Bombshell expose': The real reason the oil still flows into the Gulf of Mexico.

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This article is incredibly well sourced with links to all of Joanne’s assertions below.  I’m in awe of the amount of work she did to put this story together. It is either one hell of a conspiracy theory or it’s true, what say you?

The wellpipe rupture was a “Convenient” accident. The officials have no intention of stopping that oil spewing into the Gulf. They scammed us with the Dome experiment. They used the Top Kill method as a ruse to make us believe they were trying something.

I’m sure they had many calls to use a method that has been around for decades and being used successfully many times. It’s all about the profit. This expose has shown Who, what, when, where and why, the dithering.

It’s about the dispersants  the stimulus, the billionaires who are vested in NALCO, the scientists who are all onboard with the green agenda, Chicago and blatant deception.

Always follow the money! Rational thoughts while observing the ongoing national charade, I’m J.C.

As you know, the Deep Water Horizon has exploded in the Gulf of Mexico. It has been spewing oil from a ruptured wellpipe for over a month.

BP and the US Government has said they are trying everything possible to stop that multi million gallon oil from continuing to flow into the Gulf.

I am about to dispute that claim and offer an expose’ as to why that story about them doing everything possible is a lie and a profitable enterprise to those who would make money from this disaster.

The Top Kill method was started and suspended several times. It was being attempted only half heartedly. The reason is, there is no money to be made with a solution that simple.

The real money is in the use of dispersants.

There is a company called NALCO. They make water purification systems and chemical dispersants.

NALCO is based in Chicago with subsidiaries in Brazil, Russia, India, China and Indonesia.

NALCO is associated with UChicago Argonne program. UChicago Argonne received $164 million dollars in stimulus funds this past year. UChicago Argonne just added two new executives to their roster. One from NALCO. The other from the Ill. Dept of Educaution.

If you dig a little deeper you will find NALCO is also associated with Warren Buffett, Maurice Strong, Al Gore, Soros, Apollo, Blackstone, Goldman Sachs,  Berkshire Hathaway .

Warren Buffet /Hathaway Berkshire increased their holdings in NALCO just last November. (Timing is everything).

The dispersant chemical is known as Corexit. What it does is hold the oil below the water’s surface. It is supposed to break up the spill into smaller pools. It is toxic and banned in Europe.

NALCO says they are using older and newer versions of Corexit in the Gulf.. (Why would you need a newer version, if the old one was fine?)

There is big money and even bigger players in this scam. While they are letting the oil blow wide open into the Gulf, the stakes and profit rise.

The Dolphins, Whales, Manatees, Sea Turtles and fish suffocate and die. The coastal regions, salt marshes, tourist attractions and the shore front properties are being destroyed, possibly permanently.The air quality is diminished. The Gulf of Mexico fishing industry is decimated.

All to create a need for their expensive and extremely profitable poison.

Some friends and I have compiled extensive articles and reports to support this claim.

Thank you:

Sir_Templar. He brought this to our attention and hs supplied links and articles.

Spongedocks. She tirelessly searched through mountains of information & supplied valuable links & resources..

Bobbi85710 She has contributed links articles and uncovered the Stimulus funds.

The Research:

‘This is NALCO:

Goldman Sachs was part of a three-pronged group that purchased NALCO:

Buffett’s Bet On Water, NALCO (NLC is trade code):

‘Blackstone, Apollo and Goldman Sachs to acquire Ondeo NALCO’ (COREXIT 9500):

The Milken Institute – Leon Black of Apollo Management LLC (i.e. NALCO):

BP plc, Citigroup Inc., Goldman Sachs, NALCO Holding Co., Halliburton Co:

The Chicago, NALCO, Arab, Blago, Rezko Connection:

Obama’s Economic Adviser Buffet,= Berkshire Hathaway Inc – NALCO Holding Co:

NALCO and the China Connection:

‘NALCO eyes doubling of sales in China:

Berkshire the second-largest shareholder in NALCO:

Company Profile ‘NALCO Holding Co:

’96 “partnerships with enviro products thru 2010″! Attendees: Gore M. Strong & NALCO:

Gore/Strong EPA Conference ’96:

BP Embraces Exxon’s Toxic Dispersant, Ignores Safer Alternative

It has been confirmed that the dispersal agent being used by BP and the government is Corexit 9500 , a solvent originally developed by Exxon and now manufactured by Nalco Holding Company of Naperville, IL.  Their stock took a sharp jump, up more than 18% at its highest point of the day today, after it was announced that their product is the one being used in the Gulf.  Nalco’s CEO, Erik Frywald, expressed their commitment to “helping the people and environment of the Gulf Coast recover as rapidly as possible.”  It may be that the best way to help  would be to remove their product from the fray.  Take a look at some of the facts about Corexit 9500:

A report written by Anita George-Ares and James R. Clark for Exxon Biomedical Sciences, Inc. entitled “Acute Aquatic Toxicity of Three Corexit Products: An Overview ” states that “Corexit 9500, Corexit 9527,  and Corexit 9580 have moderate toxicity to early life stages of fish, crustaceans and mollusks (LC50 or EC50 – 1.6 to 100 ppm*).  It goes on to say that decreasing water temperatures in lab tests showed decreased toxicity, a lowered uptake of the dispersant.  Unfortunately, we’re going to be seeing an increase in temperatures, not a decrease.  Amongst the other caveats is that the study is species-specific, that other animals may be more severely affected, silver-sided fish amongst them.

Here is the Stimulus money:

Awards in Lemont , Illinois

Below are the stimulus contracts, grants, and loans in this city. You can click on an award to read (and add to) its description. You can also discuss the award and vote on whether you are satisfied with it or not. For a more local view, you can drill down to awards in a particular city. Just choose a city from the following list.

The total of cost of all the projects submitted by Lemont is $164,030,462.00

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Contract This is a Time-and-Materials task order in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in the Basic Contract DE-EM0000156.… $305,550 Lemont IL 1 -1
Contract Argonne National Laboratory manages a variety of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA)-funded projects, which will create jobs and help… $163,724,912 Lemont IL 19 25



Contract: $163,724,912Department of Energy – May. 22, 2009


NALCO is associated with Exelon and Com Ed. (Ayers’ father was CEO of Com Ed.)

Com Ed hired a CEO form NALCO and a director from Dept of EDU. Isn’t B. Ayers w/Edu?

Pay close attention to UChicago Argonne. They control Fermi, as well as other majopr energy industry connections.

ComED & Exelon are connected to NALCO through UChicago Argonne.

All areconnected to Fermilab. That stimulus millions to Lamont is funding all these connections.

They even hire each other’s executives.

ComEd names 2 new outside directors

(Crain’s) — Commonwealth Edison Co. has appointed two new outside board members as the utility continues to seek to distance itself from parent Exelon Corp. in the ongoing controversy in Springfield over future electric rates.

Added to the ComEd board are Edward (Ted) J. Mooney, former CEO of Nalco Holding Co. in Naperville, and Jesse H. Ruiz, partner in the law firm of Gardner Carton & Douglas LLP and chairman of Illinois State Board of Education. The appointments were effective Oct. 16.


This is NALCO India. It’s in Brazil, Russia & China.= BRIC.There is also a plant in Indonesia. (There are a couple articles at this link.


A Few Words About Nalco

Please note the date of article Nov. 2009.(Timing is everything).

“It is no wonder why Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway is the biggest shareholder.”


If you read this article carefully, you will see the Dome they were allegedly using to “try to block the spill” was a lie. It was never intended to stop the oil flow.

It was an experiment being conducted for another project.:

Science magazine features Mines hydrates research

GOLDEN, Colo., Oct. 12, 2009 – Science magazine has published a paper by Colorado School of Mines doctoral graduate student Matthew Walsh, and faculty and co-directors of the Center for Hydrate Research (CHR), Carolyn Koh, E. Dendy Sloan, Amadeu Sum, and David Wu — “Microsecond Simulations of Spontaneous Methane Hydrate Nucleation and Growth.”

The article was recently featured on “Science Express,” the magazine’s web site that highlights selected articles that will appear in upcoming print issues.

Wu explains gas hydrates as vast untapped energy reserves found in the ocean and the permafrost that are also a potential storage medium for hydrogen fuel or sequestering carbon dioxide. Hydrates currently pose the greatest challenge in the delivery of oil and gas in pipelines, which can be plugged by the formation of hydrates, he said. The Mines research reported in Science helps explain how hydrates form, and could eventually lead to ways to control their growth.

“Methane hydrates form at high pressures and low temperatures, and have an unusual crystalline structure in which water molecules form cages around individual methane molecules, ” Wu said. “How such complex structures form is notoriously difficult to study since the process of nucleation is a rare random event that happens in a few nanoseconds and at a random location over a few nanometers.”

This study was supported by the National Science Foundation-Renewable Energy Materials Research Science and Engineering Center and CBET Division, the U.S. Department of Energy and the Mines Hydrate Consortium, which is presently sponsored by BP, Champion Technologies, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, Halliburton, Multi-Chem Group, Nalco, Petrobras, Schlumberger, Shell, SPT Group, StatoilHydro, and Total.


Special Report on BP plc, Citigroup Inc., Goldman Sachs, Nalco Holding Co., Halliburton Co., and Domestic All-Star Paradigm Oil and Gas, Inc. (PDGO)

May 2, 2010 3:01 PM EDT

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA — (MARKET WIRE ) — 05/02/10 — is a premier source for microcap and blue chip research and commentary.

The scale and carnage of BP’s recent oil spill disaster continues to grow on a daily basis. The Wall Street Journal, citing industry experts, on Friday estimated the size of the continuing oil leak at 25,000 barrels a day (up from the U.S. government’s Thursday estimate of 5,000 barrels a day). BP shares have fallen 12% since the disaster.

The accident has forced President Barack Obama to put on hold politically sensitive plans to expand offshore U.S. oil drilling . In March, President Obama unveiled plans for a limited expansion, in part to try to win Republican support for climate change legislation. The White House announced Saturday morning the President will travel to the gulf coast today to get an update on efforts to contain the massive spill.

Yesterday news reports that several banks (including Goldman Sachs, GS and Citigroup, C ), recommended buying BP shares. They argue investors are over reacting since the April 20 explosion.

Yesterday oil giant BP (BP) released news that it has tested the dispersants (manufactured by Nalco Holding Co. (HAL)), on Friday night and authorized it’s use on a larger scale. BP also added, it is looking for additional suppliers to begin manufacturing the material in mass quantities.


The day after the rig blew, there was a Symposium on alternative energy. The Keynote speakers were none other than John Holdren and Ray Lahood. (Timing is everything):

Chicago Summit To Address Four Key Challenges

Clean water; carbon, energy and climate; urban sustainability; and global health to be discussed April 21 to 22
March 25, 2010

On April 21 to 22, engineering, government, non-profit and business leaders from across the United States and abroad, as well as local high school and college students, will convene at Chicago’s Fairmont Hotel as the Illinois Institute of Technology and Chicago Council on Science and Technology present the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) Grand Challenges for the 21st Century: Chicago Summit 2010. The Chicago Summit is designed to stimulate the engineering, science and policy advances needed to address four key “grand challenges” facing the United States: clean water; carbon, energy and climate; urban sustainability; and global health.

Among the many notables to attend the summit will be U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood, assistant to the president for science and technology, Dr. John P. Holdren, and the Haitian Ministry of Health’s Marie Denise Milord.

The summit was held as scheduled: Rig blew April 20, 2010. Summit next day.


This is a hodgepdge of articles:

Some examples:

Funds for Cleaning Up After BP

By Don Dion 05/26/10

Cleaning up the Gulf of Mexico is good for business for a diverse collection of companies dedicated to this and other types of environmental efforts.

Why George Soros Is Buying Westport Innovations

By Eric Rosenbaum 05/25/10

Westport Innovations nabs a major investor in the first quarter: George Soros.

Professor Buffett’s Spring Cleaning

By Don Dion 05/21/10

Buffett has made a few interesting tweaks to his portfolio, including scaling back Berkshire’s position in Kraft by more than 20%.

Got Water? ($)

PHO offers lets investors dip into one of the most crucial and overlooked commodities in the world.

Nalco States Medium-term Financial Objectives

By GlobeNewswire 05/17/10 seems the wall street journal is chasing this too
Chairman President and CEO
Headquarters: NAPERVILLE, IL
Chemicals And Allied Products
In 2009, J. Erik Fyrwald received $5,620,847 in total compensation. By comparison, the average worker made $32,048 in 2009. J. Erik Fyrwald made 175 times the average worker’s pay.


And finally this:

Ying Yeh looks for new challenge, hopes to help clean China

By Zhang Qi (China Daily)
Being in the limelight is nothing new for Ying Yeh. As the first Chinese woman appointed the global vice president of a Fortune 500 company and the minister-counselor for Commercial Affairs in the US, Ying Yeh has received plenty of accolades.

But what surprised many was her recent decision to leave behind her successful 12-year career at Eastman Kodak and join Nalco, a virtually unknown US company.


So there you have it folks.

The wellpipe rupture was a “Convenient” accident. The officials have no intention of stopping that oil spewing into the Gulf. They scammed us with the Dome experiment. They used the Top Kill method as a ruse to make us believe they were trying something. I’m sure they had many calls to use a method that has been around for decades and being used successfully many times.

It’s all about the profit.

This expose has shown Who, what, when, where and why, the dithering.

It’s about the dispersements, the stimulus, the billionaires who are vested in NALCO, the scientists who are all onboard with the green agenda, Chicago and blatant deception.

Always follow the money!


Obama blaming BP:

Obama blames BP and orders probe

Pelosi blaming Bush:


In the meantime, we all now know the truth.

Greed, corruption, conspiracy, fraud and deception are where the blame lies. From the top down is involved.

Remember, you cannot redistribute fishing/shrimping industries, tourism, ocean front property, boating. That wealth will have to be destroyed.

They are poisoning our Gulf for personal profit!.

It’s not just about dispersants. It is about the profits, investments, the Stimulus, the short selling of stocks, the chemicals and the greed.

There is money to be made in the crisis, not just in the oil.

All the players, including BP are into a lot more than oil.

Follow the money!

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22 thoughts on “Bombshell expose': The real reason the oil still flows into the Gulf of Mexico.

  1. THIS NEEDS TO GO VIRAL! I’m on fire after reading this since suspecting from the get-go, the spill has purposefully been allowed to continue to destroy the entire Gulf Coast. For those who believe POTUS or any of the people named here could never be capable of anything so diabolical, manaical, THIS EVIL, they do not know EVIL! These people mentioned are the well known high rollers and controllers of future One World Gov’t. They are a soulless bunch, have no conscience, & are not going to allow anything to get in their way. This is probably THE BEST POST I’ve read in a while! GREAT RESEARCH, sadly SICKENING to know there is high probability author’s conclusions are true.

    Already, this a.m. Fox News was reporting a swing in public opinion now in favor of no more drilling for oil on U.S. Coastline….playing RIGHT INTO Obama & GLOBAL Trottin’, hateful hearted bunch of CRONIES hands, the CCX, and moving forward with Agenda 21. This is all too obvious for it to be consipracy. God HELP THIS NATION & OUR WORLD.

  2. Too many coincidences? Eh, could be!

    • Too much research went into the story not to put it out there, it’s as good of a theory than a North Korean Sub attack. I will never believe it was an accident, J.C.

  3. You bet this needs to go viral. Please see my comments on this on my blog.


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  5. Tadah!! Thanks to Joanne for her sleuthness! Much expected outcome. I never believed for one minute that the Gulf Oil Crisis was a complete accident. It so smells of a conspiratorial mechanism. It has all the trimming’s including the burning candles! As conspiracy works: The 1 event 2 the media hype 3 rumoured causes 4 legislative operatives to prevent reoccurance 5 solutions. Between the Obama vacation and AWOL top guns, the media and greenie legislation, halting home drilling acts and late gate’ botched attempts to fix the problem; just exactly where is America? Under the thumb and threat of domestic and foreign goverments! The toxic “spill” the toxic “fix” and billions of money to be gained in private circles. Forget about the enviornment, tourism, fising, wild life and job/merchant destruction. It is always about the billions and trillions that the oligarchy will sift through their diverse nets. I sent this post to everyone I know and all patriot groups. Good work Jim

  6. All I had to read was this: “NALCO is based in Chicago with subsidiaries in Brazil, Russia, India, China and Indonesia.” for my radar to go absolutely off the charts!!! Then I read names of people involved w/ NALCO and I thought blood would shoot right out of my eyes.

    Like JC – I have never believed that this was an accident, nor have I every believed that stopping the oil from continuing to fill the Gulf was as difficult as it’s is being portrayed.

    Hearing that GOLF BALL’S and MUD were to be shot into the pipeline I thought ,” Man! How gullible do they truly thing we are?” Apparently pretty damn gullible cuz they’re throwinf one stupid theory & solution out there and people are swallowing.

    Just knowing that a water purification and chemical dispersants company is out there, ready & waiting – based in OMG – Chicago of all places, and subsidiaries in China, India, Russia, Chine, BRAZIL (didn’t we just send them $$ for supporting their off shore drilling or am I confused on this?), and INDONESIA (where BO spent many formative years and was just supposed to go show off to his girls)………is enuf to confirm my suspicions that this whole thing has been part of a grand scheme from the get go. Now that NALCO has been revealed, I can see the why that I’ve been searching for.

    GlowGirl, I’m with you in my rage over the disturbing and sickening information this article contains. I don’t know whether to scream bloody murder just to get the rage out of me or sit down and cry my heart out at the demise of my country cuz sure as this is going on right now, it spells the death knell unless something huge happens …………SOON! No longer do I see that getting BO out of office in 2012 as a solution. The # of people involved in the “grand scheme of things” is beyond the comprehension of most of us and we’re the ones paying attention. My heart is just sick beyond belief.

    There was an Alabama Mayor on one of Fox’s Sunday programs who was ranting & raving about how the oil is just being let to go anywhere and everywhere w/ no control. He said he wasn’t waiting for any Gov’t permission to do what needs to be done. He’ll have his firemen out there if necessary to block the flow.
    I am going to be trying to find out who this guy is and a way to send him this article. SOAB!!! These money grubbing bastards!!!

    Seeing the names of the people involved with NALCO makes my blood boil. I’ve been following the inner circle of people associated with all things Chicago and BO’s buddies & pals from said city for a long time and the players are all the same.

    Anyone who doesn’t know who Maurice Strong is – just do a google search on him and you will go ballistic in what and who this guy is involved with. 2 good articles on him are “Meet Maurice Strong”, “International Man of Mystery: Who Is Maurice Strong”, and then go to and pull up a “short Biography” which is 7 pages long. If the info on him doesn’t scare the pants off you, I don’t know what will.

    The fact that these people are ready, willing & able to destroy the Gulf fishing industry, the coast and everything that goes with it by dumping this poison, (which is mostly still experimental from my take on what I read) killing everything in comes into contact with – dolfins, whales, manatees, sea turtles, fish, crustateans – My GOD!!! What will they do next to achieve their agendas???

    I am sending this article to EVERYONE in my address book in the hopes that this will go VIRAL. I don’t know if it’s even possible to stop this filthy bunch of bastards but I hope that someone with some clout to get this info to people who will scream loud & long will see it and start a full-scale investigation.

    • This is just amazing when you think about it. I believe she has sourced this too well for it not to have a great deal of truth. I also believe that dirt bags blew it up from the get go. The media wants us to believe stories about BP’s fires and safety record, all BS, they were getting ready to receive a prestigious award for safety that had to be canceled. There are currently 450 rigs drilling at 5000 feet in the gulf, non have had a fire or an explosion. What’s up with that? More important we are drilling in such deep places because the green morons have got, make that bought our legislators to push them that deep. Never lost upon me is the fact that our enemies drill at 1000 feet and we wonder why America isn’t competitive. J.c.

  7. Sharing exact same sentiment JC. & also forwarded out to all on my list on both computers!!!!!! Including Hannity, Rush, & Beck. Where are the holes these international SOB’s live? As many people + countries this group has turned topsy turvey, dare I say it is amazing they still have a pulse. I guess that’s the beauty of having corrupt gov’ts……..makes it easy for them to slither in and out with ease! I’m afraid our country has been shoved down the slippery slope to TYRANNY (these people are beyond mere SOCIAISTS!) farther than we can imagine. Neither will I ever beleive this wasn’t sabatoge from the beginning! The ill intent Obama & Czars have for this country is too obvious, they don’t even flinch when they get a little sloppy. That left hand working behind the A/H is the one so worrisome…while we’re being distracted by the right.

  8. Given BO’s long time stance on any kind of drilling or exploration, I was stunned when he came out a short time ago saying he was going to allow far more than we had any hope of getting from him.

    This explosion, on a rig that had gotten safety awards, just does not make any sense to me other than when one considers that his whole solution to this oil crisis is to make a big declaration about no more drilling. Drilling will continue all around the world – just not in Obama’s world. Are all surgeries forever banned because 1 goes wrong? Is there a ban on driving after there is one car accident? Makes no sense other than it fits into his diabolical agenda.

    This explosion not only helped give him an excuse to shut down drilling & exploration but now we find that it’s also an enormous financial boon to all the people with vested interest in seeing this spill continues ad infinitum.

  9. OMG! This is huge! Yeah I always thought this was no accident also. This explains everything!!

    Very Very good job Joeanne! I hope you don’t mind JC but I’m sending this to all my contacts! I do have some cantancorous contacts who sometime like to cause trouble for conservatives but they need to hear this!

    J.C. would you mind if I sent this to……Ken? You know, the one from FB? We were discussing this last night and he asked me who are we to blame? He wanted answers too. He needs to read this. I’m only asking you just in case he decides to make a comment on here. I just don’t want to cause any trouble. Please get back to me on this. I won’t send it to him unless you say it’s ok.

    • NOW HERE THIS, ANYTHING ON THIS SITE IS FOR YOUR EYES ONLY AND MUST BE SHREDDED IF PRINTED, whoops thought I was Obama for a minute, please absolutely share anything here with your friends, if they are on Facebook, ask them to go to a group I started that is going like gang busters, have them type in MEDIA COVER UPS AND GOVERNMENT LIES. WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER, THE MORE PEOPLE THAT SEE THE TRUTH, THE BETTER!

  10. Full Press
    America, if not the world, is a batch of grapes inside a wine press. Economic austerity in California and government mandated drought are squeezing out the John Galts in droves. Will there be a a Grapes of Wrath scenario in reverse? Where will they go to find fertile soil and water? The Ogallala aquifer beneath the ‘bread basket of the world’ is polluted and requires more energy to raise its drips. Additionally, the Columbia and Snake River aquifers are also in jeopardy. If the farmers leave the land, where will they go, and if they do, will they be welcome where they may land?

    BP’s ineptly lanced deeply into the seafloor in the Gulf and decompressed an abscess of black purulence they are unable to assuage. When the Gulf becomes a huge dead sea, where will the the fishers go? Will the men of the sea be capable to adapt and/or compete with illegal laborers north of the coast?

    Whether the ‘incident’ five miles south from NOLA was intentional or otherwise, the tardiness to respond to the tragedy is another example of this regime’s insouciance. At the worst, the egregious precedent (sic) is is guilty of malignant neglect. In accordance with the stupidity of a wily coyote, this momentous, if not apocalyptic event dovetails with his agenda. Surprised?

    Has the traitor, or alien agent, is now conforming to the Igor Penarin paradigm, not the New Weird Disorder? If one looks at Penarin’s fractured map of his conception of the new America, the portion ceded to Mexico is too expansive. East TX, LA, MS, AL, GA, FL, possibly SC are filled with ‘red necks’, who ‘cling to their bibles and guns’, will tenaciously hold their domains against aggression, unless . . . unless an event may coerce them to migrate elsewhere.

    Again, whether it was sabotage or serendipity, it seems awfully convenient that the TransOcean-BP platform had suddenly self destructed on the first day of the Vernal equinox and 16 days after Baal Insane Obomber bin Liar had lifted the ban of offshore drilling access to the oil cabal. It appears an expensive Emanuelian crisis has been precipitated and the investment will be spent ‘wisely’. When the fishers lose their independence for the loss of income, the old and young men will go where guns and bibles are welcome.

    Back in the early 90’s I cooked up a plot culminating with a scenario much like this. It was about a panic after a false rumor that the Aedes Egypti mosquito was the carrier of the HIV retovcirus. A ‘spit spot test’ was jumbled together by the CDC as a screening tool. The test rendered a high rate of false positives (26%). The habitat of that suspected vector was in the subtropic south. The frightened people went north to the cities. The migration caused ‘population compression’ and stress on the social systems (I was not aware of Cloward-Pivin-Alinsky). Excessive crowding eventuated to ‘flash point’ leading to senseless rage and mayhem in the streets. I called the phenomenon at that time as ‘consolidation in a smaller barrel’. As it was then, and is now, all about control of the people. It was merely a fabrication, but was it?

    About three years ago, I tripped upon Acts 11:28-30. Those three terse verses continue to clang inside my head. Agabus predicted a ‘panfamine’ in first Century of the Church. He dispatched Paul and Barnabus to enter Judea to relieve the Christians during the reign of Claudius. They so did. At first, I thought the mention of Claudius was merely a historic annotation. When the bailouts were bantered around, I realized Caesar = government = do not ask for its help. Ho-hum? Not.

    I was, and remain, convinced we are about to repeat history again, again, and again. I sent numerous letters to church leaders of an imminent famine and it may be manipulated and/or abetted by the powers that be. I suggested we need not to worry about going to Judea, for Judea will come to us. And that was my reason to borrow Steinbeck’s title = the migration Grapes of Wrath in reverse. (sent to: on 2 Jun 10)

    Little fishie swimming in the brook
    Please jump on my empty hook
    Or daddy will snatch you up,
    And put you in my rain barrel
    So I will look down at you,
    And you will up at me
    And daddy’s 12 gauge barrel
    Is pointed at . . . at . . .you.


  11. Okay, you are all gonna think this is a joke, but it’s not. Watch this video of a couple of “dumb” rednecks who have figured out how to clean up the oil spill.
    Watch the whole video and look at the results.

  12. I do not doubt for one minute that this is not true.

    • I’ve even dug up more dirt on how Goldman Sachs, Buffet and the boys took positions in NALCO, and in the case of Goldman dumped BP stock a couple weeks before the explosion. If these sources are credible, they will provide a hell of a piece for me to write. Thanks Sheila for visiting our site. I’m Jim the ring leader of our group. Please visit us often.

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  14. Can we say ever say enough about this travesty? This event will become a sticky political football for years to come. Or should I have said ‘wicket’? When the new bad lands in the south are evacuated, MIGA (Military-Industrial-Government Alliance) will reap another windfall: Finally the oil cartel will be permitted to mine the oil sands—not out west, but down south. The sticking point in the Rocikies has always been very limited water and the major reason the Sierra clubbers has never allowed it to happen. Since the ‘accident’ has defiled the Gulf basin, who can protest its ‘best use’ of its dead sea water?
    This event also dovetails with the NWO agenda of CODEX alimentarius. Food resources will be severely diminished, and the population will have no recourse but to accept the UN’ toxic cuisine. As a result of its ingestion, millions will be undernourished and tens of thousands will die. The first to depart will be the very young and very old. Coincidentally, CODEX will also serve the ends of ObamaCare (pun unintended).

  15. Hi, nice post! I enjoy reading it.
    Keep it coming!

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