Your comments: U.S. Homeland Security Committee demands TSA explain reports of racial profiling at Newark airport Staff By Staff The Star-Ledger
Comments by Jim Campbell
How can Peter King (R-NY) be involved in such nonsense.  Is he vying for RINO status?
A Profiling no report is necessary.  Logic would dictate, that no flying nuns, little grandmas in wheel chairs, or young children  who are routinely screened but but have yet to fly an airplane into a building, should get the anal probe while those with Muslim garb are given a pass do to not wanting to offend them.  Frankly, I’m offended by and administration that thinks We the people are so ignorant.
Do you see anything suspicious trying to board?  Nah, let him through.
If this administration was serious about airline security they would implement the system used at airports through out Israel.  See Time Magazine article on “Toughest Airline Security of All.”
What part of this concept doesn’t the current P.C. members of this progressive  administration understand?  We are not at war with Islam, Islam is at war with Western Civilization.
Much like using a condom gives you a false sense of security while you are getting screwed
Call it what you like, do you not believe that profiling will occur using this technology if it is ultimately put in place?
Earth to Janet “off the planet” we need to rethink this strategy now!
John O’Boyle/The Star-LedgerPassengers are screened at the security checkpoint inside Terminal C at Newark Liberty Airport in Newark in this file photo. A house committee wants answers about allegations of racial profiling at the airport.

The two leaders of the House Homeland Security Committee said they want the head of the Transportation Security Administration to explain how racial profiling became a common practice among TSA screeners at Newark Liberty International Airport.

Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) and Rep. Bernie Thompson (D-Miss) are both seeking answers after a federal report found several behavior detection officers singled out Mexican and Dominican passengers for special scrutiny, bag searches, questioning and document reviews in 2008 and 2009. Thompson said the report confirmed his fears the TSA’s Screening of Passengers by Observation Techniques was vulnerable to manipulation or abuse. users continue to discuss the report and the call for answers.

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9 thoughts on “Your comments: U.S. Homeland Security Committee demands TSA explain reports of racial profiling at Newark airport

  1. I feel the only people that need patted down are the Muslims. They are the ones that attacked us on 9/11 and every incident invoving someone trying to attack us have been Muslims. In World War II, our enemies were the Japanese and Germans, we knew that. The Japanese attacked us a Pearl Harbor and the Germans were advancing all over Europe. So, we would have concentrated on the Japanese and Germans, not the French, Irish, Scottis, English or Americans. We should do the same today because it makes common sense. Political Correctness is for idiots.

  2. Janet and Obama are so into themselves for doing this sexual assault ot people traveling. With these invasion of privacy what is to the stop this awful gov. from coming into your home and rifling threw your things and computer etc. Just another way to break us down. We should have protested the minute they tried this and then we could have stopped it but now the TSA is getting it’s jollys off everyday because we were to damn permissive. Profiling is the only answer buy this nanny gov. won’t even consider it.

  3. I think we did try to stop this TSA invasion as soon as we found out about it, but it did no good. The people who run our country want it this way. American-haters. Muslim coddlers. Many Muslims are actually the ones doing the searches at airports. Muslims are involved at the top of our Homeland Security. Can you believe that?? Obama is the most destructive, self-centered, miserable human being I’ve ever known about and I’d be so happy to have him leave.

  4. You can send me condolences at any time! This malcontent screening joke will have an old lady on their hands that will give the word ‘malcontent’ new meaning! To go to a sporting event and go through this BS! designed by whom and for what purpose – other than harrassment! And what of these poor, brain dead people who evidently need a job so badly they turn on fellow citizens. It’s past time for the Congress to act…I know if they really gave it any thought it would be clear to them that the American people are fed up with this lawlessness and won’t hold still for much more of it. We the people will find a way to communicate regardless of the choke holds put on us. And all we want is out Republic back and people in office we can respect and depend on to do their sworn jobs…

  5. I have this feeling that Rhom E and Janet N made a bet sorta like in the movie Trading places
    Napalitano bet Rom she could get the population a Wedggy before Rhom could get the drug Cartels to pay to keep the borders open.
    it was a tie

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