6 thoughts on “Judge Napolitano: Courts Will Nix Major Parts of Obamacare

  1. Wow, now if we could get a whole bunch of people to uphold what Judge Napolitano just said, and stick that in Obama’s and Congress’s face maybe we could get somewhere. But it has to be followed through to be of any effect. Make sure those slime balls don’t slink away just to come up somewhere else with a loophole to continue their agenda.

    Also, if they do slap them with everything the Judge said, and they still insist on continuing their behavior, that’s where we need to physically remove Obama and all the progressive Dems in congress from their positions as well as all the “czars” while they are at it. And in that case they need to start with Eric Holder, Timothy Geithner, on down the list and throw all of them in jail!!!

  2. Believe it or not, CA the leftest state in the union has filed a law suit on the Constitutionality of this flying pig. I like our chances of killing this pig.! Jim

  3. God I hope he’s right! At least till we can repeal or reverse every single action of this Socialist Regime.

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  5. So hope my favorite Ewok- look -alike Constitutional lawyer is right on ready! :-) 5-Star post Jim!

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