3 thoughts on “Incumbents Beware: Term Limits Resurrected by Disaffected Voters

  1. Term limits are a big thumbs up IMO.
    People this old should never be voting in congress.
    The majorities be damned.
    They can speak as loudly as they want in the private sector, but their bully pulpit should be restricted due to age.
    Robert Byrd has no business determining policy.
    The people of W.VA. that keep re-electing him should have their head examined.

    My father died due to the affects of the same disease that killed Ronald Reagan.
    Alzheimers is a horrible disease.
    We don’t need to embarrass these people.
    Thank them, and go on.

    Term limits,…..yes !!

    Policy should always be trumped by common sense.

  2. Term Limits or BUST!!! And only those who pay income taxes should have the priviledge to vote! That would tilt the future of America in the RIGHT DIRECTION for sure once the welfare state is no longer able to continue voting themselves $$$! Would also make Dems either implode or forced to stop their spending and behave! (think they are too far gone to EVER be salvaged)

    • I’d just as soon send the rat bastards to jail. They would get free food, cloths, health care. They probably wouldn’t recognize much different anyway. Free government housing is still free government housing, dontchano!

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