Ironically, CAIR, which has been named by the U.S. Attorney’s Office and the FBI as a Muslim Brotherhood-Hamas front group and unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation terror fund raising trial–a trial which culminated in guilty verdicts for all of the Muslim Brotherhood defendants–claims it is “the nation’s largest Muslim civil rights organization.” How about a serious investigation, the documents area available, let put them behind bars for life, that how Al Capone was brought down, simple tax evasion.
Sadly for the security of America the Muslim apologist for all thing Islam fails to under stand the ramification of over 10,000 document taken from CAIR  Headquarters in Fairfax Va. Documenting direct association and funding initially from the Muslim Brotherhood, The Holly Land Foundation among others who use the cover of education to secure their tax exempt status and their right to not have  their books examined.
The above assertions are documented on my side bar (The Muslim Mafia) click and read a summary of this fake organization who’s stated purpose is to fund world wide Jihad, against Western Civilization.  They must be indicted, tried when found guilty barred from further operation in America. Deporting them would add a nice touch along with the ACLU lawyers they wold defend them.  CAiR represents an immediate threat to Western Civilization. For some incredibly misguided belief system,  the current administration  has a complete hands off politically correct agenda at the expense to the safety to American and the world.  Our current leadership has failed to lead, they have no plans to keep us safe, create new wealth producing job. Their goal is to subject us to and demand that we live in the tyranny they have planned. News flash, there are 535 of them and at least 100 million of us if they try to play hardball. I like our odds.  Random thoughts while observing the passing parade, I’m J. C.
The SIOA legal complaint against Miami-Dade Transit has been settled. Not only will our FDI and SIOA religious liberty bus ads be going back up, but another twenty will be added and will soon be on the streets of Miami.


This is a major victory for the freedom of speech and a disastrous defeat for the thuggish Islamic supremacists of CAIR. It is also a major victory for SIOA. If you haven’t joined SIOA yet, join now.

Also, please make a contribution to the religious liberty bus ad campaign. Pamela Geller and I want to roll this out nationwide, but we have no money or major donors. We are simply two free citizens fighting to preserve our freedom. Every dime you contribute goes to initiatives like FDI at CPAC (buy the DVD), the Aqsa Parvez Memorial, Geert Wilders at CPAC — these were actions that the indomitable and extraordinary Pamela Geller developed and executed with help from me.

We are making things happen — when have you ever seen CAIR defeated before? Unlike so many others, we are not just talking endlessly or playing defense. We are on the offensive in the struggle to save our civilization. Please help us. Make a Paypal contribution NOW — click on the “Contribute to Jihad Watch” button on the upper right (soon we will have 501c status for SIOA, but don’t have it yet).

We are going nationwide with this campaign, and we will need money for the ads — and the lawyers.

Here is a statement from our superb lawyer, David Yerushalmi:

Law Offices of David Yerushalmi, P.C. Win Victory for the First Amendment. . . Case Demonstrates that CAIR is a Fraudulent Civil Rights Organization Lobbying on behalf of the OICApril 21, 2010–Miami, Florida: When the South Florida chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) pressured the Miami-Dade Country Transit Authority to yank bus panel ads contracted and paid for by Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer of the Freedom Defense Initiative because the ads were “offensive to Muslims”, the two activists turned to the Law Offices of David Yerushalmi, P.C. for help. Mr. Yerushalmi joined forces with the Thomas More Law Center and the two law firms began preparing a federal complaint alleging breach of contract and violation of Ms. Geller’s and Mr. Spencer’s First Amendment Rights.

The bus ad, which appears above, began running on Tuesday, April 13th. Just two days later, on Thursday, after pressure from CAIR, the bus ads had already been pulled down and Mr. Yerushalmi’s clients received notice of the ad contract termination through media reports on Friday.

CAIR, as it typically does, issued nationwide press releases and blasted emails to tens of thousands of outlets on Friday crowing over its “victory” of suppressing free speech on the grounds that the ads promoted “bigotry”. Newspaper and other media stories in the Miami Herald, the Orlando Sentinel, Fox Business News, and NBC ran blindly with the CAIR-generated story on Friday with headlines like: “Miami-Dade Transit Throws Islamic Ad Under the Bus.”

“It is ironic,” Mr. Yerushalmi noted, “that the media allows CAIR to claim the mantle of a civil rights organization when it embraces censorship by the government all in the service of the ‘anti-blasphemy’ platform of the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC), which calls for international legislation providing for criminal penalties against anyone who ‘insults Islam and its prophet Mohammed.’ Free speech is apparently not one of the freedoms in CAIR’s version of the U.S. Constitution–at least not for critics of Islam.”

Mr. Yerushalmi added that the Center for Security Policy, a leading Washington D.C. national security think tank run by former Reagan administration official Frank Gaffney, has documented that CAIR is an illegal, unregistered foreign agent of the OIC, receiving millions of dollars from Islamic countries in order to pursue their political goals in the U.S. (See the CAIR Observatory at Mr. Yerushalmi is General Counsel to the Center for Security Policy.

By Friday, the day after the bus ads had been pulled, Mr. Yerushalmi and his co-counsel Robert Muise were prepared to go into federal court early the next week armed with a complaint and motion for temporary restraining order.

A teleconference was arranged first with the Miami-Dade County Attorney’s office, which took place Monday afternoon. After listening to Mr. Yerushalmi’s brief, the county attorneys conceded the ads should not have been pulled. By Tuesday, Mr. Yerushalmi had negotiated a full and complete retraction of the contract termination with a NY-based attorney for CBS Outdoor. Not only would the original 10 king-sized ads go back up on the Transit Authority buses, but CBS would run an additional 20 king-sized bus ads for no additional charge.

The new agreement was inked and signed by Wednesday, April 21. The ads are expected to go back up by early next week.

“This is not just an important day for the First Amendment. It is a ‘teaching moment’ for the media and for others in various government agencies who come across CAIR,” Mr. Yerushalmi added. “CAIR is a criminal organization with ties to Hamas and other jihadists. This is not my opinion but the considered view of the U.S. Attorney’s office, the FBI, and the federal courts, all based on evidence CAIR has never refuted. If you find yourself on the same side of an issue with CAIR, you’d better examine the facts a bit more closely. You’re likely in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood, even if only unwittingly.”

Mr. Yerushalmi is currently prosecuting two separate fraud cases against CAIR on behalf of five former CAIR clients, three of whom are Muslim Americans, who were defrauded by CAIR.

About David Yerushalmi, Esq. Mr. Yerushalmi has been practicing law for more than 26 years. He is a litigator specializing in securities law, public policy relating to national security, and public interest law. Mr. Yerushalmi is licensed and practices in Washington D.C., New York, California, and Arizona.

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  2. Our current leadership has failed to lead, they have no plans to keep us safe, create new wealth producing jobs. Their goal is to subject us to and demand that we live in the tyranny they have planned.

    That is probably the most true statement that anyone has ever said about this administration. But the only way we are going to defeat these thugs who are in our Gov, is for all those that have any authority at all to cooperate and work together with “we the people”. to call them out and expose them for what they are doing, over and over until it is abundantly clear to all what is really going on in our Gov. And send them all packing!!!

    • I’m still astounded that CAIR hasn’t been charged under the RICO act, those running the money laundering scheme go to jail without parole, the rest a one way ticked to a big sand box of their choice not in Western Civilization. Jim

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