Mr. President, For the Sake of the Economy and Our Constitution: Resign!

Comments by Jim Campbell
Great read but one thing is glaringly missing. With a paper tiger in the White House who is known more by world leaders, dictators and despots as “The Bowing Queen” and a complete push over.
Want a great laugh? Google Pictures use the terms Obama Bowing, he is even shown bowing to Nancy Pelosi.  For the record Congressman Allen West as a President would bow to no man and apologize to nobody for America’s greatness.
Obama believes he can talk and charm his way to achieve his unknown goals and objectives of his foreign policy. How’s that working for you Sparky with Iran, Egypt, your illegal war in Libya and now Somalia?  No sir for the sake of the entire world you must resign immediately.  The world looks to the US  as a bastion of freedom, you would destroy that and thus you make the world a much more dangerous place . 

Big Government

It’s been popular lately for GOP Presidential hopefuls and many conservative pundits to declare that we can’t afford four more years of Barack Obama in the White House. I agree, but I would take it a step further. I don’t think we can afford even another year and a half of this big government, economy-busting wrecking ball. It’s time for the President to cut his losses and resign.

It took a lot for me to say that, especially considering I’m essentially calling for a President Joe Biden (hey, when hair plug Joe looks better than the incumbent, things are really bad).

The catalyst came in the June 29th news conference in which Obama discussed the debt ceiling impasse. During that odd, sometimes off-teleprompter rambling address, Obama delivered one of his typical un-Presidential cheap-shot, demagogic speeches. He chastised the Congress (the GOP) for failing to reach a deal and contrasted them with his preteen daughters (who always get their homework done early).

He also read aloud from the worn-out progressive playbook:

  • Class warfare
  • Raising revenue via tax hikes
  • Saving children and seniors from the evil clutches of the GOP
  • Yadda yadda

He called for the two sides to come together, but by laying out his vision for ending the impasse, he essentially defined compromise as the GOP agreeing with him and the Democrats. Then he showed he’s been spending his time on Planet Hypocrisy by scolding the Congress for even thinking about taking a vacation during such a crisis, while virtually practicing his golf swing at the podium.

I look back at his first two and a half years in office, and his record of “accomplishments” that would make any Marxist proud. We’ve seen a Stimulus Bill that effectively amounted to a big government hostile takeover of certain private sector industries (auto manufacturing, insurance, banks). He’s had a slew of Czars — unelected bureaucrats — to push corporate-killing regulation by fiat, thereby unconstitutionally circumventing the legislative process. Let’s not forget the Dear Leader’s Health Care (the constitutionality of which is being considered in various courts) and the Wall Street Financial Reform bill.

These initiatives have had one thing in common: they destroy jobs and devour what little freedoms we still have left, corralling more citizens into the pen of big government dependency. The Minister of Truth, Jay Carney (am I the only one who thinks he looks like Family Ties’s Alex Keaton after a really bad day every time he takes the podium?), tells us that up is down and down is up when explaining how we’re in a recovery (despite rising unemployment).

After two and a half years of this Orwellian nightmare, I just want to wake up and see Ronald Reagan sitting behind the Oval Office desk, smiling and assuring us that things will be better again. Wednesday’s performance was the final straw for me. Barack Obama needs to go, and he needs to go now. Mr. President, for the sake of our economy, and for the sake of the Constitution which I fought to protect during my military service: resign.

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11 thoughts on “Mr. President, For the Sake of the Economy and Our Constitution: Resign!

  1. Thank you! These are my sentiments exactly and I didn’t listen to his latest grim fairy tale! But these have been my sentiments all along…. he brazenly showed his hand in his run for the nomination – I was declared wrong, racist, any epithat you can imagine….it was one time I prayed to be wrong – he was seeking the highest office in this land…It appears he won it …my gut says it was bought at a high price….

  2. I agree I don’t think we can stand one year and half with this policies, but unfortunately we have no choice. I have been worried ever since he took office, and I put it aside, but his presidency bother me. I have never before been like this when a President was in office even though he was a Democrat. I did not like Clinton, but I did not fear the destruction of our country when he was in office like I do now. He will never resign, but I wish he would!!!

  3. Great article and love the pics. But we are stuck we know the Obit will never resign his loves his power and his greed is more of a draw than the power. Plus his wife loves the globetrotting at the expense of the taxpayer. Guess they are getting the best of both worlds right now. and of course we get screwed again and again and again.

    • Strange things happen to strange people don’t forget that. I’m still holding to my random 8 moth before the election date, he steps down or is impeached by both parties.

  4. Jim, unfortunately his pride won’t allow him to resign. And if he did Soros would kill him.

  5. I think it would take a lot of effort from We the People to get back to even close to where we were in 2009 – pre-Obama, but we would do it because we’re Americans and we fight for our rights and we work for them too.

    Obama won’t leave until he’s dragged out and that should be happening right now. He’s shown enough of his ‘love for this country’. Any more of it and we will be like Mexico. In fact, California already is like Mexico. Remember the once beautiful state of California where all the really wealthy people live??

    GO BAMA! Nope, it’s not a cheer – it’s a demand.

  6. Obama should have been impeached for the war in libya, among other things, but he is still skating by. I couldn’t agree with you more!! God Bless.

    • Thanks for your comments Janet I couldn’t agree with you more either. The walls are closing in on him. I don’t think he will make it to the election. I’m J.C.

    • Among many other things, we have elected a congress with no balls or boobs the sooner we get new conservative blood making said decisions the better off our country will be. Thanks for your comments Janet, I’m J.C.

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