Dishonored: The Real Racist Face of the Anti-Beck Left Exposed

YouTube user praterpost produced a fantastic video featuring tweets written by leftists during and after Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor rally last Sunday in Washington DC. It is a must watch for those who have yet to come to grips with the true nature of the Left, and the tactics it uses to destroy all those who dare espouse pro-freedom views.

Video Features Hate Speech And Very Bad Language.  Isn’t The Left All About Being Politically Correct?  Just goes to show, they have no programs so they hurl insults.  They are going to be completely finished in November.

An important – no, vital – point made by its producer is the racial hypocrisy and even the downright racism of progressives. They accuse Beck of racism, even though he hasn’t actually made a racist statement in, well, ever. If anything, the Fox News host is the anti-racist. He’s for freedom and liberty for all, not just for a selected few. Speakers at Restoring Honor included several African-Americans who have made a difference, among whom was Alveda King, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s niece. Somehow I can’t image the KKK asking her to speak at one of their events, can you?

That’s bad, but what’s even worse is that some of these merry progressive tweeps went on to say that rapper 50 Cent has more in common than MLK. Really, 50 Cent? The infamous gangster rapper? The man who raps about raping and beating up women, using drugs, and attacking the police for no other reason than that they represent the government? That sad excuse for a human being has more in common with MLK than Beck, a man who has a positive vision for his country and who loves his (multi-ethnic) country? You can only possibly say MLK and 50 Cent have more in common than the great civil rights leader and Beck if you look at one thing only: the color of their skins. And that means that you, leftists, not Beck, are the real racists here.

Watch it:

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3 thoughts on “Dishonored: The Real Racist Face of the Anti-Beck Left Exposed

  1. Those people are scum!! They are running scared……GOOD!

  2. Lets hope they all emigrate to Oblivistan where they can spend their time with their asses in the air.

  3. The lefts’ constant attacks on Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity,, indicate the terror they have of the common sense patriotic monster staring them in the face.
    Indeed, desperation has set in big time.
    Humorous to say the least.

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