New ACORN Chapters Change Names, MoveOn’s RNC Protest A Huge Flop

The picture immediately below is oh so perfect in it’s attempt to divert attention to the real issues of the day.  More telling, is they were not able to put together much of a crowd.  They did manage to pay a token white guy so they wouldn’t appear to be a racist group.

We must be tolerant of this sad display.  Understand that their strong suit is not protesting, which requires work standing in the sun and holding up a sign, but voter fraud, combing grave yards to register the dead, turning electronic voting into a joke, and voter intimidation at the polls. Random thoughts while observing the passing parade, J.C.

Just after my article in Human Events went to press saying six state chapters of ACORN have given themselves new names in order to disguise their connection to ACORN, investigators on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee released a report saying the total is now actually 11 state chapters.

A well organized march not organized by thugs

These diligent gumshoes deserve credit for their fine work.

Now we can add the following to the list of ACORN chapters now in disguise:

Louisiana >>> A Community Voice  Complete Story:

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