A Letter to Nancy Pelosi from Dennis L. Guthrie


When it comes to all things with the current administration, I have found snopes and fact check to be less than reliable. It’s a starting point in searching for the truth. Received this letter yesterday from my friend in Utah and decided to check it out. Be still my heart, it’s absolutely true.  This just goes to show that a blind squirrel , Snopes, can find an acorn if it keeps trying.  Random thoughts on the passing parade, J.C.

Claim: Letter from lawyer Dennis Guthrie criticizes Rep. Nancy Pelosi.


Example: [Collected vua e-mail, August 2009]

Is this letter from Dennis Guthrie to Ms. N. Pelosi real?

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4 thoughts on “A Letter to Nancy Pelosi from Dennis L. Guthrie

  1. Totally agree about snopes and fact/check. Truthorfiction.com more reliable. Glad to know this is true b/c I recieved it last year and sent Mr. Guthrie a request for credibility……never heard from him. Twas great letter! :-) Imagine Pelosi could build a Jeremiah Wright sized home with the letters like this she receives on a daily basis! Probably what keeps USPS from totally bellying up!~

    • Interesting observation about the differences between Snopes and Truthorfiction. I believe they are all supported by the Annenburg Center, and have had the experience of checking snopes on an item and being routed to one of the others, I’m thinking they are probably for the most part, one and the same, Jim

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  3. It’s absolutely real, got a weird Green thing posted, have no idea why, J.C.

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