Reversal of Female Genital Mutilation Policy

With awareness comes the light. It is well past time that the international community sanction the brutality of this heinous debasement of of females in the name of Allah.
Rational thoughts while observing the passing parade, I’m J.C.

The New York Times reports that the American Academy of Pediatrics has been forced to backpedal on its revolting embrace of female genital mutilation:

The American Academy of Pediatrics has reversed its decision last month regarding the practice of female circumcision by immigrants from some African, Middle Eastern and Asian cultures. The academy had suggested in a policy statement that doctors be given permission to perform a ceremonial pinprick or nick on girls if it would keep their families from sending them overseas for the full circumcision. Although the nick on a girl’s clitoris is illegal in the United States, the academy’s bioethics panel had noted it is practiced in some countries. The policy statement ignited a storm of criticism from opponents of female genital cutting. Dr. Judith S. Palfrey, president of the academy, said: “We’re saying don’t do it. Do everything that you can to support that family in this tough time, but don’t be pulled into the procedure.”

Of course, New York Times writer Pam Belluck fails to use the words “female genital mutilation” in this brief blurb. But at least she reported on this major victory for Feminist Hawks in our fight against this inhumane and indefensible form of misogyny.

Thank you, NewsReal readers, for helping Jenn Q. Public and Lori Ziganto bring attention to the American Academy of Pediatrics’ dangerous betrayal of young girls in the name of multiculturalism.  Well done!

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13 thoughts on “Reversal of Female Genital Mutilation Policy

  1. Now that is pathetic. My religious preference is to cut off the hands that perform such diobolical deeds. Anyone want to join my religion and get a government grant? It’s bi-cultural, it’s diverse, it’s horrible and crazy for modern mankind. I am sure I will have plenty of backing and followers. It’s also bi-partisan.

  2. Little by little, bit by bit we are having the cultures of other nations shoved at us over our own under the guise that we need to be sensitive to those coming here. Sensitive, my butt! We have our own culture and if anyone coming here doesn’t like it, they should stay in their home land where these barbaric things are tolerated.

    I cringe at the thought of what “cultrual” thing will be thrown at us next. Sharia Law is being heavily pushed and we better be prepared to put up a bigger push back fight against it than we were able to pull off against the Mosque in NYC.

    Contrary to what Obama says – this is a CHRISTIAN nation, not a Muslim one. We don’t believe in the Laws of Islam for damn good reasons!

  3. You would probably not have a problem getting a grant from these loons. Hell, you might even get funds to construct special facilities to perform the procedures.

    The regime is always looking for ‘creative’ ways to waste taxpayer money !!

  4. Mel,

    Agreed . Will we ever return to being the UNITED States of America – one language, one flag, under God ? What is happening now is not freedom of religion , but rather destruction of the values that made this country what it “once was’ .

    Does the fraud in the WH want this type of mutalation for the females in his family?

  5. this BULLSHIT is a muslim practice based on the ‘family honor’ doctrine, during which the clitoris is surgically removed…cut out with whatever is handy, usually done as a child supposedly before they experience any kind of stimulation…..the warped mentality behind it is that the woman won’t experience normal sexual drives (therefore supposedly won’t be tempted to ‘stray’) but it also renders the woman incapable of experiencing the pleasure of the sex act, making her essentially a sex slave
    ANYONE that condones it is SICK

  6. This just makes me so sick when I researched this for the article J.C. and I wrote the other day. I hadn’t heard of it before, but this has been battled for years by none other than Jane Fonda…..Shocker!!! Well, at least she is good for one thing. Not much else though.

    Kingratfish and Mel I couldn’t agree with you guys more.

    I almost just can’t take it I’m so sickend, pissed and heartbroken all at the same time every time I hear about this horrific torture of little girls all over the world. It’s just one more things those bastards can think up to torture someone just because they happen to be a small female who can’t fight and defend herself. That is the ultimate child abuse which needs to be renounced and made illegal in every country of the world.

  7. Aside from the human degradation of it, and the enslavement of half the human race it represents, it absolutely can not be allowed to take place in our country, it would be tantamount to surrendering America to islam. This is an enormously evil toe in the door of Liberty.
    Sharia law can kiss my arse. Islam can kiss my pork eating arse.

  8. I am so sorry for the author and for those who leave comments without any info or thinking! Female Genital Mutilation is practiced mostly in African countries. It has no link to Islam, is not practiced among muslims and is “banned” in Islam. Just look at the pics for it on the net, do you see any covered women in those pics?? If the practitioners of this stupid thing were extreme muslims they had burqa or some other type of Hijab (covering). I am sorry for uneducated Islamophobes who connect any wild or uncivilized thing to Islam.

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