Saudi girl divorced at 8


A Saudi Arabian girl, 8, married to a 47 year old man by her father to clear off this debt was finally granted divorce. The plea for the divorce was rejected twice by the court in Saudi Arabia.

It was reported that the girl was not even aware of her marriage to this man, who was her father’s friend. The marriage was not annulled twice when the mother went to the court. The court ruled that since the girl’s mother was separated from her father, she did not have a legal right to the child and could not be presented in the court as her legal guardian. The judge made the husband sign a pledge stating he would abstain from sexual intercourse with the child till her puberty.

The Arabian justice minister has plan to chalk out a law that will protect young girls from abuse and child marriage. After the divorce was annulled twice, the case invited lot of controversy and attention from all over the world. The United Nations Children’s Fund also expressed concern and condemned child marriage.

However, the grand mufti, Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Sheikh has been of the shocking view that it would be unfair to the young girls if they deny child marriage. Also, he added that girls at the age of 10 or 12 can be married.

Via: CNN
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2 thoughts on “Saudi girl divorced at 8

  1. Nice, an “old maid” at ten? Islamic Ideals are just too wrong for Americans. While Americans are fighting teen pregnancy, and the Globalist’ agenda is depopulation, the Muslim fraction is performing “legalized sex slave trade” and conforming to middle age standards of “human civil rights” for women and children. Perhaps the target audience is women, for re-education, reltaliation and insubordiantion of religious ideals that enslave their children. What mother wants her 7 year old to marry the old fart’ next-door-neighbor to be emotionally and physically abused? I’ll bet not a one. The problem is rooted in poverty and illogical representation of the marriage union and relationship itself. When people exchange their children for money, goods or services, there is a complete lack of human values. These are the people that want to dominate the world.

  2. The judge made the husband sign a pledge stating he would abstain from sexual intercourse with the child till her puberty.

    YEAH! Like that’s really going to happen! These people are so sick!! All these pedophiles want these girls for is sexual slavery, punching bags, and slave labor. And the fact that they are such cowards, they know they can control a child much better than they can an adult. MAN!!! They are so sick!!!

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