Mitt Romney RINO extraordinaire

by Jim Campbell

The talking heads and the rest of the  media would have us believe that Mitt Romney came away last nights winner in the New Hampshire debates.  He certainly seemed the polished politician but is that what America currently needs in possibly its darkest hour in recent history since the two World Wars, Korea and Vietnam?  The answer is an emphatic no.  The country needs a statesman with unwavering core principles that will make the hard choices, to right the wrongs of the current Obamination.

Never forget, the “power brokers” last election gave the voter Senator John McCain. McCain has served his country is a war hero but he too is a RINO. 

Any Questions? This video will answer them

First candidate Romney said he wouldn’t back away from his failed Romney Care the model for Obama Care. Last evening you saw him in full form as he waltzed around the topic and  failed to answer it.

The answer was simple sir, a yes or no would have sufficed. Explanations and excuses are the marks of a loser.  Nope this guy is finished stick a fork in him. 

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message.

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27 thoughts on “Mitt Romney RINO extraordinaire

  1. Truth be told not one of them shook my world! Cain came closest but is learning to duck and weave. Was imoressed when Michele B. said she not only had 5 children of her own but took on 23 others…but is this what makes a president. I will say that she spoke more emphatically than the others. I have yet to see the ‘fire in the belly’ that we need – want it or not.

  2. JC I trust your opinion. I wasn’t able to watch. Have caught a few minutes here and there. No more RINOS.

  3. Disagree with your overview, as I recall Romney answering that if Obama had called him, he would have told he what didn’t work in the state healthcare program and what would not work on a National level. You many want to note that although it had to be tweaked, the healthcare cut state expenses and worked well for this particular state.

    Of late, you have accused Romney, Cain, Reagan, Nixon and on and on of being RINOs (Republicans in name only). I am beginning to think maybe you are the actual RINO.

    Regardless of what we may think, at this point and time, Romney is the ONLY candidate that currently is beating Obama in the polls. He has a broad knowledge of foreign policy and an excellent record as a businessman.

    • Tisk tisk, meeowe…Mis Kim I don’t think you would know a RINO if it bit you in the ass. I haven’t called Cain a Rino, I like him in fact. You must be so new to the games that you give credence to polls 17 months out. Who do you like, rather than attacking me who is to the right of Barry Goldwater, suggest you brush up on your history and prove me wrong. :-) J.C.

  4. That’s Mitt Rino.

  5. If you’re really not leaning toward Liberalism, you can easily spot a RINO. Mitt is right up there. I don’t think he stands a chance. Michele Bachmann is excellent. I heard that she won the debate hands down. You must have been listening to CNN?

  6. Resist Romney!
    We don’t need a RINO running…
    we need an elephant stomping!

    Regarding the comment: “You many want to note that although it [Romneycare] had to be tweaked, the [sic] healthcare cut state expenses and worked well for this particular state.” NONSENSE! Health care premiums in Massachusetts are among the highest in the nation! And Romneycare did not not cut state expenses. And what is with the “if only Obama had asked” excuse? Could Romney not pick up the phone and initiate a call on his own? (Some “leader” he would make.)

    Bachmann or West had better be somewhere on the 2012 GOP ticket. (NOT Rubio – who is NOT a natural born citizen because his parents were not U.S. citizens when he was born.)

  7. No to Romney I agree rino all the way. Bachmann gets it and has the best plan so far.

  8. I have known he was a RINO for some years. Some of the Conservative Mormans I know don’t support him. So when people of your own faith don’t support you and say you are a RINO it does not look to good. I have never heard any of them say he is not a good family man it is just his politics!

  9. By the way J. C. I know you are not a RINO. The only thing I disagree with you on is Ron Paul. Sorry, but that is how it is. But I still would never say you are a RINO. As for Cain since he has been connected to the Fed. Reserve I now suspect him of being a plant for the Republicans in order to have their own black man in. They could go with Allen West instead. But I don’t think that will happen. So my 3 choices are Paul, West, DeMint, and Michille B.

    • I’m not aware of Cain being involved with the Fed, will have to check into it, I learn every day thanks. Ron Paul is clueless about Islam, clueless about why we fight Islam and must have an even stronger military. China is planning to have the largest Blue Water Navy in the world just as we have cut the number of our own warships in half from about 500 to 245. Paul gets one thing right the Fed must be abolished, I don’t favor a flat tax I favor the FAIR tax look into it is a much sounder plan doing away with the IRS completely.

  10. Sorry, 4 choices not 3!

  11. Cain was involved with his home state Fed in the 1990 when they were not up to the games they are up to now. I don’t have any idea who I would vote for, if everything stays the same probably Michele, since she is Tea Party and I am Tea Party.

  12. Hi Jim. I guess you know why I haven`t been active in your page. To tell you the true about who“s my favorite? I wish Marcos Rubio parent`s were American citezen , so he could run. He has a lot of pation and is very strait to the point when been ask about some topics. So by now, I will vote for Michelle B. She`s very strong, very secure about herself and great speaker and she looks very beautiful and well fit. Is that important? no when the person don`t have what it takes, but she does, so her apperience will be a plus. I think we need to hear more from all of them. Paul, I like a lot from him, he is even funny, but for me, more important than the economic is the Islamic topic and he seems that is not his strong side or simply he is not paying too much attention to the danger we face. He`s out. Lets not make any conclutions yet. Who knows, maybe we end voting for Donald T. We need more energy, more passion, I only see it in Michellle B. But I need more. In general they all are good enough to beet Obama I think. Jim, we need a lider !!! and the closer to that is M.B.

  13. One thing is certain and that is that we don’t need another milk toast in the white House. Any one who isn’t ready to be a real bastard when it comes to foreign relations isn’t worth the sweat off my balls.

  14. The more I hear West speak, the more I like him. He could debate Obama and chew him up and spit him out.

  15. The video didn’t play!

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