Obama Steps Up Confrontation

White House Seeks to Rally Supporters With Aggressive Tone Against Opponents

Wall Street Journal

Just like the Health Insurance Bill, there will be unforseen consequences to continued parliamentary moves that continue to thwart the will of the people.  Random thoughts while watching the passing parade, J.C.


President Barack Obama, after a year of fitfully searching for compromise, is taking a more aggressive tack with his Republican adversaries, hoping to energize Democratic voters and possibly muscle in some Republican support in Congress.

On Thursday, Mr. Obama will be in Maine, home state of two moderate Republican senators who opposed his health-care plan, to promote the health law. At a bill-signing event Tuesday, he is set to laud passage of higher-education legislation that was approved despite Republican objections through a parliamentary maneuver that neutralized the party’s filibuster threat. Complete Story

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3 thoughts on “Obama Steps Up Confrontation

  1. Glenn Beck mentioned a few months ago that if Obama succeeds in getting the health care bill passed, he will stand on the accelerator to get the rest of his agenda passed.
    The parliamentary precedents have been established.
    This is going to be a head spinning summer.

    • That what he puts forth will one day be rescinded. These dirt bags will be beaten back into the holes from which they came for the next thirty years. This will result in one big wake up call for Americans, long overdo. Jim

  2. Obama’s flipping the American people a finger approach to Constitution, and think Beck is right AFVET……pedal to the medal on rest of Marxist agenda for what time is left on the clock until Nov. – not going to sit well with the folks. They are sure to be aware of how restless the natives are out here in the real world. When we take this country back EVERY ONE OF THOSE WHO HAVE SUPPORTED THIS AND OTHER ADMINISTRATIONS having anything to do with supporting legislation helping transforming America to socislist state…..should be STRIPPED of their perks, benefits, & priviledge awarded to themselves for having been part of what has brought America to the edge of a cliff! They don’t deserve one penny of America taxpayer funded ANYTHING!

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