I recently found him his art is featured though out my site. Want some great pictures click on his name above.


Voting Female:

SamHenry’s Blog:

Dancing Czars:

Government Mess

Lisa in Texas

No Left Turnz

Socialism is not the answer

Government Mess

Diary of a Mad Conservative

Government Mess

No Left Turnz

Socialism is not the answer

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5 thoughts on “Thoughts On Freedom

  1. When the corrupt in Gov’t (BHO, Pelosi, Reid and their host of thugs) are finally behind bars, this video should be played in their cell 24/7 and become their sole means of companionship!

  2. These thugs only spit on the Constitution and will never understand what it means to the average American to have our freedom and free speech…Our life , our Liberty and our prusuit of happiness is shallow visions to these morons in Washington and not until we have lost all will they be completely complacent…Destroy our moral values in life, our belief in our God and somehow they feel one’s victory over the lesser
    beings of society…..

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