Obama Working With Congress To ‘Significantly’ Raise BP’s LiabilityObama Working With Congress To ‘Significantly’ Raise BP’s Liability

Angered customers cut up their Exxon credit cards and mailed them to Rawl, while others boycotted Exxon products. According to a study by Porter/Novelli several years after the accident, 54 percent of the people surveyed said they were still less likely to buy Exxon products.

Is the Democrat Congress calling BP guilty of being reckless, when they have show no apparent in determining the cause?

When George Herbert Walker Bush was president, the administration was not so interested in finding fault and blame. This administration, offering nothing else of value receives a great media event showing how tough they are.  I’m still wondering about the cause are you? Random thoughts while observing the passing parade, I’m J.C.

On Wednesday, House Democrats followed suit, with Rep. Rush Holt (NJ) introducing the same bill as Menendez. The effort was co-sponsored by Reps. Suzanne Kosmas (FL), Allen Boyd (FL), Paul Hodes (NH), Kendrick Meek (FL), Artur Davis (AL), Frank Pallone (NJ) and Jay Inslee (WA).

Gibbs neither endorsed nor opposed these bills. But he stressed that BP is “going to get a bill for the recovery of cleanup and the damages caused” by the current spill in the Gulf.

The president and his team are currently in the process of working with members of Congress to “significantly” raise the amount of money that oil companies like BP would have to pay in economic damages in the event of a spill.

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs told reporters on Wednesday that the Office of Management and Budget was working with members to lift the $75 million cap that currently exists on the amount oil companies pay for non-cleanup and containment costs.

Gibbs did not put out a number for where the president would like the new cap to be, saying merely: “We would be in favor of significantly lifting that cap, a cap put in place in the Oil Pollution Act of 1990, so at least 20 years old.”

Earlier this week, Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ) introduced legislation that would raise the cap to $10 billion. An opponent of offshore drilling, the New Jersey Democrat said that the $1.6 billion that oil companies pay into a trust fund for cleanup and containment costs was “little consolation to the small businesses, fisheries and local governments that will be left to clean up the economic devastation that somebody else caused.”

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9 thoughts on “Obama Working With Congress To ‘Significantly’ Raise BP’s LiabilityObama Working With Congress To ‘Significantly’ Raise BP’s Liability

  1. Rahm Emanuel is one hell of a chief of staff, he must have chased half the White House staff and most of the democratic worthies on capitol hill around in a gym towel screaming and intimidating about not wasting a perfectly good crisis. They all get a herring and an applause from the crowd for being good trained progressive seals. Lets see, stop all drilling across 1500 miles of seaboard just in time to spike gas prices for the summer up to $4 plus a gallon, stop all fishing no matter how far from a slick that hasn’t caused much damage yet because some really dedicated people are busting hump to stop a disaster from happening, putting 100’s of thousands of people out of work, cram more unsustainable financial burden on free capitol, and drum roll please, have a perfect set up to prohibit offshore drilling for America’s abundant resources, causing even more national in-security.
    Wow this fits so well into tyranny and overthrow of America a cheap left wing producer wearing a $50,000 rug in hollywood couldn’t write a story line for a anti American movie better.

  2. Obama never accepts any blame for anything, has anybody else noticed this? He blames everything that happens on anyone but himself. Our Government should have been monitoring the situation in the Gulf immediately after that explosion and in the many days after to make sure there wasn’t a huge spill but of course they didn’t send anyone there until 8 DAYS AFTER when it was out of control! Our Government dropped the ball Big-Time on this and Obama has much blame on this. He claims to be on top of this incident from day 1? Obama is a miserable Failure as President and he should be impeached.
    Great work Jim, have a wonderful weekend sir.

    • Great read faustman but hate to break it to you Obama is an incompetent jerk off, along with the mouthing breathing Pelosi led Democrats that can’t read. I’m still trying to figure out why he bought the girls B.O. Hell he could have just put a leash on Michelle, she smells so they could have called her B.O as well, LOL J.C. Thanks for stopping by Phil, I’ve been busier that a one armed paper hanger in a whore house.

  3. I heard Rahm didn’t wear a towel for intimadation mode. “Co-Ed Naked Polotics” is really what we have here, with the transparency and all. Aren’t they busy creating jobs? They managed to get dozen’s of clean-up workers a job with plenty of over-time. The mess will last a good long time too. Now that is stimulus in action! The fault is unsustainable, you can’t blame poor Barry, his political inheiritance led him into every crisis America will ever have. The spilling of Islamic “mother’s milk” was 1: An act of Allah 2: a N. Korean submarine 3: Silent HAARP (shake rattle and roll) fall-out. As sure as, Billy C had Teflon, Barry must be using PAM, the ever so popular non-stick, no trans fats, coating to insure s clean slate. Ah, now we have it! Democrats on Inhailents! Laura Bush should have cleaned out the cupboard before she left DC. Not a laughing matter, but there will be a time when America will have to do something about ineligibility, I depose.

  4. A worthy post from Huffington Post?!! It is one after the other crisis with this administration and every crisis needs gov’t intervention – a little too many not to be suspect some of this could possibly be orchestrated WITH PURPOSE! I too, still wondering about “the cause” of Gulf oil spill. On the heels of the coal mine accident.. Have to hand it to the marxist/commies…..they know how & what to set up to be able to take over and transform our FREEDOM loving country into Socialist state. Makes me sick to have to sit back and watch their fine tuned plan becomce reality for our futures! Would love to have a bird’s eye view of the behind closed doors meetings, conversations, in other words, those who are shifting the gears in the wings…..the shadow gov’t hard at work. Obama and global thugs are at war on capitalism & US taxpayer on the hook for increasing debt into infinity! As if we havent’ been bent over enough with bank, auto bailouts, TARP….and more to come, now Barry going global with bailing out! All I can think of that is not profanity to describe what this administration means to me is ANTI-AMERICAN! – Beck may have coined it better “Crime,Inc.” There is a jail cell somewhere in the country, with obama’s name on it. Yes, he must be impeached.

    • I agree, we will never know what caused the oil rig fire. Let’s hope there are jail cells available for most of the main players in the fraud that nearly brought the fraud down. As I’ve written before, I picture Obama, chained to a hut in Kenya. He would be wearing an electronic monitoring ankle bracelet. He would be surrounded by armed guards, Navy SEALS all, to make sure he doesn’t slide out under the bottom of the hut like he slid under the door at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. For P.T. he would be water boarded.
      Bummer, just found out Kenya will refuse to take him, he doesn’t have a birth certificate. Kenya only detains natural born citizens. J.C.

    • Barry needs to be water boarded by Navy SEALS until he agrees to unseal his records.

  5. DZ, your take on Bo/Michelle cracks me up! WOOF!

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