N.H. Dem Airs Palin Death Wish on Facebook

BY Mary Katharine Ham

The Weekly Standard

I look forward to the national media asking every New Hampshire Democrat and every leading national Democrat to denounce this sort of thing immediately. After all, words matter

The New Hampshire Republican State Committee today denounced Democrat NH House candidate Keith Halloran’s public death wish for former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin…

In a Facebook post yesterday regarding the tragic plane crash that killed former Alaska Senator Ted Stevens, Halloran wrote, “Just wish Sarah and Levy [sic] were on board.Levi Johnston is the father of Governor Palin’s grandson (RedHampshire, 8/11).

The screenshot is here. The party is calling on the governor and Congressional Candidate Ann McLane Kuster to repudiate the remarks of this Democratic candidate for state house.

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9 thoughts on “N.H. Dem Airs Palin Death Wish on Facebook

  1. Democrats… keepin’ it classy, as always. But heaven help anyone who speaks ill of dead Ted Kennedy or John Murtha, scoundrels who are dead and buried.

    The rabid hate that liberals have for Palin is baffling in its obsessiveness. How that woman has managed to deal with the 24/7 vitriol, mockery, and attacks on herself, her husband, and her children with the grace and humor that she has is beyond remarkable. I would have fallen apart after about Day 3. Here she is, at Day 600 or so (since the McCain announcement of her becoming his VP running mate in August 2008), and she is still smiling and still upbeat – her love for this country shines through consistently.

    God bless this woman and may she continue to scare the ever-lovin’ tar out of the libs.

  2. Whether one loves or hates Sarah Palin, she would NEVER say anything remotely resembling the filth that people who call themselves Americans say about her. Halloran is not the only “man” I have heard that from. Shame.

  3. Whike Sarah Palin has many qualities that I wish were already in place in the govt, and I rather dislike the current “progressive liberal professional left”, Palin doens’t offer much more than to keep the political class in office. OK so she is a Republican, and a tea party avocate, but when push came to shove during the election in ’08 she sttod alone not alongside McCain. HAARP was bigger than ever in Alaska but she never said a word. Her biggest complaint was “bogus legal implications” form the left and David Lettermen’s tacky comment. She is a journalist by education and a small town political for the media. She gets dressed nicely but not the baracuda we need to chew up the global leftist politicals in DC.

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  5. Sarah is a conservative with an iron will.
    She overshadowed McCain in the campaign because McCain is a charlatan.
    His famous comment “my friends” was an extreme irritant to me.
    Sarahs presence in that campaign was a refreshing breeze in the stifling political arena we all have to endure during the election cycle.
    Keep in mind kingratfish, that she had an 80% approval rating from the residents of Alaska while Governor.
    I am glad McCain didn’t win the election with her as VP.
    She would have been put on the shelf and relegated to some obscure position in history.
    Instead, she is unrestrained and able to wreak havoc on the leftist propaganda being fed to the ignorant among us.

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  7. I have to agree with KRF about Palin. I think she’s a great fundraiser and symbol of conservative values. I didn’t want to vote for McCain but as you said, Sarah made his campaign come alive once she stepped onto the national stage, excited the base and gave us hope. I voted AGAINST OBAMA in ’08. Palin just threw her support behind Karen Handel, who gave up her Sec. of State job to run for Governor of GA on the Republican ticket in Nov. Palin even visited GA for a couple of rallies for Handel day before Primary runoff on Tues. Handel conceded to her opponent, Nathan Deal, in a very close runoff the a.m. post runoff. Newt and Huckalujah endorsed Deal. Anyone who did their homework would discover Handel supports a PROGRESSIVE, LIBERAL organization called “CREW.” (Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington),. Sounds great right? Who supports this org? George Soros, Chuck Schumer, Joe Biden and a host of lefties! Handel has also been supportive of gay rights (many think she may be unsupportive of DOMA), she states she wanted to take the $$$ Obama is dangling in front of struggling states to help prevent teacher layoffs but in return would support Obama’s “Race to the Top” educational program and would implement “nationalized standards” (aka socialist indoctrination) and testing. Also in the details, parents would no longer be able to complain to schools if there was a problem, but would have to go to D.C.!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT IS FACT b/c our local newspaper ran a column on this a week before the runoff election. Handel clearly leans left on a few important issues and for Palin to endorse someone like this is bothersome to me just like what KRF has observed. I for one, am all for her supporting whomever she wants to, but do not believe she would be the silver bullet candidate we need to be GOP candidate for POTUS in ’12. There are still boatloads of useful idiots that are going to show up at the polls and do not research candidates. Think many times when someone like Palin, Newt, Huckabee, big political names endorse candidates, people vote for the high profile name supporting a candidate when the devil is in the details.

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