Wanted DEAD or ALIVE?

Big Peace
This title is probably the only fact we have heard about the death of Osama bin Laden (OBL). There has been so much misinformation out there it’s like an Oliver Stone movie. Does any of it matter? The only thing that matters is that the orchestrator of the killing of 3,000 Americans has met his fate at the hands of the U.S. Navy SEALS.

One of my favorite lines from the news media was when FOX’s Bill Hemmer said on Americas Newsroom that bin Laden’s body was “dumped at sea” guess he couldn’t bring himself to say he was “buried.” Dumping at sea is something that ships do with garbage and other forms of human waste.

Are we obligated to give him a proper Muslim burial? How does one go about giving a proper burial to someone who has taken a religion and used it to spread terrorism around the world killing thousands of people including other Muslims? Was he a true Muslim?

Should we provide his “death photo” to the world? Would that only inflame those who already hate us? Certainly it would give them cause to incite more terrorism sooner and to recruit more terrorists. Should we be held hostage by that? Yes. It is to our advantage to withhold those photos. The only ones who would really care about those photos would be disbelievers like the “truthers” including Charlie Sheen who ironically seems to be in favor of “winning.”

Where are the “peaceful Muslims?” Shouldn’t they be applauding the death of the al Qaeda chief who stole their religion? But like so many who stood with Hitler, most were on his side and those who were against him could not speak out in fear for their lives. Is that why “peaceful Muslims” don’t applaud the demise of the Hitler who stole their religion? I don’t believe so. Until they do I will believe that secretly they want Islam to rule the world and until that happens they don’t want to get involved.

Should we have taken Osama alive? Why? So that he could demand a lawyer, certainly he would know that was an option under the Obama administration. Could we have gotten any information from him? Certainly not under the Obama administration. Without “enhanced interrogation techniques” he would not be giving up more than his name, rank, and social security number. Despite the fact that it was waterboarding that helped link us to his location, we can’t use it.

Imagine OBL at Gitmo, I need not say more.

So the operation was unilateral and the Pakistani government is unhappy that we did it without their knowledge. Yet they had “no knowledge” that OBL was in their country???  They should just consider it a Drone strike, seems they aren’t condemning those.

Instead of giving Pakistan a few billion dollars every year why not give them half a million for every terrorist they turn over to us? That would equal four thousand terrorists, and then we would get something for our money. We certainly spend more hunting them down than that.  If their intelligence didn’t know OBL was down the street what good is our money doing?  If they did know then they are not one of our allies.  Maybe we should have put up more wanted posters.

Did the way he was taken out violate international law?  Did the way he orchestrated the death of 3000 Americans violate international law? Do beheading’s violate international law? Does terrorism violate international law? Why is it that we are the only ones who must obey international law? So many questions that only America has to answer for. While the rest of the world sits back, watches from the sidelines and judges us for how we defend our freedom and theirs too.

One last question: Did OBL have a visa or was he an illegal alien?

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