Even Dogs Hate Him, Makes Me Wonder About Michelle

I did something very similar with a little black cockapoo named Henry. He knew all types of tricks, rolling over, sitting, right paw, left paw, speak, etc.  When we ran him through his drills and said Bill Clinton he would roll over on his back and cover his eyes with his paws. It was totally hysterical.  The neighbors would always want to take care of him if they were having a dinner party. He was a Republican crowd pleaser.  If we were taking him out for a daily walk and a neighbor would yell Bill Clinton he would immediately roll over and hit the deck.  I miss that dog more than the X-files that took him when she blew town. LOL, Random thoughts while once living in a charade, I’m J.C.

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15 thoughts on “Even Dogs Hate Him, Makes Me Wonder About Michelle

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  2. LOL! That was a funny story. When I was a kid, we use to have a cockapoo too named Sugar. She was the cutest dog and very smart. We lost her to a little old neighbor lady named Nellie. She lived by herself, and had a way with all animals. She had wild birds and squarrels eating out of her hand. Sugar took to her and left us for her. LOL! We felt that Nellie needed Sugar more than we did, so what the hay? Besides, she just lived two doors down and we could see sugar anytime we wanted. So it worked out pretty good. They are both long gone now, but I will never forget either one of them. I also had an AKC registered full blooded cocker spaniel named Dollie Sue, and she was the best dog I ever had. But she died a couple of years ago at the age of 16. I was heart broken when she died. I know I will never have another dog like her.

  3. LOL, I wonder what they had to do to get that dog to not take the treat from Barack Obama? What?… Did they beat the shit out of him at the same time repeating Barack Obama? LOL! Or maybe they put something really nasty on the treats that were from Barack Obama and everytime the dog heard that name, he thought he would get a nasy treat? LOL! That’s my guess.

    • Actually if truth be told, I trained the dog. Rejecting Obama was automatic, he watches FOX news. LOL Did you see yesterday that the “smoken choken token refused to let members of the Navy watch FOX news? Is he a moron or what? P.S. Actually the Dog was a Democrat, coming from a home that continually watched Keith Obermann. Thus I had to water board the him every time I said Obama, while hooking his nuts up to a 220 mgv charge. Even as a dog, he is smarter than the rest of the dogs in the radical democratic congress. Jim

  4. Mello like a cocker?? LOL! I have never met a mello cocker in my life!! They are the most hyper dogs out there, at least the one’s I’ve been around. LOL! Now, bassets are mellow dogs. If they were any mellower, they would be in a coma. LOLOL!!!

    • This is the ultimate spell checker free zone. I was paid to sell, not to spell. I love it when anal retentive liberals drop by and dis me for my spelling. They are always in my comments in the most respectful manner. I know that may be hard to believe, but you just have to trust me. I’m Mij

  5. Did I spell mellow wrong? I did, Damn! It was a typo. LOL!

    • Let be real clear, it wasn’t a typing error it was memory loss due to your hidden fantasies and desires for Obama. Please never try to bullshit a bullshitter on his home field. It might require that I fly to Kansas and beat you with a wet noodle, Mij

  6. Dogs are such good judges of character….and they never lie!

  7. I trained a cat to fetch.
    She would fetch just about anything I would throw out there.
    No BS !

  8. Dog is upset b/c he realized Obamacare not just for humans! Upsetting to the canine world that isn’t related to “Bo!”

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