Would Sarah Palin make a better President or Secretary of the Interior? You decide

Comment by Jim Campbell

Would Sarah Palin best serve the country as our next President?  There is absolutely no doubt  had she run head to head against  President Obama and been able to win the world would be a much safer place and our economy would be in a much better shape. 

Sarah Palin would bow to nobody!  She would never apologize for America’s exceptionality.   Governor Palin represents the values that made our country so great and a beacon of hope to those living in tyranny over most of the globe.

Obama care would not be, world leaders would not laugh at our president and the U.S., Cap and Trade would be a distant memory. Well thought out plans to develop a comprehensive energy strategy are routinely defeated by democrats in the senate.  This will change with a Republican President in the White House come January 2013

Well, she didn’t win or run for president.  I ask you would she serve the country better as a rainmaker bringing in the money for true fiscally conservative candidates?

Sarah Palin would be like no other serving as Secretary of the Interior.   Her resume would grow. She is young; she could run in 4 to 8 years for the highest office in the land.

She represents the perfect choice for Secretary of the Interior.  Sarah Palin knows oil, she dealt with Exxon in AK and made them jump through the hoop and she’s all about “drill baby drill,” while caring deeply about the environment.

Governor Palin following her push with Exxon to begin drilling on their leases or lose them, constructed and enacted a new system of splitting the oil profits called “ACES.” Exxon (the biggest corporation in the world) protested and Sarah told them, “don’t let the door hit you in the stern on your way out.”

They stayed, and Alaska residents received  $3,269.00. (That’s right every eligible man woman and child)  Of course, the other huge international oil companies meekly fell in line.  Give me the name of any other governor in the country that has done anything similar.

Governor Sara Palin took on the “good ole boys” in the Republican Party of Alaska. Democrats forget when Palin was the ‘Darling’ of the Democrats, because as soon as Palin took the Governor’s office away from a fellow Republican and tough SOB, Frank Murkowski, she tore into the Republican’s “Corrupt Bastards Club” (CBC) and sent them packing. Many of them are now residing in State housing and wearing orange jump suits.  Name another governor in this country that has ever done anything similar.

She has been relentless in her criticism of the current administration’s shut down of the US oil drilling sector of our economy and raising taxes on so called “wind fall profits.”

Within five years with a Republican President and allowing drilling  over much of  the U.S. and its waters would result in leading the way to energy independence.

Should Governor Palin become our next President or is she the right person to be the Secretary of the Interior?  That would be your call.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message even if Sarah doesn’t!!

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21 thoughts on “Would Sarah Palin make a better President or Secretary of the Interior? You decide

  1. First of all, I have to say that anybody who believes in securing our borders and in enforcing our Federal Immigration laws and then votes for Rudy Guiliani is a fool. This ex-mayor of New York City may have done a lot of good for his city BUT he also helped in making it a SANCTUARY CITY. This man is very much FOR Amnesty, although it’d be my guess that if he does indeed toss his hat into the presidential ring, his stated beliefs will be toned down at least until AFTER he won. THEN you’d “find out what’s in it” to quote another Amnesty lover and Traitor to our Constitution.

    As for Sarah Palin, I truly like and admire this woman! I love how she can ‘think on her feet’, and how she can break issues down into what’s important and what’s not. She is exceedingly intelligent and articulate, has deep inner strength, and handles debates well. BUT I am concerned that she has become more of a Celebrity rather than a politician in the eyes of the American People at this time.

    While I would truly love to have her as my President, I believe that for this round Sarah Palin would serve us better either as Vice President or as Secretary of State.

    Sarah has been invaluable in waking the American people up…but there’s still too many asleep right now. Maybe this tour can wake THEM up…and maybe in four or eight years from now the American public will finally be paying enough attention to elect her as President.

    As for the 2012 election, I’m staying with Herman Cain. And a Cain/Palin ticket would be great!

    • Interesting I’ve just written an article not posted with the exception of my site suggesting she would make an excellent choice for Secretary of the Interior, they drive the energy policy. Secretary of state? I don’t believe that’s a place for a woman. Dealing with women hating rag heads in Eurasia the middle east Africa or South East Asia requires a man of Presence, an outstanding position for Allen West should he not run for office what say you Mary? I’m JC

  2. If she runs, she gets my vote. If she runs, asks Allen West to consider a place high up in her cabinet, and puts Michele Bachmann somewhere, I will do what SEIU and the other gorillas do and vote often and early. ;c)

    Load the deck, Sarah, with impeccable choices!

    • I could back any of your picks inkslinger. They all would do well in either slot. We have some very outstanding candidates. The Democrats are faced with running an abject failure!

  3. I love Sarah Palin but I wonder if she can avoid being a little thin-skinned in a campaign that will get very ugly. I do not blame her for some of her responses, especially in light of attacks on her family but she has to know right away that the left will do all they can to make her come apart at the seams. If she can weather the storm that will without a doubt hit her she can win. However, I would prefer seeing her as either Secretary of the Interior of even as Energy Secretary. She has the experience from her time as Governor of Alaska and she knows how to deal with the big oil companies.

    • Yes Joel that could be a concern, but aren’t we all? I think she held her cool quite well during the Katic Couric interview and good old Charlie Gibson asking her about the Bush doctrine, what the media missed was she turned the question back to him and said what exactly what do you want me to discuss, he was caught like a deer in the headlights, they then broke for commercial. LOL Thanks Joel for your comments, J.C.

  4. There’s not one candidate in the growing numbers of GOP contenders for ’12 that I have the least bit of desire to vote for… If conservatives end up having to do a repeat of ’08 and not vote “for” the GOP candidate, but “Against” Obama, I believe the Tea Party people will start a 3rd Party. Republican establishment seem INTENT on supporting a RINO. There are several in the running again this time around. I’d vote for Sarah but she’s been over-exposed to me… She’s better than any of the rest of those who are throwing their hat into the 3 ring circus. There’s some reason she just purchased a Ponderosa sized home in AZ…and it’s not b/c she likes to count the thorns on cacti. ;) Some speculated she will run her Pres. campaign from there. I don’t know what is going on in AZ, but if there is a Senate seat coming opening up in ’12, could it be she is establishing citizenship in AZ to possibly make a run for the Senate? Still can’t believe AZ allowed Juan McTaco to purchase himself another 6 years! Guess we’ll just have to see what Sarah is up to.

    • Not going to happen, if you don’t like West, Bachmann Cain, send my your address and I send you an RX for a CT scan of your noggin, LOL Also it might be a great idea to stay of the bong before commenting, On the floor with this one, Jiim

  5. I do love everything about her. My gut feeling is West is the man we need for the job. She WOULD be great for Energy or the Interior…a lot of shenanigans going on in both areas. The good news is we have experienced people who willb e able to go in and clean up the mess.

  6. Sarah for POTUS!!!!

  7. Sarah is great and I have alot of respect for her, but I would really like to see Allen West as POTUS. Sarah would make a great Secretary of the Interior or Energy. She has the knowledge and b*lls to deal with “the big boys”. As young as she is, the experience in a Cabinet position would stand her in good stead for a future White House run. At any rate, our next president is going to be in for a huge job, trying to undo all the damage done by the current resident of the WH. The Dems love to say that Obama had to clean up the mess left by Bush…well, the next one will have 100 times as much to clean up as Obama did, and most of “Bush’s mess” was caused by the Dems in the House and Senate the last two years of Bush’s term.

  8. Man! You people are TALKING about a lot of people for Office that much of America has NEVER HEARD OF!


    I’m not saying that Palin is THE PERSON for the POTUS! She certainly would be and have been better than the CS (ad Lib!!) that’s in there right now for sure.

    Most of America has no clue what danger they are in. Most don’t care. Especially in the Metro areas like Chicago, New York, SF especially and LA…. These places are Metro Meat Markets. You live day to day…especially if blue collar or below. This Country has gone DOWN SO FAR SO Quickly in the last 35 years and “THEY” have brought to you to this situation so gradual….HAVE YOU SEEN IT? No you haven’t! It’s because AMERICA IS ASLEEP AND CONTENT KNOWING THAT THEIR Politicians are HONEST and working for them. BULLSHIT!

    So…would Sarah Palin be a good one for the POTUS? As one of the commenters said, Yes, I would VOTE for her. But I don’t believe in the Electoral College. I think it’s a piece of shit. Always has been!

    All I know is that this country needs to get someone….and a good…”GOOD” person, someone that believes in GOD, Country and the CONSTITUTION in the office of POTUS! Someone that will take the Oath seriously and defend it accordingly and SECURE THE BORDERS, EVICT the wetbacks, stop the FOOLISH SPENDING of “OUR MONEY” and get us back to some Basics!

    Does this make sense to any of you? You know what I’m saying or trying to say here…I HOPE TO GOD!

    Buz Allen

  9. Hi JC,
    I will have to stand next to Buz Allen in disliking the Electoral voting that is used instead of the actual vote.
    It’s possible that while a candidate could garner slightly more of actual votes, he/she could still lose the election with not having received enough electoral votes since one state may have only one electoral vote to cast while another could cast three, based on population.
    Having said this, I’m now going to the site you recommended and see what it says… :)

    Oh…as for Sarah Palin for Secretary of State: I do feel she could be effective in this station because, as a foreign representative, she would not be viewed by Islamic countries in the same way that they view their own women. She is intelligent and knows when to be tactful and respectful…and knows when she’s being fed a lot of bs.
    While Islamic countries may not want to give her all the respect that they’d give a man, it wouldn’t take long for them to realize that she is a worthy opponent. It would be that moment when they first try to trivialize her as a representative of the United States.
    They’ve been dealing with Hilary and obummer for so long that they’ve forgotton how TRUE Americans do things. :)

  10. Jim, I think Mrs. Palin has all the quality to be the president of the greatest country on earth, because she is unique. Lets recall: She did not answer the two questions that the two Liberals ask her. Those were two questions. That`s why all the Presidents have specialists for each field. Like: economists, Secretary of State, lawyers etc. But the personality, the real strait to the point speech, the family values and love for the country, there are few like her. There is no one more extreme right wings, conservative and sincere than her. TO BE OR NOT TO BE….she is! The only thing that worries me is if all the conservatives, knows that. We`re in the most Historical, dangerous and important elections. We have to vote for the stronger one, the ultra right wings one or we`re lost!!!! We all sure be sure who we all will pick….we cannot allow another mistake!


    • I’m with you all the way with the exception I at this point which is one of America’s darkest hours want to do everything I can to get Allen West elected. I have no doubt Sarah would do a great job. A cabinet position and a run in 8 years will really see the intelligence of this woman, she is committed draws a crowd, a great speaker, and can raise a ton of money for other candidates.

  11. Hi JC,
    While I do still agree with Buz Allen regarding the Electoral Votes (and yes, I went to the site you recommended…very good), I would like to clarify something:
    Whether we agree or disagree with Electoral voting vs actual votes, now is not the time to address this issue. Our forefathers put the Electoral College system into place to help discourage a third…or even more…party from running, believing that if the Peoples’ votes were all strewn about in more than two parties, there’d be an excellent chance that NO president would ever be elected by Majority vote.

    True, they didn’t take into consideration that future generations would become so lazy and uncaring about elections that both parties would end up having no real differences between them…such as what we have now. HOWEVER now is NOT the time to have a third party enter the 2012 presidential race because it would simply take votes AWAY from the Republican side while the Democratic voters would REMAIN democratic voters…and obummer would win.

    We can dislike the Electoral voting process if we wish. But we need to exercise commonsense as to when it is the right time to deal with this issue. And NOW is NOT that time!

    Remember that our country is dying right now. And we have to triage our issues into “I don’t like it but it won’t kill our country” issues, “Poison-which gives us a little time to find an antidote” issues and “Bullet To The Brain” issues.

    Right now we have to deal with getting obummer out of office…a “Bullet To The Brain” issue!

    • Indeed, common sense suggests a function brain. The brain that is incapable of dealing with facts, historical failures, economics, etc. and relies on feelings is a dysfunctional one and a stranger to the facts. Thanks as usual MJ the writer. J.C.

  12. Brillian J.C.!

    She would be perfect for this position and it would be about time!

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