Is the Government About to Impose a “Drudge Tax” on Blogs and Websites?

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This will never make it to committee. Just another hair brained idea that wan to control all manner of or freedom.  Rest assured, those voting for said legislation will have their political careers end up deader than the legislation.  This dog won’t hunt. Rational thoughts while observing the passing charade, I’m J.C.

It appears the Federal Trade Commission is looking for ways to cripple web sites like the Drudge Report – sites that post links to various news articles. I wonder why they would want to do that?

Washington Times: The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is seeking ways to “reinvent” journalism, and that’s a cause for concern. According to a May 24 draft proposal, the agency thinks government should be at the center of a media overhaul. The bureaucracy sees it as a problem that the Internet has introduced a wealth of information options to consumers, forcing media companies to adapt and experiment to meet changing market needs. FTC’s policy staff fears this new reality……..(To fully comprehend the complete ignorance among the unnamed supporting this idea please click on the link above, Washington Times. You will love it.)

The ideas being batted around to save the industry share a common theme: They are designed to empower bureaucrats, not consumers. For instance, one proposal would, “Allow news organizations to agree jointly on a mechanism to require news aggregators and others to pay for the use of online content, perhaps through the use of copyright licenses.”

In other words, government policy would encourage a tax on websites like the Drudge Report, a must-read source for the news links of the day, so that the agency can redistribute the funds collected to various newspapers. Such a tax would hit other news aggregators, such as Digg, Fark and Reddit, which not only gather links, but provide a forum for a lively and entertaining discussion of the issues raised by the stories. Fostering a robust public-policy debate, not saving a particular business model, should be the goal of journalism in the first place……Read More

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3 thoughts on “Is the Government About to Impose a “Drudge Tax” on Blogs and Websites?

  1. Hope ur right JC. Ready for the Marxist/Communist Regime to “hit THE WALL” on being able to ram through anymore freedom busting legislation on Americans! As Rush said the other day….Obama going to Chicago Memorial Day Weekend pre-Blago trial, is like the scene in the Godfather when the guy woke up with a horsehead in his bed…….sent a serious message…Nothing but bunch of MOBSTERS & THUGS power grabbing US gov’t. Only reason they want to restrict our first amendment rights is so the country will only have their PROPAGANDA and B.S. to listen to. Truth is NEMEIS tor Communists. Internet is a big problem for them. Too many people have access to truth thru the net!

  2. You won’t publish what I truly would like to say, it is not politically correct, defiles all of my christian ethics and my mother would faint at the sound of it. Bleep bleep, bango, bango, sploch, slip stop, I can’t stand this commie crap, can’t somebody, anybody step up to the plate and call game over?

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