Those Who Would Inflict Harm Upon Us And Can’t Be Called Islamic Terrorists, Party of Four, That’s Party of Four please, Party of Four

An excellent read by Alan Ceruba in today’s Canada Free Press. In a single page he covers the incompetence of the current administration in taking the Islamic threat seriously.

While the Narcissist-in-Chief is happily playing at the Magic Kingdom in Orlando, he goes covert to not disturb the crowds. He,  for security reasons, change costumes. He is either roaming the park as Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Dumbo, and the long legged member of the seven dwarfs. Sleepy.

Lost  on me is the continued assertions by the msm and the clueless among us who try to tell us  that our actions caused them to hate us.  A Woeful misunderstanding of history at best. Christianity has always f0ught Muslims who attempted to force Islam upon the world since the Seventh Century. It’s their sworn duty, non believers the infidel must submit or die.  Perhaps those that continue to propagate these illusions believe their will be a place for their disinformation in the future.  Not likely.

We have fought them seven times in the past losing once. We must win this time because the stakes are enormously high. There is no room for failure. Not now, when we have one in the White House and in the Pelosi run progressive congress.  Random thought’s while visiting the passing charade, I’m J.C.

U.S. Anti-Terrorism Policy: Get Lucky

h/t 1dragon

Canada Free Press

“I know, too, that Islam has always been a part of America’s history.”

That’s what President Obama said in his Cairo speech, an early effort to reach out to Muslims throughout the Middle East and the world. The problem is, he is dead wrong. Muslims were not here     prior to or during the Revolution. They did not participate in the Civil War though for centuries they were notorious as slave traders. During World War Two they were on Hitler’s side.

And, over the weekend, a naturalized American, formerly from Pakistan, is alleged to be the man who tried to kill a lot of Americans in New York’s Time’s Square.

So, while not “always” having been part of America’s history, Muslims are currently leaving their mark on it in the twenty-first century.

“overseas contingency operation” against “man-caused disasters”

This is an administration that abandoned the descriptive “war on terrorism” in favor of “overseas contingency operation” against “man-caused disasters.” That was an early indicator that the White House is clueless.

As recently as November 5, 2009, a Muslim member of the U.S. Army killed thirteen fellow soldiers at Fort Hood. The National Security Adviser, Jim Jones, was quick to write off the Fort Hood attack as “not terrorism related.”

This is a president who took his sweet time responding to the Christmas day attempted airliner bombing, calling it an “isolated incident” despite law enforcement reports that such attempts have been increasing in recent times.

The “underpants bomber”, Umar Farouk Adbulmutalleb was arrested, debriefed, and read his Miranda rights within an hour after being taken into custody, all with the blessing of White House counterterrorism chief, John Brennen. This is a classic example of how not to deal with a terrorist.

Meanwhile, Attorney General Eric Holder has been hot for holding the trial of the mastermind of 9/11 in New York! And this is an administration that came into office promising to close down our detention facilities at Guantanamo.

We have a complete idiot, Janet Napolitano, as the Secretary of Homeland Security

We have a complete idiot, Janet Napolitano, as the Secretary of Homeland Security. We are all now too accustomed to her glassy-eyed, deer-in-the-headlights responses to events that threaten the nation’s security.

Apparently, the Obama administration’s anti-terrorism policy can be summed up in two words, “Get lucky.”

There are still liberals ready to condemn the United States for 9/11 and subsequent attacks. The liberal mantra is that these attacks are the result of our actions in the Middle East, but that misses the point that the primary characteristic of Middle East Muslims is to always blame someone or some nation for their own failures.

The United States, the Great Satan, and Israel, the Little Satan, are the convenient targets of blame. Israel has been relentlessly attacked and the U.S. has been provoked throughout the latter part of the last century with countless attacks on our citizens abroad, our embassies, and on 9/11.

We must thank the many patriots working in our national intelligence gathering system and we can thank the personnel of the FBI and local law enforcement people for the extraordinary job they did in identifying and arresting the alleged Time Square bomber.

What we are learning, however, is that it is extremely difficult to thwart such acts of terrorism, that we allow far too much traffic to and from the hotbeds of terrorism in the Middle East, and that the sheer avalanche of intelligence we secure daily often obscures an attack.

What we know is that we have a White House filled with incompetent advisers to a president who is in total denial.


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9 thoughts on “Those Who Would Inflict Harm Upon Us And Can’t Be Called Islamic Terrorists, Party of Four, That’s Party of Four please, Party of Four

  1. In the vein of Christians vs. Muslims, I observe a Day of Mourning each year on 29 May, the day in 1453 that Constantine XI, last Roman Emperor, was killed, and also the day that Constantinople fell to the Turks. The Eastern Roman Empire waged a valiant battle against the Islamic onslaught.

  2. There is still a lower percentage of Muslims in this country than Jewish and Christian sects, although the number of an egnostic or new age idolatry is on the rise. If monotheism prevails over new age doctines than the Jews, Christians and Muslims sects should have no argument before the one true God. Messiahship is a matter of perspective, and it is unlikely that nothing short of Armagedon will remedy the disagreement. Radical Islam is about as Muslim as the Klu Klux Klan is Christian, or Judas as an example of a Jewish Zionism. In ancient Roman times, Jews had their own laws and dietary restrictions, so it could be for Muslims here, as religious freedom is granted to all faiths. It is on the basis of religious freedom that all faiths and the followers of “the one true God” are desiring the liberty to choose whom and how they worship. It is under this premise that we should unite for the sake of religious freedom. Radical religious ideology and conversion by the sword is outdated at best. This is not religion, but rather tyranny and hostile active propaganda. It serves no purpose but is a means of mass manipulation. Predjudice is a learned behavior, it is taught by the enemy of brotherly love. Fear and ignorance breed acts of unwitting violence. We need to communicate.

  3. I once did a blog post about this subject. The truth is that the majority of practicing Muslims read from the Wahabbi version of the Koran.

    Why do you think there is no “real” public condemnation of Islamic terrorist acts by the Muslim community?

    This current war is an ideological conflict, nothing else. Unless people come to grips with that, we are doomed.

    We are in trouble because the liberal mind-set is that of appeasement. The problem is that our enemy understands this and prefers that we keep these liberals in power. How better to defeat your enemy then make sure that they have uninformed bumbling leaders who agree with you on most points. Take the Times Square bomb attempt for example. Did anyone really believe that it was the white guy changing his shirt? If a cross is burning in a black man’s yard, are you going to assume it was the work of the Asian people down the street, or are you going to assume it was white people? This “no profiling” stuff is ignorant and dangerous.

    As for Kingratfish; it really doesn’t matter what percentage of Muslims are radical or non-radical. Conversion by the sword is NOT outdated when people are attacking us NOW.

    • You my friend understand Islam and the Islamitization of America. I’m a member of ACT for America. We are opposing this, we have a legislative base in DC trying to wake up members of Congress. We are greatly against Sharia law and it’s dedication to the degradation of women, Sharia banking, they are no longer creeping, they are waling among us. On Monday we heard a speaker, A very high ranking member of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. When the Shaw fell, thank you Jimmy Carter, and the Ayotolla came back to regain power, it was a case of mass genocide and murder of the intellectuals and the Military. Knowing he was on the list he bolted, trained at our military schools as we were very strong allies with Iran, he had people in the U.S. Military at the flag level that got him a diplomatic passport and out of the country. He’s an amazing speaker. His name is Mano Bakh The book is called Escaping Islam, The Evil Might Not Be Realized Until It’s Too Late. If interested the book can be purchased anywhere or directly from him at Jim

  4. You are both so right! Check this out from today’s frontpagemag/Horowitz website: May 10 Horowitz gave a talk at UC San Diego during MSA Israeli Aparteid week….young female Muslim student totally unafraid to stand with an “in your face” attitude confessing she supports a 2nd Holocaust. Imagine all the Muslims being allowed to infiltrate every aspect of American culture and society, gov’t , MILITARY…..and our communities. they are here and Under Obama they will thrive waiting for the next administration that will stand against them to come to office (hopefully beginning Nov. 2, 2010!). Or, waiting until they feel time is ripe to ask Barry O to step aside and allow his brothers the reins. Am not believing a Mosque is being constructed at ground zero! That is the height of insult to the citizens of this nation! Check out this short video clip of Horowitz exchange w/MSA student.

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