Why is Obama not rotting in a federal prison?

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What took so long?  White House website now an official advertising arm of the Obama campaign

For a president whose administration has already been held in contempt of court by a federal judge and whose 2008 campaign openly accepted illegal foreign contributions, transforming the White House website into a voter outreach platform shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

Visitors to WhiteHouse.gov are now confronted with an email collection script.

It is entirely possible, and perhaps extremely likely, that collection of these emails crosses the line into an illegal use of government property for partisan purposes. The Clinton administration’s Justice Department issued a 1999 memo that outlined prohibited behavior.

…activities in the workplace directed toward the success or failure of a political party, a candidate for partisan political office, or partisan political group, would violate the Hatch Act and also would violate the [DOJ]’s rules. For example, inviting individuals to attend a political event, recruiting campaign volunteers or dispersing campaign literature over the Internet is prohibited…

There is only one reason that the White House is collecting email addresses.

It is to promote, directly or indirectly, the reelection campaign of Barack Obama.

Not that legacy media will scrutinize this behavior — no Weiner involved — but a few questions spring to mind:

• Why are these email addresses being collected?
• With whom will they be shared?
• Who initiated the redesign of the White House website?
• What kinds of communications will be sent to these email addresses?

The musky scent of David Axelrod is all over this.

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7 thoughts on “Why is Obama not rotting in a federal prison?

  1. I just don’t understand why Obama gets away with anything he wants to do when he breaks all the rules. He is acting like a king. Where are the people who are supposed to inforce our laws. He just lets things role off his back and does as he pleases. Why is getting away with this — he is a criminal. Never thought I would see the day our leaders stabbed us in the back so blatently. I hear a lot of big talk but no action even though the people are speaking up they are being ignored.

    • Simply because there is nobody in congress and the military to step forward honor their oaths to protect and defend. If their were then he’d be gone already.

  2. To answer your question, Gypsy, two words – No cajones!

  3. If Congress would do their job, we would not have Obama to worry about at all. Why do they do nothing while accepting their paycheck & massive benefits? Probably because they figured out how to get even more simply by closing their eyes and ears. Our government is a mess!
    This whole administration needs to be put out and far away before we have no country left. They have given away our businesses, our money, our culture, our freedoms….how much further can they go and still call this America?

    Obama involves us in a war, all by himself…..not even asking Congress. Using more of our money, our defense as if he were a one – man – ruler.
    How disgusting this is to watch.

    I would enjoy seeing this phony, thieving Obama family removed and dragged all around the White house lawn. SOON!

  4. musky scent? How about skunk de la pew?
    Lets face it, Barry gets away with what ever he wants because first of all he is black or half black or what ever. Second, Holder won’t go against his own people. Barry is safe for now, but soon the guys with pitch forks and torches will arrive and now round of golf will ease that kind of pressure.

  5. Barack Obama should definitely be rotting in jail. He is a treasonous, probably ineligible, and completely dishonest President that wants to make our country a Socialistist/Communist country and according to one book written by Stephen Pidgeon he is a Muslim and wants to make the U.S. go under a caliphate. I do not know if this book has validity, but I bought it to understand his theory. I also sent for Jermome Corsi’s book, and a DVD called “The Money Masters: How International Bankers Gained Control of Ameria.” I am trying to find out how band the FED is and the Bankers. But as far as Obama goes, he used executiave orders illegally when he bypassed Congres who should have voted on what he put into the executive orders. He has abused every process he could abuse since he has been in office, and I think they need to get rid of everything he abused since another President like him might come along someday. He lies every time he opens his mouth almost. He definitely belongs in jail for what he has done. Trying to change us from a Republic to a Socialist/Communist country is treason by itself.

  6. I must agree with Gypsy Obama is always going against the norm and breaking the laws and not following the constitution and he just gets away with it. this congress and senate are whimps. No one will stand up to all the injustices he has done. That alone is sickening.

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