The First 100 Days of the Next Congress

What if all candidates for congress would sign a pledge to support the vast majority of plans by Dave King for Congress. Think the United States of America would become a better place? I do.

I became a candidate for the U.S. House from the 3rd District of Kansas because I didn’t hear a clear statement from those already in the race as to what they would do to restore our government to sanity and constitutionality, so here is my promise as a candidate as to the official actions I’ll pursue, if elected, in the first 100 days of the next congress:

Repeal or defund Obamacare.

Repeal cap and trade.

Defund Obama’s czars, then call them before congress and investigate their actions.

Defund the EPA, then repeal it’s enabling legislation and disband this terrorist group for its declaration of regulatory war on America.

Defund the Department of Education, then repeal its enabling legislation and let the states decide their own educational guidelines.

Defund the 16,000 new IRS agents, then start the process of repealing the 16th amendment and installing a Fair Tax to replace the IRS.

Dismiss all federal employees rated as “non-essential”.

Review the need for the federal employees who have been hired since Obama took office and eliminate these new positions.

Reinstate the Bush tax cuts.

Place National Guard troops on the Canada and Mexico borders, then complete the physical fence already partially in place.

Get out of the United Nations and don’t give this pack of rogues another dollar.

Improve healthcare with:

Tort reform to protect doctors from unreasonable law suits

Install health insurance portability to cross state lines and
increase competition for healthcare dollars

Legislate critical care pools to help with ruinous medical

Encourage Health Savings Accounts

Help businesses form and expand with immediate tax incentives for capital purchases and help them start hiring again.

Drill here, drill now.

Return all TARP, stimulus and bailout money to the treasury so it can’t be further wasted.

Celebrate openly America’s unique relationship with Israel and show our support for Israel and our desire to help defend them against Islamic killers.


These things are the least we can do for our children and grand children.
By Dave King

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11 thoughts on “The First 100 Days of the Next Congress

  1. Man, where has this guy been ?
    He hit everything I would want to see done, except for one.
    The Fair Tax can still be gamed.
    I prefer a flat tax.

  2. The Fair Tax is still dependent on some organization determining what the fair tax would be.
    Don’t get me wrong Jim, it would be far and away better than what we have now, however, the flat tax would eliminate levels of bureaucracy that have cost the American taxpayer at the very least billions of dollars over the years both in increases and in the time it takes to just comply with the yearly changes of the tax code.

    The 47% of Americans who don’t pay any tax would be taxed at the same RATE as the 10% that pay the most.
    Ireland simplified their tax code and benefited by attracting businesses from around the world trying to escape onerous tax policies in their home countries.

    I’m always open for debate, but we have got to ditch the system we have now, I think you would agree.

    • As I under stand the Fair Tax Ron it does what the Flat Tax is supposed to do as well, maybe the term Fair is what you have issues with. Somebody would have to set the amount in a Flat Tax as well. Both would work, eliminating the IRS would be an amazing accomplishment. I’m still not sure what you mean by gaming the system in a FAIR TAX mode? Jim

  3. We agree.
    Who determines ‘Fair’ ? There is where the gaming comes into play.
    Are you a corporation? Are you a single mom? are you a married couple trying to save for a down payment on your first house ? Who cares ?
    My take is to eliminate the entire system.
    All you would need to figure your taxes is a calculator,… and the intelligence to operate it.
    After that, some agency would have to enforce it, however it would not have to be as massive as what we support now.
    C’mon 16000 IRS agents hired this past year ?

    • I believe the Fair tax is better. It’s like a value added tax built in at the time of purchasing goods and services. In fact, according to my CPA who is somewhat of an expert on the FAIR tax, in many instances prices would go down as sellers could choose to discount or eat the tax as they compete for our business. The Fair Tax, a consumption tax would also bring in untold revenue from illegal and or off the books money. Just getting ready to upload another barn burner. J.C.

  4. I have to give you the point that it could increase price competition between companies.
    Will this be state to state?
    And you are correct in that even the drug dealers have to buy stuff eventually.
    Does the Fair Tax tax food ?
    How would this policy affect the food stamp program?
    Along those lines, if people receive help from the federal government, will they be taxed on the same benefits they receive from section 8 housing?
    My last paragraph brings up a good point.
    With 47% of the people paying no taxes, and radical tax policy modifications in the wind, can you imagine the rebuke that will come from Obama supporters against any attempt to re-structure the tax laws?

    I would love to see either a FairTax or a flat tax philosophy get some legs, however, the present regime will never allow it to happen.

    • Hey Ron, my understanding food or medicine would not be taxes in the FAIR TAX how about FLAT TAX?
      No clue how it would effect food stamps, how about FLAT TAX?
      RE: Gov’t housing Section 8 and Government programs, It’s a straight consumption tax as I understand it.
      I would welcome the rebuke from Obama supporters, 10% or 15% is not a bad price to pay to live in this country and provide essential goods and services for the truly needy. Wow, some of the folks gaming the current system might need to go to work. The present regime is about to be cast back to the dust bin of history, hope you get a chance to see my post on the First Black America President, I’ve heard Allen on You Tube a number of times he’s an absolute genius. Please share you thoughts, Jim

  5. It’s easy to agree with most of King’s plans. However , fraud exists now in the collection of taxes at the merchant level, where the average sales tax is about 5%, just imagine what will happen when the amount of tax will be around 25% . Especially , for ‘cash’ transactions. Consider the amount of fraud in Medicare and Medicaid , where there is a ‘paper trail’ and applies only to a percentage of the population.

    Now consider the amount of possible fraud that could ensure when tax is collected on 100% of all transaction, and the amount of taxes collected daily. The ‘temptation’ might be huge to commit fraud.

    Just a thought.

    • Great points JJ trying to get my arms around that issue with both the Fair and Flat tax, have a call in to my CPA that is a big backer of the FAIR Tax, will get back to you, Jim

    • JJ: Just talked to my CPA about both taxes. He is a big fan of the FAIR TAX. There are still some things that he doesn’t fully comprehend about the Flat Tax. But this is his take. The Fair Tax is a tax on consumption, The Flat Tax is a tax on income, still allowing politicians to pick winners or losers, dividing us into various classes. The Flat tax still has deductions, say interest on a mortgage. The fair tax doesn’t. Why because you are no longer paying an income tax so their is nothing to deduct. Is the FAIR TAX FAIR? Everyone would receive a prebate, rich or poor of $6000 per year, appearing as $500 dollar check each month. Can the system be gamed, like people paying by cash, no more than it is being done now. Who would collect? Just like we have now, with the FAIR TAX it would be at point of purchase, in CA we call it the state franchise board. The FLAT TAX would be a single card, how much did you make, what ever percentage would be chosen, send it in. The Flat tax would not abolish the IRS, The FAIR tax would for all intents and purposes, it would exist under a new name, greatly stripped down and without the Gestapo like tactics used today. Let’s keep discussing, J.C.

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