Who Do You Trust The “mainstream” Media or Me?

by Jim Campbell

Perhaps you are among those that believe in the spin from the Democrat machine that they will be fine in November. After all, the head of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, while acknowledging the challenging political climate in advance of the 2010 midterm elections, declared in U.S. News & World Reports recently, that the Democrats won’t lose control of the chamber like they did in 1994. “This will not be another 1994,”

Recently, former President Bill Clinton, asserted that he expects Republicans will make some election gains this fall. He tells us Democrats will not lose the House or the Senate, as they did in 1994 as reported in the Huffington Post and elsewhere.

Of course there were the folks at the futures market handicapping Democrat Control, you know the same guys that bet on the price of a barrel going up as they manipulate the market. Their findings in Beltway Blips were presented in 2009.

Ezra Kline tells us in his piece “looking forward to the mid term elections,” assuming recent trends continue, the U.S. economy will be in its sixth quarter of GDP growth, and the rancor of the health-care debate will be a distant memory.

Finally in the Journal, “Under The Influence, an Inside View Of Lobbying and the Advocacy,” they also tell us that the Democrats will retain both houses of congress.

The Huffington Post tells us in “Ten Rules for Democratic Success” in Midterm elections of the pending success of the Democratic Party.  A close read looks like wishful thinking and a blueprint for failure. It incomprehensibly ends with “ It’s The Economy Stupid.” I Don’t believe that horse will ride well to the finish line.

First of all it would be an understatement to suggest that this election will be one of the most important in history. Should Republicans regain control of Congress they will defund Obama Care. As Newt Gingrich was quoted in the Washington Post during a lecture, he ribbed the media for suggesting that this wasn’t possible. “I think they forget that once upon a time I used to be Speaker of the House,” he said. “Under our Constitution, Congress doesn’t have to pass the funding.”

Will the Republicans regain control of Congress? I don’t have a crystal ball; the cat ate my tea leaves.  I will use simple logic in explaining why it is highly probable.

Let us remember back to 1994.  Then President Bill Clinton, a likable guy, was faced with an unpredicted disaster. His party would lose the House of Representatives, the first time in forty years; with few thinking it was probable.  What could have possibly happened?  Very simply the silent majority got off of their sofas, headed to the polls and virtually cleaned the house.

This time logic tells me it will be a bigger romp.

1. There were no tea parties.

2. There were no town hall meetings.

3. There was no significant use of the internet by mainstream voters.

4. There were no bloggers.

5. Social Networking, Facebook and Twitter were unavailable.

6. President Clinton triangulated from a more leftward agenda to the main stream.

7. The current President ran as left of center, yet his policies and that of his administration are the most radical of any administration in modern history.

8. The younger generation typically doesn’t vote during mid-term elections.

9. The same can be said for the black voter who still gives the current president a 90% approval rating. The DNC has reserved $50 million to encourage black youth and mature voters to turn out and save the president’s agenda.

10.  Historically, the party in power loses seats during the mid-term elections. During the 19 mid-term elections held since 1934, only twice has the President’s party gained seats in both the Senate and the House; FDR’s first mid-term election and George W. Bush’s first mid-term election.

11. The “mainstream” media favor the Democrats.  The media is perceived at a twenty year low in accurate reporting.

12. Democrats raise taxes to make a bigger unsustainable government.

13. Republicans will cut taxes, shown historically to provide new jobs, new business opportunity resulting in a larger tax base.  The New York Times reported in September 2009, 14.5 million people are among the officially unemployed.  Current figures suggest 19 million unemployed job seekers.

14. Republicans remain highly skeptical on “Global Warming”  As reported in the Los Angeles Times, “the National Journal asked a group of Republican senators and House members: “Do you think it’s been proven beyond a reasonable doubt that the Earth is warming because of man-made problems?” Of the respondents, 23% said yes, 77% said no.” Republicans understand the cost and the global agenda or a politically driven agenda. They have read the available science and reject it.  Do members of the Democrat Congress read?
15. No congress in recent history has been perceived to be as corrupt, secretive, bribe giving, arm twisting, and radically progressive as the Congressional Democrats led by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

16. They can’ t run against George Bush this time.

17.  Many Democrats and progressives are disenchanted with his efforts. He is losing his base.

18. Finally, Republicans offer and will articulate workable solutions to a country a drift for the past two years.  The Democrats will  offer the same old lies, they will intimidate and try to scare. The Democrats represent a dying party, the voter understands, their plans don’t solve problems, they create more of them

It comes down to this.  I’ve intentionally used left-tilting sources, to underscore optimism. When it comes to the press and the electronic media who are you going to trust them or me?

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2 thoughts on “Who Do You Trust The “mainstream” Media or Me?

  1. Don’t believe the media that gives O good grades so that leave that I believe what you write to us and I share what I like.

    • Beej and nobody believe the employment numbers and the media when they tell us the economy is turning around. It’s total BS according to business journals, they are planning to show increased jobs, of course new federal employees, and another uncovered scam is the Census. Census takers are trained for four days, the receive pay immediately. Then they are put out in the field. They are listed as newly created jobs, only to be laid off while others take their places. They are are counted and new full time jobs they aren’t considered losses because they didn’t work long enough to qualify. Jim

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