Barney Frank in Trouble?

Rick Moran

In the political shell game the Obama administration continues to play on the American voter, they continue to demonize Wall Street bankers as “greedy.” This of course is to minimize the progressive blunders of Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton’s ultimate shake down of financial institutions to loan money to potential home owners that would never be able to meet their financial obligations through the GSA’s  (Government Sponsored Agencies) of Fannie and Freddie thus resulting in the housing melt down which Franks assures us below could never happen.

While Democrat members repeatedly lied under oath at committee meetings held in 2004 during the Bush Administration. These  same Democrats, all of whom received campaign contributions from Fannie Mae, were told  FM&FM were in precarious position.  The Republican committee members were assured by Barney Frank, Maxine Waters, Chris Dodd, and Gregory Meeks, this was not the case.  It’s time to get rid of members of congress that continue to lie to their constituents.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C.

The American Thinker

This was a district carved out for Barney by the MA legislature and is considered one of the most Democratic and liberal districts in the country.

But Frank is polling below 50% and the Republican running against him trails by only 10 points despite having terrible name recognition:

Ed Morrissey:

Any time an incumbent falls below 50%, it’s a sign of trouble. In this case, Frank can’t even blame Barack Obama, who gets mildly positive approval ratings in the district, 52/42, as does Frank himself, 53/40. In a generic ballot question, the Democrat leads here by eleven points, 44/33. Bielat gets a 24/9 approval rating, with 67% either having no opinion of him or not knowing his name at all.Yet Frank only gets 45.2% of the likely voters polled in this survey to commit to voting for him, well below the 50% needed to secure the seat. Beilat gets 36.5% of the vote, well above his name recognition value. With leaners, it becomes 48.2/38.4 Frank, closer to 50% but still short – and with only 0.4% of the voters having never heard of Frank, Bielat has a lot more upside over the next six weeks.

Why has Frank fallen short? The issue priority list gives a big hint. Jobs and the economy top the list with 51.3% of the respondents, but immediately after that comes “Repeal the health-care bill,” with 8.6%. Implementing ObamaCare is only a top priority with 7% of the voters in Frank’s district and finishes fifth on the list, behind getting a comprehensive energy bill and controlling federal spending.

Experts are still not giving the Republican much of a chance. Frank is well entrenched, well funded, and has near universal name recognition. But in this anti-incumbent year, that might be the kiss of death in the end.

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One thought on “Barney Frank in Trouble?

  1. He’s in more trouble than people think.
    This is not going to be a pleasant ride for him or anybody else.

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