What is the Coffee Party?

by L. Szugyi
Guest Author
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It’s been awhile since I wrote “What is the Coffee Party.” Since then, the group sorta blended into the liberal background, until they were no longer individually discernible.  Kind of like Bootstrap Bill on the Flying Dutchman.

The only notable change to the Coffee Party website is a loss of the “Who’s Online?” feature, which you can see on this old saved page.  It shows you how many guests and members are currently on the page.  Of course, there is only one reason to ditch that feature, and it sure ain’t popularity.

Then in May, I almost posted about the addition of Dale Robertson to the Coffee swill.  If this person has mercifully flown beneath your radar, I hate to break your blissful ignorance.  He’s some unwelcome oddball who unfortunately glommed onto the Tea Party movement.

The Houston Tea Party Society explains how Robertson bought the rights to as many Tea Party group names as possible in Harris County, Texas, and threatened lawsuit when folks complained.  LoneStarTimes.com quotes the following from Robertson:

“You are no different than a Muslim willing to commit atrocities and feeling that the end justifies the means (Sounds like a Politician – destroying our Nation). I say we should unite to restore The Constitution & families: that is $78,000 per household and give a onetime restoration of a perfect credit score. High taxes and interest are the Financial Demons tools to enslave mankind. Scripture says the beast has 10 heads, when America severs this head we will no longer be possessed.”

Okey-dokey then.

Perhaps because the Coffee Party founders are phony themselves, they were unable to discern the fact that Dale Robertson is not legitimate Tea Party material.  So he co-wrote an article on their website, “Tea and Coffee – Finding Common Ground On Changing the Political Culture.”


But I never got around to posting about that team-up.  Then today, I read the excellent post on Disrupt the Narrative, “Coffee Party” Gets Another Mainstream Media Whitewash.

Wow!  Hard to believe that a few folks are still trying to summon the Coffee Party into the forefront.  (Kind of like the voice of Miss Swan, summoning Bootstrap out of unconsciousness in the ship’s hull.)

So I figured, what the heck.  I did a few searches on the latest Coffee Party news, and I learned the Coffee Party founder Annabel Park endorses Pete Peterson’s America Speaks project.  I had never heard of this thing, but it seems to make folks mad at Firedoglake.  Huh.

Also, the Craig Daily Press faithfully carries the Coffee Party banner, but notes their local group is struggling.  The Floyd Coffee Party group appears small, but is still active.  They recently met with Congressman Rick Boucher.

That’s about it.  After attending the first Hampton Roads Coffee Party meeting, I received a handful of emails from the local attendees, but they have stopped.  The Coffee Party headquarters sent a more generous number of mass emails my way, but they have petered out too.  Perhaps my email address was dropped because I didn’t respond.

Or perhaps they are blending in with the hull of the Flying Dutchman.

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3 thoughts on “What is the Coffee Party?

  1. Personally, I’d like a caffeine and nicotine party or perhaps a booze and benzine party to go with my motorcyle image.

  2. The Coffee KUP (Kenyan Usurping POTUS)
    I don’t think the Coffee Party will catch on, liberals should have chosen something else, but seeing how coffee comes from Kenya also, it’s fitting. They should have chosen a drug like zanix and a slogan like “to tranquilized to care what the hell goes on.” or steroids and “beefed, pumped up and pissed at everyone, but I still look good.”

  3. PS Steroids altered the liberal libido, now they just love themselves and just cast a smile at Guido’, and prefer looking good to being good, because they are as limp bisquites. Argh, you ready for the flassid left to take over the hill, the bed, the bath & beyond? If not them get rid of the clowns.
    This guy tells a dry tale that is witty beyond measure.


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