The Real Tea Party Story: Community Builders vs. Community Organizers

By Kyle-Anne Shiver

American Thinker

It’s great for our team, that the morons in Washington claim to have not paid any attention. In doing so they continued to fuel the fire that will roast them in November.  The smugness that many of them displayed at town hall meetings, if in fact they even bothered to hold them, will result in major pay-back time.  Those in Washington have forgotten that they are not our masters, nor rulers, we are their masters and we are about to give them a sound thrashing at the poll.  Random thoughts while observing the passing parade, J.C.

In less than a year, the MSM has gone from ignoring Tea Parties to mocking and insulting their participants to grudging coverage with ridiculing overtones. Finally it has arrived at giving wide attention to the movement, albeit grudgingly and ungraciously. A once-highly esteemed fourth estate, they have become talking-head dilettantes on a mission to save the disgruntled masses from democracy itself.

David Brooks, token toy conservative at the NYT, wrote his explanation for the Tea Parties without ever mentioning them by name, even. He wrote a whole diatribe on the meaning of it all. It’s a knee-jerk reaction by us commoners, you see, against the “educated class.” It has nothing to do with real issues, don’t you know. This whole wave of discontent is simply a revolt by the common man against his intellectual betters.

What a bunch of myopic poppycock.
The real Tea Party story is quite simple and an eloquent tribute to democracy: a genuine movement of ordinary people rising to the demands of their all-American principles. It represents a fundamental difference between those who seek to provide for themselves and those who see government as provider of all material goods. The Tea Party movement is a valiant resistance to decades of profligate entitlement spending, which has had the real effect of worsening every problem it was intended to fix, landing the country, at last, in a sea of impossible debt. Tea Partiers, like the Liberty Boys of 1776, stand steadfast on the principle of equality in the rule of law, not government-ordered equality in material-world goods.
Basically, the resistance boils down to a contest between community builders and community organizers.

How Alinsky Counterfeited Community-Building Associations
Up until this presidential election, when hearing the term “community organizations,” most Americans probably assumed that these were the traditional community-building, volunteer civic and altruistic groups, giving tirelessly of their spare time and dollars to improve their own and others’ communities.

The list of genuine, all-American volunteer citizens’ groups is endless. As Alexis de Tocqueville wrote in his mid-19th century treatise Democracy in America, one of the most exceptional qualities of this country was her vast proliferation of purely voluntary civic and altruistic associations.
Americans of all ages, conditions, and all dispositions constantly unite together.  Not only do they have commercial and industrial associations to which all belong but also a thousand other kinds, religious, moral, serious, futile, very general and very specialized, large and small.  Americans group together to hold fetes, found seminaries, build inns, construct churches, establish hospitals, prisons, schools by the same method. Complete Article:
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