2 responses to “But of Course He’s Right

  1. Dick Morris is awesome- I really respect this guy and what he’s doing

    ObamaCare will never, repeat NEVER come into effect- this is still a democracy over the medium-long term, anyway.

    Not only do a majority of Americans reject this, just wait till they see just what’s in this monstrosity- then it’ll really hit the fan.

    Many states will sue, the Exec Order won’t stand up in court, and the HC personal mandate won’t make it either- not much left after that.

    While that’s all going on, the GOP will be taking over, and taking names… the fight has just begun, my friend- keep your chin up.

  2. I would correct you on one point.
    The Conservatives will be taking over.
    I don’t care what you call yourself, the philosophy is the important thing.
    In the next election, parties should make no difference whatsoever.
    We will take this country back to the Constitutional values that the Founding Fathers stated that would prevent us in the future from tyranny, whether from within or without.

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