Pamela Geller faces an absolutely clueless CNN anchor and a Muslim distorting truth and Reality

This must have been frustrating in deed for Ms. Geller. The CNN anchor was vapid as we would expect. The Muslim attorney cherry picked a verse from the Qur’an when in fact the institution of Islam is more a cult than a religion.  If Islam is the “religion of peace” and not the sword why is it the objective of Islam to be the only religion in the entire world.  With Islam you have this scenario. Conquer,  submit to dhimmitude convert or die.  How many religions fund their own faux military so that they can hide behind women and children as they fight their enemy?  Islam, is nothing more than a Seventh Century all pervasive life style where it’s membership is brain washed from the beginning.  How many religions require your death if you leave the group.  Zero!

Mano Bach, author of the best selling book, Escaping Islam told us at a recent ACT meeting, something that still burns inside me.  Jihadist’s didn’t hijack the Que’ran Islam hijacked Muslims. Ask your self a simple question.  Does a religion feature, mutilation of its females, stoning women to death, for real or made up crimes, provide a complete no interest banking system that funds Islamic Terror? The answer is simply no.  America, and our elected officials must make this a top priority.

Four of our colleagues, Reps. John Shadegg (AZ), Paul Broun (GA), Trent Franks (AZ) and Sue Myrick (NC) recently requested that the House Sergeant at Arms to launch an investigation of the civil rights group CAIR, or Council on American-Islamic Relations, to determine whether it was placing staff and interns in key Congressional offices who they fear are acting as “spies.”

This proposed investigation coincides with the launch of a book by Dave Gaubatz, an anti-Islamic activist and author of the book “Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld that’s Conspiring to Islamize America.” It features an introduction by Rep. Myrick, and was written after Gaubatz posed as an intern at CAIR in an effort to “infiltrate” the group.

These charges smack of an America of sixty years ago where lists of “un-American” agitators were identified. We should be affirming the importance of diversity and tolerance for all interns and staff who serve in Congress without suspicion of being identified as “spies.”

The idea that we should investigate Muslim interns as spies is a blow to the very principle of religious freedom that our founding fathers cherished so dearly. If anything, we should be encouraging all Americans to engage in the U.S. political process; to take part in, and to contribute to, the great democratic experiment that is America.

We all have experienced the sting of discrimination and we know that there will be challenges ahead. But our message should be firm that the America we believe in welcomes people of all backgrounds to the U.S. Congress.

We ask these charges be disavowed and we issue a hearty welcome to interns and staff of all creeds, color, ethnicities and sexual orientation.

But of course with a racist A.G. in Eric Holder, and a Muslim apologist as our current President, the investigation went nowhere.  To learn more about this complete and utter fraud, please click on Muslim Mafia in the side bar to read an excellent review of the workings of the cult. Rational thoughts while observing the passing charade, i’m J.C.

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4 thoughts on “Pamela Geller faces an absolutely clueless CNN anchor and a Muslim distorting truth and Reality

  1. I haven’t read it yet but wanted to tell you fix the typo in Muslim in the title; please don’t post this I’m just letting you know

    And you are right I can see the Hayek quote now. Don’t know what that was about


  2. I am completely sick of these clueless, stupid, blind, PC main-slime media types who can’t see what’s been unfolding for a very long time. I’m proud that two of the Congressmen launching this investigation are from Arizona. Wouldn’t it be great if the Islamo-fascists, CAIR, joined the “agenda” groups to boycott the state?!

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