Kenyan Parliament restores March 25, 2010 Minutes declaring Obama born in Kenya


by Sharon Rondeau


John Charlton and Ms Sharon Rondeau have been relentless in pursuing the truth as they attempt to provide the proof that Barack Hussein Obama is not a Natural Born Citizen.  The terms “birthers” wing nuts and loons, among others, have been used to describe those that want to know the truth and uphold our Constitution. These tactics taken from Saul Alinski’s Rules for Radicals are among the very few things the radical left excels.

With the vast amount of questions that could be easily answered by Obama opening his sealed files, this issue could be put to rest. Of course he won’t because he can’t.  It seem plausible that members in very high places, as well as low ones like the democratic congress, are continuing to participate in this fraud. They may call those seeking the truth what they want, I choose to call them duplicitous frauds, destroyers of the Constitution and lemmings with a cover up agenda.  Random thoughts while observing the passing parade, I’m J.C

(Apr. 16, 2010) — The March 25, 2010 “Hansard,” or Minutes of the Kenyan Parliament, is again accessible through the Parliament’s website.  The document contains a clear and unequivocal statement that Barack Hussein Obama was born in Kenya and is consequently not a “native American.”

Would Obama Have His Foot Prints Removed In The Event This Document Might Be Real?

The Kenyan Parliament has adjourned without addressing The Post & Email’s

questions regarding its statements that Obama was born there

The link to the document from Parliament’s website was dead for a time yesterday.  It is possible that the document was moved, as the link to the Minutes embedded in The Post & Email’s original article about it is now dead.

The text of the statement made by Kenya’s Minister of Lands, James Orengo,  appears in the middle of page 31 and reads as follows:

If America was living in a situation where they feared ethnicity and did not see itself as a multiparty state or nation, how could a young man born here in Kenya, who is not even a native American, become the President of America?” (emphasis added by The Post & Email)

The website was updated yesterday and all Hansards from 2008 were removed, which included the November 5, 2008 Hansard in which many statements referring to Obama’s purported Kenyan origins were recorded.

The Kenyan Parliament has announced that it has just adjourned for two months.

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3 thoughts on “Kenyan Parliament restores March 25, 2010 Minutes declaring Obama born in Kenya

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  2. I need your help, I am fighing with a liberal individual about this issue for the last couple of days. And I am fowarding this to him, and anything else you could give me as proof to back up my case to him. He has critisized me for being a birther for the last time. LOL! But I won’t apologize to him for anything. But no matter how many facts I present to him, he will probably just explain it away somehow, like he does with everything else. He is in denial big time!! But I’m not giving up.

    • Marie: I would first review the tons of material available on John Charlton has done an incredible job of pointing out and covering the obvious.
      As for the liberal. I’d ask him what are his problems with defending the Constitution? Why must he use the term “Birther” You certainly don’t call him blind and brain dead. I’d ask him to support his belief system with one fact at a time, then you can shred his beliefs with providing facts and logic one step at a time. Beware, fighting or trying to educate a liberal is fraught with hazard. One makes a very big assumption in assuming they are capable of processing reasoned thought, and facts. Take O’Reilly for instance, he points to the well documented fraud of the newspaper announcement of Obama’s birth in Hawaii. In spite of the overwhelming questions that are not answered. O’Reilly is being told by the administration what to say. It goes back to the stock ownership of the Saudi’s in NewsCorp the parent of Fox. They like Obama as president because they understand he is a token weak fool. In conclusion remember trying to teach a liberal anything is like teaching the proverbial pig to sing. You just frustrate the pig and get pissed off in the process, J.C.

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