Has the Messiah Finally Crucified Himself?

I once had Lisa listed as my favorite blogger. She is much more than that. She is a columnist for NewsReal and Current Event.
She has encouraged me and been a mentor. She’s a genius politically, as well as, an extremely well read historian. Her sardonic wit keeps the bad guys at bay.  Please visit her site by clicking on Lisa Richards above. Rational thoughts while observing a national charade, I’m J.C.
Some on the left are beginning to realize Barry Obama is not Jesus after all: he can’t raise an economy he killed with excessive bailouts, he can’t walk on water, especially the oil-slicked Gulf Coast he ignored, claiming he “can’t suck the oil up with a straw,” and he back-pedaled on his progressive promises, something that has the Left up in arms.

Obama Cruxifies Himself by Back-pedaling on Promises

.Left-wing newspapers, Obama’s gospels, are criticizing his pseudo-beatitudes as “lackluster” policies that did not usher in the progressive era the left hoped for.

The Left is now discovering this Jesus lacks the guts to hang on the cross.

New York Times Op-Ed columnist Ross Douthat displayed “the Agony of the Liberals” in his June 20, 2010 piece, stating

“Many liberals look at this White House and see a presidency adrift—unable to respond effectively to the crisis in the gulf, incapable of rallying the country to great tasks like the quest for clean energy, and unwilling to do what it takes to jump-start the economy…many on the left are talking as if he’s [Obama] no better for liberalism than Bill Clinton circa 1996—another compromiser, another triangulator and another disappointment.”

The Nation’s Ari Berman is asking

“What happened to the progressive moment that was supposed to follow Obama’s historic election?”

Obama’s progressive policies are burying themselves in a tomb of failure. And this is one stone he can’t roll away.

Americans awoke quickly to Obama’s lies and many on the Left see this president for what he is: a bureacrat.

Berman says

“Rather than breaking with the failures of the past, Obama largely reinforced Washington’s entrenched establishment.”

Douthat furthered this enlightenment:

“[T]he Obama presidency seems bizarrely disproportionate…,” further stating, “It’s not that he hasn’t done a great deal for liberals during his 18 months in office.  It’s that liberalism itself may be running out of time.”

Americans are not stupid, as Obama and his supporters assumed; most Americans reject progressivism.

Obama followers Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews are not only disappointed; they are astounded by his incompetency.

Frances Martel of Mediaite.com is stunned Obama supporters Matthews and Olberman harangued the president for his latest Oval Office speech and his reactions to the Gulf Coast:

“It was a fairly shocking display of disapproval from two of Obama’s biggest supporters in the media in the past.”

This was not expected from the Messiah’s disciples, abandoning him as he crucifies himself on a cross of incompetency, making Jimmy Carter look like Moses.  But Moses kept his promise, he led his people to the Promised Land; Obama has not.

As a result,

liberals have had just about enough of Barack Obama.

According to Berman, the problem is,

“Obama still seems to react to events defensively instead of shaping them…[Obama’s reactions] are almost certain to lose a lot of seats in November…Obama’s own re-election is by no means assured, especially as long as oil continues to flow into the Gulf.”

The problem is Obama is not Jesus, he is not the Messiah; Obama cannot walk on water or an oil-slick.  He’s an incompetent, self-centered talker who needs to get off the cross and let someone else use the wood.
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13 responses to “Has the Messiah Finally Crucified Himself?

  1. Seamus MacNemi

    Wrong Messiah,apparently? I have been wonering when the other shoe would fall and it looks as if it has,finnaly.
    Now all that remains to be seen is “Who” will pick it up.

  2. I totally agree.
    The next nail is being driven as we speak.
    General McChrystal isn’t stupid.
    I think he is making the biggest splash in the pond that he can.
    His rep is as a ‘get the job done’ leader.

    We served our country and our Constitution, not the politicians.
    We all had an opinion of the ‘fearless leaders’ in Washington when we served.
    This is a very different time.
    This is different in the fact that the troops are aware of what Obama is, and how he feels about the military.

    Obama is obviously not serving our country.
    Our troops are, and they are entitled to their opinion on the matter of support for their efforts to engage the enemy of our rights under the Constitution of the United States.

    JC, new format OK!

  3. Nobody can deliver what Obamination promised. Nor can anyone deliver victory in Afghanistan while its population remains enslaved to Allah.

    Muslims are obligated to conquer the world for Allah. Neither Obamination nor McCrystal can publicly acknowledge that fatal fact.

    Convert those who can be converted, kill the rest or lose. Their choice. Shrub & Obamination chose to lose. We lose.

  4. I think Obama will attempt to intimidate him, and McChrystal will retire.
    The next question we need to ask is who Obama will put in charge of our troops.
    We don’t know JC.
    I don’t see McChrystal as a puppet, do you ?

    Where’s George Patton when you need him ?

    Either let them win, or pull them out.
    Don’t tie their hands.

    The men and women serving over there want to win.
    They want to defend our country.
    That is why they enlisted to serve our country.
    The least the hateful parasite living in the White House can do for them is to support them.

    This should be financially and philosophically.

    A leader in the White House that has the above direction towards the success of the troops he has exposed to the enemy for the defense of this country will succeed as a leader.
    Our troops are well trained to detect the enemy.
    I believe they have.

  5. Mt Top Patriot

    What happened to obama is reality has taken front and center, the lies and dishonest nature of his past and his character has not served him well in the real world, and most importantly he was, except for the social crackpots of the left, never seen as Any kind of messiah by Americans who believe in the principles of our great nation.
    The one thing a man like obama can never comprehend is it is not the leader himself that earns and attains respect and greatness in America, it is his or her quality of character, principles and deeds.
    These are things that obama lacks in every respect.
    Styrofoam columns and skin color does not a man make.
    I’d say “President” in different circumstances because obama does not deserve the title due to the rule of law and his illegal alien status.

    You reap what you sow in this world. All obama and his kind are gonna get is a failed harvest of bitter fruit.
    I hope they all enjoy it because it looks like their days are numbered.

  6. Mt Top Patriot

    PS JC,
    The site looks great!

  7. MTP, you nailed it.
    The word ‘character’ would have never allowed Obama to accept the position of Commander in Chief.
    Martin Luther King said judge a man on his character.
    That is what we need to look for in the next elections.
    Obama was elected by people who were blinded by his rhetoric, and never pursued his past which was obscured by the media and the court system.
    That in itself was a red flag to me.

    The ignorant voters are still out there, hopefully not in the same numbers.

  8. JC, incompetent fool, yes,…arrogant Marxist yes.
    Acolyte of Saul Alinsky, yes.
    Enemy of America, yes.
    Anti-Free Market Capitalism, yes.
    Patriot,….NO !

    Wake up America, but have faith.
    As JC has said, and I agree, he will go down hard.

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