Muslims use religion as advantage to creep into Congress

creeping sharia

More on the Muslims-only Congressional (and Congressionally approved) group, and more Islamophilia, via Congress’ Muslim Staff Bridge Faith And Politics.

WASHINGTON (RNS) It’s a long way from the Syrian refugee camp where Mouaz Moustafa started his life to the Capitol Hill office building where he spends his days handling reams of correspondence for a U.S. senator.

Within the span of just 10 years, Moustafa says he’s now living the American dream at the age of 25.

“I really wanted to get into politics,” Moustafa said, “because I saw a place where we can actually … have a voice.”

He’s one of a growing number of Muslims who work on Capitol Hill even as their faith continues to generate suspicion in the minds of many Americans. After the 9/11 terrorist attacks forever changed America’s interaction with the Muslim world, the jobs can be challenging, but also, Moustafa says, an opportunity.

Muslims staffers have their own group, the Congressional Muslim Staffers Association, and host Friday prayers in the Capitol building. Yet some, including Moustafa, decline to say publicly which senator they work for, citing the heightened tensions of an election year.

Assad R. Akhter, president of the Muslim staff association and legislative director for a member of Congress who he also asked to remain unnamed, said Muslims can use questions about their religion to their advantage.

“Because there is a spotlight on Muslims and because people want to know more and have concerns, people take an interest,” said Akhter, 29. “We take that as an opportunity.”

Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., became the first Muslim congressman when he was elected in 2006; Indiana Democrat Andre Carson followed two years later. Both men sponsor the Muslim staff group, which boasts more than 100 members ranging from chiefs of staff to research associates.

The members work across Capitol Hill, from the House and Senate to the Library of Congress, the Congressional Budget Office and Capitol Police Department.

Akhter, noting the difficulty of finding space for his daily prayers, said “I pray in the congressman’s office when he’s not there when I have a chance.”

He said others find different ways to incorporate prayer into the day, although it’s not always easy, but it does give Muslim staffers a chance to explain their faith.

Moustafa said praying five times a day can be “tricky” but he never misses “jummah” prayers at noon on Fridays. Jummah prayers are typically held in a mosque; on the Hill, congressional staffers gather in a room in the Capitol building to pray together.

Attendance varies based on the seasons, with summer typically drawing more interns. In the spring, however, around 50 people attend.

A quiet air of reverence settles over the room as worshippers slip off their shoes and silence their BlackBerrys. Women in long skirts with their heads covered in colored headscarves join men in suits in prayer from the back of the room.

Not only do Muslim staffers convert Capitol Hill into a mosque every Friday, they enforce sharia law there – treating women as second class citizens who must pray separately from, or behind, Muslim men. Where are all those ardent secularists who want to remove all religious symbols and activities from government life? [crickets]

The original piece is here, but subscriber only, if anyone has access, please share as we’re curious what the 800 figure refers to.

WASHINGTON (RNS) Kimberlee Hauss talks with members of the Congressional Muslim Staffers Association who say they’re proud to serve their country on Capitol Hill, even if it means they can’t always publicly say which lawmaker they work for. About 800…

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20 thoughts on “Muslims use religion as advantage to creep into Congress

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  4. An Islamic America? I do not think so. While I harbor no personal grudge against Muslims per se because they are Muslims,I will strenuously object to any attempt to usurp the Constitution with Shariah. The Constitution is and must remain the first and final authority of the land and her people. Islam can have a place amongst us but only if it will recognise the rights of others to pursue life according to their own lights and understandings.

  5. Amish and muslims will be exempted from Obomber’s HellCare. The dim witted,or benighted, Generation X (the ‘cowards and whiners’ who voted for the entity) will blithly adopt islam. Feet and hands will surely fall from arms and legs when the ‘converts’ resist shariah law after they are forced to pay the jiza tax. Heads will shortly roll thereafter. America wiil be i-slammed. Ain’t allah great?

    • Yes Dr Al, that is absolutely factual, I looked it up. So it looks like rag heads won’t have to be treated by rag heads because a whole lot of American doctors will be retiring. The stats at medical schools are dwarfed by comparison. Jim

  6. JC: I will rpeat what Poles said when Hitler invaded them in 1939. ‘Many tanks’.

  7. Gun toting, Bible pounding Christians and Jews will never allow that to happen to our Country.
    We live in fly over country.
    Obama thinks he’s got us by the b@lls, Nah I don’t think so.
    He ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

    Hey JC, isn’t it fun to entice a sucker?

    Dr. Al. Shariah Law will never happen in this country.

  8. Just had a young girl who’s a junior in college
    in my shop. She is attending a state university
    and has Muslim friends “who are nicer to me than
    my own relatives. They’re not radicals and
    we all believe in the same God.” Tried to explain
    that no, the Muslim God is NOT our God of the
    Bible. She refuses to believe that all Muslims
    are misguided, it’s “just the radical ones.”
    Well, the supposed good ones have yet to really
    denounce the bad ones.

    Creeping sharia . . . sounds like a nasty weed
    takeover in the garden!

  9. No relation to this post but wanted you to check out postemail for article on Commander Kerchner V. Obama & Congress on eligibility..Would send a link but have difficulty connecting with postemail. Maybe you’ll have better luck.

    One thing is for sure, this M.F’er & his Administration, this Congress MUST BE TAKEN DOWN. They ARE AT WAR WITH THE AMERICAN PEOPLE & SHOULD HAVE BEEN BEHIND BARS OUT OF THE GATE!

    • Two of the Penn Judges were appointed by Reagan and George W. The loser was appointed by Jimmy Carter. If there will ever be a court that will hear it, it’s this one, Obama has the usual defense. No legal standing. J.C.

  10. NeeNee, show me one Lutheran that decapitates a Methodist because they do not believe exactly the way the Lutheran does.
    There is no Catholic law, Methodist law, Lutheran law.
    Freedom to worship as you please is stated in the Constitution, without the fear of being beheaded.

    Sharia law will never overtake this country,…too many rednecks.

  11. If a few mosques were built in the neighborhoods of a few members of congress, I wonder if they would “wake up to reality” ??

    Since these members of congress enjoy having their heads in the sand, perhaps they should go to Afghanistan, put their head in that sand, and maybe get their stupid butts hit with something that was intended for one of our military !

  12. ‘LOL that was great Dr. Al’ regarding which comment I dropped?

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